The Traffic Authority Review – Is Traffic Authority Legit?



What is Traffic Authority? Can you really make the big money to justify the huge price tag for this training program? Or is it just another dodgy online money making system that fails to deliver on its promises?

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The Traffic Authority Review - Is Traffic Authority LegitCompany Name: Traffic Authority

Website: www.

Owners: Greg Chambers, Doug Wellens, and Chad Stalvey

Price To Join: $47/Month (Basic Plan)

My Rating: 3/10



~ The Traffic Authority Review ~


What Is “Traffic Authority”?

The creators of Traffic Authority come across as being very confident in the validity of their product, claiming you can easily make $10,000 per month in very quick time by buying into their traffic generating system. These are big claims for a product that comes with a very high price tag to begin with. Traffic Authority also claim that you will achieve financial freedom in as little as 30 days by following their simple 3 step system.

As you would guess by the name of the company, Traffic Authority is all about buying into traffic generating products, and also trying to sell those same traffic products to others so you can get an affiliate commission. Nothing too wrong with that; except the price of everything. Much of their training is first aimed at getting you to buy their traffic generating packages, and then how to sell those packages to others. You can’t just be an affiliate of TA without first buying their products yourself.

You get started with the Traffic Academy, which teaches you to become an expert at generating traffic to your TA business in 30 days. After that it’s more about buying traffic packages and then trying to get others interested in buying them as well so you can get commissions. The problem is, some of these packages cost thousands, up to $4k and over! Once you’ve invested that kind of cash you will want to peddle this company’s products to others in a bid to recoup some of your money.If you want to learn how to set up an easy online business that's profitable and runs on FREE organic search engine traffic from Google and co, then take a look at the Wealthy Affiliate platform. You can get started for free.


Traffic Authority


Who Is The Target Audience?

Affiliates looking for high ticket items to sell. People with enough of a budget to be able to cover the costs of these traffic strategies and programs. Anyone looking for ways to make money online and has some cash to invest.


The Pros

  • Very generous affiliate program with big commissions.
  • TA does contain some interesting marketing strategies.


The Cons

  • You are greeted with the typical over-hyped sales video jam packed full of promises of big bucks in ridiculously quick time.
  • Extremely expensive product line.
  • Everything is geared to make Traffic Authority maximum dollars.


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Tools and Training

Traffic Authority AffiliateYour basic membership gets you started with the tools you need to promote Traffic Authority to others. To further your training you will need to upgrade to a premium membership, which then equips you with skills like social media marketing and email marketing so you can sell TA as an affiliate to others. In order to be eligible to promote each traffic generation product and earn a commission, you first have to buy the package yourself. If you decide you want to promote another of TA’s packages, then you need to buy it first to be allowed to promote it and earn money.


How Much Does “Traffic Authority” Really Cost?

For $47 per month you get the Basic Membership, which gives you access to some handy tools and video training that teaches you how to make money by buying into the TA traffic generating programs and then selling them to others for a commission. Extra training means you are required to upgrade to the next level, which sets you back a cool $97 per month. As I mentioned, some of the traffic generating strategies cost up to $4000 to buy and start at around $200. That’s big bucks for someone just starting out in the online business world. In order to on sell each strategy as an affiliate, you first have to purchase that particular strategy yourself.


Is “Traffic Authority” A Scam?

It’s not really a scam, it’s just very expensive. You do have the chance of making your initial costs back through their lucrative affiliate program, however with these prices that could prove to be rather a hard sell. There is not much in the way of learning to create value for your readers, contacts or customer base, as there is very little emphasis on creating any quality content. TA is more focused on buying traffic packages and then selling traffic packages to others, which is great for Traffic Authority itself and their bottom line.

I’ve only given it a 3 out of 10 for two reasons. Firstly, the price tag attached to everything in TA. Second, Traffic Authority doesn’t really teach you much other than how to sell their traffic generating programs to others. There is little training for setting up an online business independent of TA. If it was way cheaper to get involved, then I’d probably suggest trying it out and see how it goes, but the prices of TA are probably just too much for most beginning marketers to take a chance on.

How To Create A Successful Online Business For Next To Nothing

Learn How To Get Traffic Organically

Organically means free traffic from the search engines, and this is something TA doesn’t really teach. Free SERP traffic comes from building out a website with quality, unique and helpful content. This should really be the basis for most online marketing businesses. Once you have this foundation established, then you can start branching out with paid traffic strategies and media buys.

If you would like to start an affiliate marketing business and learn how to set up this vital foundation, then the best place I know of is Wealthy Affiliate – Read my detailed review. They also have an affiliate program if you decide you would like to promote WA, but that’s completely optional. You are trained to create a website in any niche you choose. Think of it as creating a site out of a subject you are passionate about and being able to monetise that site so it generates a steady income from your passion.


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6 thoughts on “The Traffic Authority Review – Is Traffic Authority Legit?

  1. I totally agree with your review of this site. The initial cost seems very high for what seems like very little reward. I too was taken in by the big hype videos and the promise of making a lot of dollar in a short space of time. WA is the right way to go and seems an honest way of making money. It is a good platform and a supportive one to do things the right way. I would have to disagree with you and say that the other thing is a scam. The only thing which isn’t is WA.

    • Hi Gary. Thanks for your comments. While I agree that Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform, it’s a hell of a statement to make saying that WA is the only thing out there that’s not a scam. There are loads of legitimate opportunities and training programs available and Wealthy Affiliate is just one of them. They just happen to be one of the best. Having said that there are a lot of scams to be wary of as well, and I try to make people aware of what’s legit and what’s not on this site.

  2. It kind of sounds like Traffic Authority is an MLM. Is it? Also, how do you know if the traffic is any good? If you just want traffic to your site, you buy tons of it on Fiverr for five bucks.

    For all we know, Traffic Authority is selling junk traffic at premium prices. I don’t trust Traffic Authority.

    If you’re going to pay that kind of money for traffic you’d do better to learn PPC and run ads to drive traffic to your site. That way, you know you’re getting quality traffic.

    The best traffic is organic traffic, but that takes skill to get. Where can someone learn how to do that right?

    • Hi Gary. The traffic is mostly junk. The idea behind Traffic Authority is to promote Traffic Authority itself to others and make money in affiliate commissions. They don’t really care about the quality of the traffic. It’s not really MLM.

      If you want to learn how to get organic traffic – quality traffic – then check out Wealthy Affiliate’s training. I make mention of it at the end of the review.

  3. It’s really a shame that a site which might actually have something to offer has to come out of the starting gate with big promises. That will cause folks to just move on to the next possible online gig. They also sound like an airline that charges for everything you do.
    I had not heard of these guys before so thank you for the info. I’m moving on.

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