Is “Experts Academy” A Scam? All Hype or Not?



Is Experts Academy a scam or not? If you’ve done the rounds of the internet searching for ways to make money online, then chances are you have come across some of the hype surrounding Brendon Burchard’s Experts Academy. The guy sure knows how to talk the talk, I’ll give him that much. But does Experts Academy walk the walk, or is it all just over-priced hype and bluster designed to get your money?

Pay close attention and read on to uncover the truth…


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Is Experts Academy A ScamCompany Name: Experts Academy


Owners: Brendon Burchard

Price To Join: $1997 (one time payment)

My Rating: 5.5/10



~ Experts Academy 2016 Review ~


What Is “Experts Academy”?

Brendon Burchard and Oprah WinfreyFirst off just let me say that I'm glad you've found your way to my review of Brendon Burchard's Experts Academy. It means you are willing to do your research and look into something before joining up and handing your money over. With so many dodgy make money schemes online, that's always a wise more.

The brainchild of very successful internet entrepreneur Brendon Burchard, Experts Academy has been around for some years now, with the program getting revamped every year.

Burchard is not just an internet entrepreneur, he is also heavily into personal development and self-growth, travelling the world empowering others with his message.

I found the introduction videos on his websites a bit too long-winded. As I said, the guy can talk, and that he does. He’s very passionate though, but just too much talk going on for an intro video for my attention span.

Experts Academy is all about creating your own information products and learning how to market them to the masses for maximum turnover and profit. Nothing at all wrong with that. It’s one way a lot of money can be made via the internet. Participants in the program will gain valuable internet marketing skills to help sell those products. Your products may be physical CDs or DVDs, or digital versions.

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What’s The Target Audience?

Really anyone who wants to learn how to make money online, a desire to perfect their marketing skills and have an inclination to create their own information products. It’s not just targeted at beginners. Anyone with both an interest and some experience in marketing would most likely gain some benefit from Brendon’s trainings.


The Pros

  • Brendon Burchard is very passionate about everything he does and what he believes in. He knows how to make money, that’s for sure, and he’s a very influential speaker.
  • He doesn’t promote the “get rich quick” mentality.
  • The emphasis is on following your passions, and I believe that is so true.
  • 30 day money back guarantee.


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The Cons

  • Even though initially it’s only a one off price, that price to get involved is a lot for most people wanting to make a start in online marketing. No doubt there are recommendations to join other trainings along the way for a price as well.
  • A bit too much talk for my liking.
  • The constant over-estimation of what the course is really worth, but if you buy now you are getting it for such a bargain price.


Experts Academy 2016


Tools, Training and Support

Experts Academy is a series of training videos to teach you how to create you own information products, package them so they are saleable, market them to the masses and make lots of money in the process. That’s the general idea, anyway. It’s a 7 week online course covering topics like:

  • Creating content and list building
  • Selling great products with confidence
  • How to monetise content
  • Tips on how to become a bestselling author
  • Being a life coach
  • Making money from speaking events
  • Using social media to explode traffic

Brendon Burchard is accessible. He’s a busy man, but you can get in touch with him on occasion.

The program also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, which is a good thing.

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How Much Does “Experts Academy” Cost?

Here’s the sting. You can buy into Experts Academy for a mere $1997. Or you can make payments in 3 instalments of $697 each. There will be upsells. Brendon alludes to that in his videos.

That's quite a lot of money for someone just starting out, and there's no guarantee you'll be making any money after parting with that investment. It's risky, I'll say that much.


Is “Experts Academy” A Scam?

It’s not a scam, I really don't think.

The guy is passionate, he is motivating and he does know what he’s on about. It’s just a very high price to pay to learn how to get started in online marketing. What he offers you can get for a lot cheaper if you take the time to do some research.

I recommend giving Wealthy Affiliate a try. It's free to get started as well.

While it’s not some rip off get rich quick scam, there is a lot of hype and talk and self-adulation going on with this guy. For me that’s a red flag. Getting down to it and getting the work done is what’s really going to pay off in dollar signs eventually, not just talking about getting rich and getting all hyped up. Of course, that can help too. Don’t get me wrong. There’s just a bit too much of that for me with Experts Academy.

I would have rated it slightly higher if it wasn’t so expensive. Here's a better option.


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4 thoughts on “Is “Experts Academy” A Scam? All Hype or Not?

  1. Great site! You designed it really well! I do enjoy finding sites that expose online scams, but I really enjoy it when the same site also offers alternative solutions.

    In my opinion, people can’t have enough education about these programs that promise a solution to create an online business. Who truly knows how many people have already been turned off the idea because of all the false promises and money that was lost for putting faith in these scams.

    Thank you for putting this site up, I will be bookmarking it, and I look forward to your future reviews.

    • Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you find my site helpful, as that was my reason for creating it; so people could avoid wasting their hard-earned money on things that don’t pay and to offer tips on how to set up a genuine online business.

  2. Hi Darren, thank you for writing about Brendon Expert Academy. I had an opportunity to really listen to him last year mid, when he was launching his latest book then….well he really talked and talked about how the book was going to be a game changer to those that wanted to succeed online. And then before the video was over, and it was such a lengthy one, he decided we all need to get some meditation because we needed to make our decisions with no clutter in our brains as to appreciate how this great book was going to help us….I remember then telling myself, this guy is very Salesy! Well I agree with you , he can really talk….He also has got a good kick on his stuff especially on personal growth if you don’t mind the talking and also his very pricy products….Well I still get his emails, and videos and when time permits I do indulge with most of his sentiments! I agree he is not a scammer, think he just loves what he does a bit to much…Passionate ? You bet he is!
    Thank you, for a very balanced review.

    • Yes, no one could ever accuse Brendon Burchard of lacking passion. He has some good teachings and most of what he believes in is legit, but he just talks the talk too much for my liking. Anything that’s hyped up as much as he does it turns me off. Even if it is the real deal, too much hype just makes me think scam. Experts Academy isn’t a scam, just way over-priced in my personal opinion.

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