Rolex Cash System Review – Can It Really Make the Big Bucks!



In this Rolex Cash System review we'll look at whether Rolex Cash System is a scam or a legit way to make money online. There has been a lot of talk about this one, and many have been asking if it's legit. But can this platform live up to its promises of easy money, or is that just sales hype?

Pay close attention as you read on to discover the truth….


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Rolex Cash System Banner

Company Name: Rolex Cash System


Owner: Lucas Adam

Price To Join: $9.99

Skill Level: No Experience Required

My Rating: 1/10


~ Rolex Cash System Review ~


“Are you looking to make money in your pyjamas?”
“How to turn $10 into $10,000 in 7 days online!”

These are just two of the catch phrases associated with the “Rolex Cash System”.

He also claims his system generates pure 100% profits with zero expenses, and he only works 1-2 hours per day to achieve a $4000 per week income. So is this system a scam or legit?

I'm really glad to see you here reading my review. It shows you do your research before joining anything, and that's wise.


Rolex Cash System Overview

As far as I can determine Lucas Adam started the Rolex Cash System in 2014, so it hasn’t been around all that long compared to other online money making systems and guru cash blueprints. One of the things I liked about his sales page is that he doesn’t go into a long-winded rags-to-riches story like many of them do.

He says his accounts online use a special  debit card that allow him to withdraw his earnings instantly from any ATM, anywhere in the world. This makes it sound like one of those ATM cash machine scams.


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Lucas goes on to relate a lengthy list of what his program DOESN’T do, and it includes the following:

  • Rolex Cash System BookNo selling
  • No website building
  • No affiliate marketing
  • No AdSense
  • No data entry
  • No advertising
  • No mailing lists
  • No uplines/downlines
  • No MLM or recruiting members
  • No chain letters
  • No gambling
  • No surveys
  • No cash gifting

After reading this long list of what his program doesn’t do, it left me wondering what was left for his program to actually DO!

Well, his sales page doesn’t allude to what his system actually does or how he makes so much money so easily. I can’t find any real information on this product in a Google search, either. Even the trusted ‘Warrior forums’ offers no insight.

One thing I have noticed is there are quite a few websites using variations of Rolex Cash System in their domain names, and they virtually all just copy and paste Lucas’s information from his sales page. This hints to me that maybe people have to refer others to the system to make money after all.

I came across it when I saw an ad for it in a Facebook group for Affiliate Marketing that I’m a member of, so I decided to check it out. Like I’ve already said, though, I can’t find out much information on this on the internet. If anyone’s actually signed up and used the Rolex Cash System, then they’ve got nothing to say about it online.

Although it's not impossible to make money from these types of schemes, they really are very risky. You're far better off starting a simple online affiliate marketing business like I do.

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What Is The Target Audience?

This system is aimed at anyone who wants to make money online with minimum effort, zero risk and no outlay of any kind. I’m yet to discover anything like that in over 15 years of searching, but that’s what the maker claims.

Anyone in any country is eligible to take part.


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  • Cheap to try it out.
  • Lucas sounds slightly more honest in his sales pitch than many of the other scheme creators do. At least he doesn’t make us sit through some long-winded, boring video presentation that rambles on for half an hour and tells us nothing.



  • Loads of red flags on the sales page.
  • The sales pitch tells you everything it is not without actually telling you what it does do.
  • Real lack of information out there on this product.


Tools, Training and Support

Lucas claims there is 24/7 support, then goes on to say in the fine print that he does everything on his own and can’t deal with everybody on a personal level. So, I’ve drawn the conclusion that support for this will be extremely limited, perhaps non-existent.

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How Much Does It Cost?

$9.99 one time payment. No monthly ongoing fees or upsells.


Do I Recommend Rolex Cash System?

Definitely NOT! Sure, it’s cheap to take a look at – and most people won’t miss 10 bucks to try it out – but it doesn't offer any real value; especially in the long term.


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There are no real simple and instant ways to make lots of money online. These systems are just a myth. You can't avoid putting in some work and things taking a bit of time to get going. That's just the reality of any business.

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Some of the benefits at a glance:

  • Step-by-step training (videos, tutorials, classrooms, live training)
  • Member-contributed training
  • Mentorship
  • Live chat
  • Community support
  • 24/7 access and technical support
  • 2 free websites for Starter Members
  • Free website builder
  • Secure hosting for up to 50 websites for Premium Members
  • Thousands of Word Press themes to choose from
  • Keyword search tools
  • Active discussion groups with access to industry experts
  • Completely FREE to get started!


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Darren Burton

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I am an author, online entrepreneur and internet marketer. I work from home and anywhere else in the world I choose to work. I've been making a living online since 2010, and you can do it too. I'm here to help.

12 thoughts on “Rolex Cash System Review – Can It Really Make the Big Bucks!

  1. You may be right when calling this most likely of no value. But I have trouble when your review seems like just another way fo you to boost your wealthy affiliate commissions.

    • Hi Mark. Thanks for reading and for your honest comment. Yes, I do like to promote Wealthy Affiliate as they are the real deal. Many of these so-called money making systems out there are just a rip off. I don’t just promote Wealthy Affiliate on my site, but any opportunity I come across that sounds fair. Wealthy Affiliate isn’t a money making system, but more training as to how to set up an online business properly from the very start.

  2. Hey there, Darren!

    Really impressed with your review about Rolex Cash System. But really surprised at how you showed me something else that I became a member of just a while back.

    Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is a REAL DEAL and it does work, It has for me!!!

    And I think it is amazing that people can get a free account to test the waters – so to speak. No credit card required and you can stay free forever – despite most people thinking that they will be out in the cold after a week, they won’t – they will just not have access to all the best features of WA that premium members get.

    My advice to ANYONE reading this – is to go through Darren’s link and sign up for free. – Yes, Darren does get a credit for referring someone like you, but it doesn’t come out of your pocket. Remember it is free!

    ***(Darren deserves it doesn’t he? For all the work he put in with building this site, writing articles, researching products, reviewing things on our behalf so that WE don’t get scammed!!!)
    and then Darren lays out his findings for all to see RIGHT HERE IN HIS REVIEW!!!***

    Great informative review Darren,


    • Hi James,

      Thanks for your really great comment. Glad you appreciate the hard work I’ve put into this site. It feels good to know that people like yourself find value in what I’ve written and presented on my site. All the best to you and thanks again.

  3. Hey Darren,
    I too appreciate all the info you give here but I am a little confused and wonder if you can explain something? When you do a side by side comparison with “Wealthy Affiliate” and “Rolex Cash System” you say all the things “Rolex Cash System” doesn’t offer or have when if fact you said above that, “To be perfectly honest I haven’t personally tried the Rolex Cash System.” So, I’m curious, if you haven’t tried it, how do you know what they offer? I’m not trying to be smart here; I actually want to know if there is another reason you know this for sure since I am checking reviews on this as well.

    Thank you Darren,


    • Hi Cindy and thanks for your question.

      To clear up the confusion, I had a friend (not a close friend) constantly badgering me to join the Rolex Cash System and he told me all the details. That’s how I know what it offers and doesn’t offer. I told him it’s a scam and I’m not interested.

      As far as Wealthy Affiliate goes, it’s not a money making system, but rather step-by-step training that teaches you how to set up an online business the right way so you have every chance of success and making money. Hope this helps.

  4. Hi Darren,

    You are probably right in suggesting this is a scam, considering some of his outrageous claims. It’s ridiculous to think for 10 bucks your going to be making 10k in 7 days, yeah right! It is hard to know if the actual product itself is providing any value for that money without testing it out or hearing from other though.

    Like no way are those claims real by any stretch, but how much you actually get for $10 is another thing.

    I think WA is an awesome platform, nothing like it and good on you for promoting something like this.

    • Hi Tim. I wish it were true. I’d love to spend $10 and make back $10k in a week. How good would that be. Unfortunately, too good to be true.

      Yes, WA is the real deal. No, you won’t likely make 10k in a week following WA’s training, but some hard work and time you could eventually get to that level of income.

  5. olá tudo bem, eu gostaria de saber o é que realmente é rolex cash sistem, eu recebi o imail más ainda não entendi direito o que significa, até então eu sei que tenho que fazer um deposito de 10,00 dolares, más eu queria saber o que vou vender o que vou divulgar ou se vou ter um site com esse nome rolex, se possível eu gostaria de uma explicação mais detalhada possível, pois estou endereçado em participar dessa empresa, desde já agradeço a atenção de todos.

    • My advice would be to steer clear of Rolex Cash System, but it’s totally up to you if you want to give it a try. If you do go again, let us know how you go with it here in the comments. Cheers.

    • Which program? Wealthy Affiliate? Wealthy Affiliate is a training platform. It’s not a money making program or get rich quick BS scheme like Rolex Cash System is supposed to be. With WA you get trained, properly, how to go about making money online. Get rich quick schemes are all a scam. Go with Rolex Cash System if you want. Feel free to leave another comment when you’re making $10k a week from it.

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