Secure Job Position Is a Scam and I’ll Tell You Why



Secure Job Position is a scam and in this post I’ll tell you why. You will soon discover that this platform is just a reinvention of a scam that has been doing the rounds for a long time now, one that never seems to go away..

Let’s take a closer look at Secure Job Position…



Secure Job Position Is a ScamCompany Name: Secure Job Position

Owners: Kelly Simmons

Price To Join: $97

My Rating: 0/10



~ Secure Job Position Review ~



It's good to see you here reading this review, as it means you are willing to research something before jumping into it. On this site I like to make note of program and training platforms that are worthwhile, as well as shedding light on the multitude of scams out there online.


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What Is Secure Job Position and How Does It Work?

Kelly Simmons makes a return in the latest in a string of link posting scam websites that have proliferated the internet for the past few years. All these sites look almost the same, cost the same amount to join, often have the same fake owner name and all promise the same deal.

Make $397 a day for just one hour of your time.

It’s all fake and they are definitely all created by the same people. Here’s a list of just a select few similar platforms all promoting the exact same thing:

  • Home Cash Academy
  • Cash From Home
  • WahRev
  • Home Jobs Today
  • Income Form Home Academy
  • Daily Web Biz
  • Home Profit System
  • Home Job Source
  • And so many more…

Here is what the deal is. They say they will teach you the basics of link posting. What they claim is that big companies and retailers like Amazon pay people like you and I $15 every single time we post a product link (affiliate link) somewhere on the internet. How the companies would even monitor how many links we’ve posted and how much they owe us, I don’t know, but that’s what Secure Job Position says. This is the so called “job” or “internet career” they are referring to.

It’s all hocus pocus. It’s a myth, a fantasy. It doesn’t happen.

No reputable companies shell out money like this for what’s really no more than link spamming in social media and the like.

This is what these people are really after. They want your login details, then try and sell you higher priced offers for training and money making opportunities. They also are notorious for selling your information to third parties so you will receive spam (and possibly even phone calls if you give up your phone number) for other scams and whatever else.

This platform and the others use trickery to try and give themselves credibility. For their videos and testimonials they hire people from Fiverr and other freelance sites. They also adopt a common tactic among scams, and that’s to plaster the logos of TV channels and news channels all over their website to make it look like their awesome program has appeared on these channels and has been officially endorsed.

It’s all fake.


Daily Web Biz Is a Scam


Target Audience

These people know what buttons to push to attract their target audience. They really go after newcomers to the internet money making scene. The target market is attracted to easy money for very little work (that’s also an online myth). Easy money is a powerful lure, and I wish it were real, but it’s not.


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The Pros

  • I have no positives to tell you when it comes to Secure Job Position


The Cons

  • They take your joining fee and refuse to offer refunds
  • You will be hit with numerous upsells
  • The so called TV channel endorsements are not real
  • The testimonials are all fake
  • Your information will be sold to others so you can receive more spam and upsells
  • It’s nothing more than a link posting scam
  • You also risk the possibility of identity theft


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Tools and Training

A part of the deal is usually an extremely basic website that you can use to promote your links. You also receive some rather shallow training on affiliate marketing. The idea is actually to suck you into their sales funnel and pummel you with expensive upsells. In order to make their promised daily cash you will need to spend more money on training or it just can’t happen. That’s what they end up telling you.


Secure Job Position Banner


How Much Does Secure Job Position Cost?

The joining fee in $97. You don’t get a hell of a lot for that. In fact, all you are really doing is setting yourself up for shelling out more money if you buy into their fantasy and believe you need all these different training packages to make the money they claim. And you’ll spend a lot more than 60 minutes a day doing it, too.


Is Secure Job Position a Scam?

Like all its sister programs, yes, Secure Job Position is nothing more than another link posting scam full of empty promises. The owners make all these ridiculous claims that the platform or the “job” just can’t deliver on. There is the definite risk of identity theft and fraud if you sign up for these scams and volunteer your personal information, so it’s the wisest course of action to stay well away from this one and others like it.


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2 thoughts on “Secure Job Position Is a Scam and I’ll Tell You Why

  1. I see that Secure Job Position is just another duplicate scam that intends to take people (vulnerable newbies especially) for a ride.

    I think it’s hilarious when these schemes always “GUARANTEE” you’ll make $100s per day LOL.

    For starters, no amount of income is guaranteed on the web because it depends on a number of factors.

    Secondly, not even some skilled internet marketers are making almost $400 per day!

    I guess once you come across something like Home Job Source and its dog-ugly siblings, you get to understand the red flags more, which is a positive thing for beginners.

    There’s so much of this get-rich-quick trash out there and I really have no idea why the authorities don’t shut down these scammers for good and throw them behind bars.


    • Yes, Neil, you are right. Secure Job Position is yet another duplicate site of the exact same scam that goes under about 30 or 40 difefrent names. Definitely targeted at newcomers to making money online, that’s for sure. They prey on the unwary, unfortunately, and that’s why I like to expose them on my website.

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