My Minings Paid To Click Review – Worth It?



My Minings LogoCompany Name: My Minings


Owner: Max Smith

Price To Join: $150 (minimum)

My Rating: 1/10 (based on risk factor)


~ My Minings Paid To Click Review ~



My MiningsFirst let me state that I haven’t actually signed up for this system and participated in it, as I’m not willing to invest my money in something that is so new and yet to be proven. I am just relaying as much information as I can glean on the company and how it works, and offering you some of my views and concerns about the My Mining concept.

This is a new enterprise, so there is not a lot of data out there at the moment on how good or bad it is, or what people’s opinions of the company and system are. It was only launched on the 22nd June, 2015.

My Minings is a paid to click advertising network based in Anguilla in the UAE (United Arab Emirates). Advertisers pay members of My Mining to view and share their video ads, thus creating widespread promotion.

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So How Does The My Minings System Work?

You have to pay to be a member and view video ads. There are a variety of tiered payment systems (which I’ll cover below), and how much you can earn depends on how much you invest to start with.

Each time you watch a short advertiser’s video and answer some brief questions at the end of it, you get paid a nominal amount – up to $1. During a 44 week period you are required to watch a certain number of videos per day, which varies depending on which package you invest in. I think you also get paid a small amount to share the videos, or if someone watches one of the videos you share. This isn’t made clear, though.

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If it’s legit and above board and the company stays in business for the long-term, then it could be a way to make some extra cash by both investment of money and a little bit of time each day.

It’s a guaranteed payday, depending on the above.



Some of the math regarding earnings doesn’t really add up to me. For a start, if you buy into the cheapest advertising package you only watch 1 video per day and get paid up to a $1. That adds up to $7 per week, yet using their earnings calculator on their website they claim you make $9 per week. And it’s the same with all their packages. The amounts they say they pay per video view do not add up to what their earnings calculator states you will earn per week.

Being such a new company and new system it is largely untested. You might invest money into one of their advertising packages expecting a nice return after the 44 week period, only to discover the company has since gone out of business, taking your investment money with them.

My Minings Income CalculatorAnother thing that raises some red flags with me is the fact that this company is based in the United Arab Emirates. Perhaps the reasons for that are some tax benefits for the directors, I’m not certain, but it makes me suspicious and far less likely to be inclined to sign up for their system.

Another negative for me is the fact that they charge big money to join. If advertisers are willing to pay people to view and share their ads, then why such a high price for consumers to get involved? Why a price at all? Where does all that money go?


How Much Does It Cost?

  • Package 1 :- If a Member Purchases a package of $150 He has to watch 1 video ad daily for 44 weeks ( 308 days ) – Payout: $396
  • Package 2 :- If a Member Purchases a package of $375 He has to watch 1 video ad daily for 44 weeks ( 308 days ) – Payout: $1144
  • Package 3 :- If a Member Purchases a package of $625 He has to watch 2 video ads daily for 44 weeks ( 308 days ) – Payout: $1980
  • Package 4 :- If a Member Purchases a package of $1099 He has to watch 2 video ads daily for 44 weeks ( 308 days ) – Payout: $2640
  • Package 5 :- If a Member Purchases a package of $5100 He has to watch 3 video ads daily for 44 weeks ( 308 days ) – Payout: $15,796
  • Package 6 :- If a Member Purchases a package of $7750 He has to watch 3 video ads daily for 44 weeks ( 308 days ) – Payout: $23,276

Every time you make a cash withdrawal from the system you lose 9% of the withdrawal amount in withdrawal fees.

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Payout Options

Some of My Mining’s options to payout members sounds a little bit dubious to me as well, but here’s the list:

  1. Perfect Money
  2. Payeer
  3. Neteller
  4. Western Union
  5. Okpay
  6. Bitcoin
  7. Payza
  8. Bank Wire.


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My advice would be to steer clear of My Minings as an income stream for now. I’m not saying it’s a scam. I’m not yet sure if it is or it isn’t. If it cost nothing to join and make a few dollars watching ads, then I would probably say give it a go, but the fact that you have to invest a minimum of $150 and up to $7750 raises some major red flags for me. There is just too much of a monetary risk there for a company and system that is yet unproven.

Let’s look at a simple scenario: If just 100 people joined up for the $7750 deal, the creators of this platform (based in a country where the laws are vastly different to those of the Western World) could run off with a tidy sum of $775,000, all for no more effort than creating a simple website.

I’m not saying this is what’s going to happen. I’m just saying it’s a possibility. I tend to follow and trust my instincts with things like this, and this company just smells really dodgy to me.

If you have any further information or dealings with My Mining, please let us know in the comments below.


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6 thoughts on “My Minings Paid To Click Review – Worth It?

  1. This is an interesting new money making solution. After readying your input something does seem kind of weird about it. I will be looking into it myself and trying to see peoples personal encounters with it. Would be cool if it was true, but there are definite risk factors that I probably wouldn’t risk until I heard of some more information on it. Thanks for your site! Awesome material!

    • Hi and thanks for reading. Yeah, when I wrote the review it was a very new system. I found out as much information as I could find at the time. I wrote the review back in June, so there could be more testimonies on what it’s about floating around the net by now.

  2. Hi Darren,

    While this sounds like some other revenue sharing programs that are out there, I think you are right that it isn’t clear enough. I mean, if you are paying to watch videos, then the amount of money you are earning seems really high. Most legitimate paid survey companies don’t pay that much for their surveys. And if it is like a revenue share company, that could explain why their math is off if they are pooling your money with other’s people’s money. But again, why are they vague about that. And PayPal has changed some of it rules for companies like this and depending on their country of origin, they may or may not be able to do business with PayPal. And that should be another red flag. Thanks for the insight.

    • Hi Jessica. Thanks for your great comments. yes, My Minings are very vague and do scream dodgy to me. Where they’re located also makes me suspicious as well. Thanks for reading and good luck with everything.

  3. You have to pay to be a member and view video ads? Isn’t there sites out there that allow you to do this sort of thing for free anyway? I mean sites like swagbucks or maybe clixsense for example? How much can you earn when compared to how much you pay to be a member?

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