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Today we are taking a look at a website called “Business For Home”. So, what exactly can Business For Home do for you and your financial bottom line? Is this a scam at all? These are questions that people have been asking, and I wrote this review to answer those questions.

Pay close attention and read on  to learn the truth about Business For Home…


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Business For Home Ted NuytenCompany Name: Business For Home


Owners: Ted Nuyten

Price To Join: Free To Browse

My Rating: 6/10



~ Business For Home – A Review ~



If you are anything like me you are always on the lookout for ways to make money online. Even though I have a few established online revenue streams already, I still always check out new possibilities just in case I find something else I’d like to sink my teeth into.

The internet is a huge marketplace. Some 3 billion people jump online every single day. Now that's huge!

This has led to people targeting the internet as a way to make money, whether that be part-time cash, something to replace the day job, or even searching to get wealthy.

This has also led to multitudes of make money programs, schemes and training being invented. Some of this stuff is really good, some is average, while others are just money grubbing scams.

My website is all about helping people find legit ways to make money on the internet. I write product reviews to sort the good from the bad, and I'm glad to see you here reading this review right now. It's always wise to do your homework before joining something.

Let's see if Business For Home is any good or not.


What Is “Business For Home”?

Established in 2007 by current CEO and Chairman Ted Nuyten, Business For Home is a website full of news stories, online opportunities, tips and advice, mostly aimed at MLM and Network Marketers.

While the website is free to generally browse around, if you want to access any of the more juicy information, then you are forced to pay for a subscription. You are paying for information, essentially.

Statistics quoted on the website claim it attracts more than 5 million visitors per year. Pretty impressive.

It is also a place where Direct Selling, MLM and Network Marketing companies can list and advertise their opportunities. In some ways is resembles Be The Boss Network, only with loads more information on the site.

On the flipside to businesses registering their opportunity, distributors and sellers can also register themselves on the Business For Home site – for a price – as “Recommended Distributors”.

It kind of appears like these recommended distributors are top notch salespeople with proven track records, but it doesn’t mean that at all. Anyone, even complete newbies, can register themselves as a recommended distributor if they are willing to pay the price.

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Business For Home Members


Who Is The Target Audience?

Those who want to start an online business from home. People who need up-to-the-minute industry news and gossip for all things Direct Selling. Anyone looking to find a MLM business opportunity. Businesses looking to advertise an opportunity and get sellers.


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The Pros

  • Loads of information – some free and some you have to subscribe to access.
  • Shows lots of interesting and helpful industry statistics, such as the revenue earned by the top Direct Selling companies globally.
  • It’s a good place to be matched with opportunities if you are a distributor.


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The Cons

  • I don’t particularly like MLM (but that’s just me).
  • I don’t really like the way you click on something to read it, then be nagged to become a paid subscriber so you can access the information. Maybe those parts that are only accessible to subscribers should be completely hidden from non-subscribers so you don’t feel like you are constantly getting shafted. But I guess they want to tempt people out of their money and sign up.


Tools, Training and Support

It’s an information portal full of industry news and statistics rather than a business opportunity, so there isn’t really any training or tools.


How Much Does “Business For Home” Cost?

If you want to enrol yourself as a Recommended Distributor, it will cost you $29.95 for 3 months.

I’m not sure what it costs (if anything) to register a Direct Selling company on Business For Home. I could find no pricing for this.

To become a subscriber to the website and their newsletter, check the pricing options in the image below.


Business For Home Subscriber Pricing


Is “Business For Home” A Scam?

No, there is no scam here. Business For Home is really just an information portal for all things related to Direct Selling, Network Marketing and MLM.

If you are into those types of businesses then this website might prove to be a gold mine of information and opportunities. It’s not my thing, but maybe it’s for you.

I think there are far better ways than things like MLM opportunities to make money though. rRad below…


Want To Try Affiliate Marketing Instead Of MLM And Direct Selling?

I prefer to make my money online through affiliate marketing. It’s still selling other company’s products, but without uplines and downlines. You don’t have to stock any inventory, you don’t have to buy the products yourself every month. All you have to do is promote a seller’s offering and get paid a commission if a sale is made.

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The training is very easy to follow and is exceptional, as is the helpful community of members there.


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2 thoughts on “Business For Home – The Ultimate Online Business Marketplace?

  1. Hello Darren
    That was an interesting article about Business For Home. I like the way you provide information that is relevant to what I want to know. In your experience what is it that turns you off of Direct marketing and MLM marketing. I have seen several very successful businesses using the MLM model and just wanted your opinion,

    • I’m no totally anti MLM, it’s just not really my thing. I’ve been involved in a few before and you are constantly having to try and hustle people into the business and keep them active. It’s hard work and it’s draining, really. Also, you are usually required to buy a certain amount of the company’s product for yourself every month. I like to sell, but I don’t like having to buy products I don’t want just so I can stay in the system. I also don’t like having to constantly recruit people.

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