What Is Deadbeat Super Affiliate – A Scam or Easy $11k a Month?



What is Deadbeat Super Affiliate? A scam or a real opportunity to make awesome money on the internet with affiliate marketing?

Let’s take a closer look and find out….


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What Is Deadbeat Super Affiliate - a ScamCompany Name: Deadbeat Super Affiliate

Owners: Dan Brock

Price To Join: Was $97, now just $17

My Rating: 4/10



~ Deadbeat Super Affiliate Review ~



“Sleepwalk you way into your first $3000 a month online”

That’s the message we are greeted with on the Deadbeat Super Affiliate website. After that we get told…

“Then sit back and watch as you passively bank $11,461 per month or more”

Big claims to make and major statements to have to live up to and deliver on.


Deadbeat Super Affiliate Income Claims


What Is Deadbeat Super Affiliate and How Does It Work?

This platform was originally released way back in 2010 and was a number one best seller on the digital affiliate platform – ClickBank. It was relaunched again in 2015.

One glance at this website and it just screams scam! It’s the typical one page affair, starting out with a sales video that just goes on and on about how we can make loads of cash online and never actually have to do any work. At least half the lengthy sales page is filled with testimonials, most of them video, with everyone singing the praises of the Deadbeat Super Affiliate platform and how they’re all living the easy life now.

The website never really gets around to fully explaining what goes on behind the scenes, but it’s definitely all about affiliate marketing and how creator and super affiliate himself, Dan Brock, has uncovered some secret and never tried before ways of making all this money as an affiliate with no work involved.

I’m all for finding better ways of doing things and automating where you can, but this Dan guy is a complete tripper. No one getting their first start in affiliate marketing is going to be kicking back and doing absolutely nothing while nearly $12k a month rolls into their bank account.

I do this for a living, so I know how it works. To learn the business of affiliate marketing the proper way, check out Wealthy Affiliate.

Dan allegedly teaches us how to make a killing online by selling physical products, mostly from Amazon. How we manage to do that without putting in any work though, I don’t know.

That’s the point though. There is work involved, and Dan tells us this with the following:

  • We set up a few simple affiliate websites
  • We add a bit of content
  • We get them ranking high in the search engines
  • We rake in money from easy Amazon sales

We are also told the following:

  • Traffic will take care of itself
  • The content magically creates itself
  • The products even sell themselves
  • And even the sales convert themselves

I guess Dan is spot on. We don’t actually have to lift a finger. The internet make money fairies come into our lives once we hand Dan the man some cash and take care of all our problems for us.

So let me get this straight. Dan Brock is already living the highlife, drives a Porsche, doesn’t have to do anything when it comes to work because his websites feed him a never-ending stream of cash like an ATM that never runs dry, yet he’s gone to the bother of recreating his winning formula and wants to sell it to us for a meagre 17 bucks.

Why would he bother?

And why would he want to share his Amazon product selling cash cow to others and actually create competition with himself that could actually take sales away from his own promotions?

Because the whole thing is BS. He’s making money selling us his platform, and maybe that’s the only way he’s making any money. He does actually have some pretty good training here, as I talk about further below, but he’s definitely talking some spin on his website.


What Is Deadbeat Super Affiliate - a Scam


Target Audience

Apparently the training has been devised for both beginning and the more experienced online marketers. I don’t know if anyone experienced would want a part of this, though.


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What You Actually Get

Surprisingly there is actually quite a bit of information and training involved in the Deadbeat Super Affiliate program. There are a total of 23 videos that cover things from choosing a niche, creating an affiliate website, link building techniques, creating content, creating sales videos for YouTube and selling Amazon products.

That’s all well and good, but how does Dan deliver on the promises of content creating itself and us not having to do any work? The training videos he has created paint a totally different picture, one where we will be doing quite a lot of work. Nothing looks too automated or taken care of by magic to me.

Basically the premise of Dan’s system is:

  1. Build websites
  2. Create videos for YouTube
  3. Backlink videos to your websites


What I Like

  • I was surprised by the amount of actual video training and the course is in a logical order
  • The outsourcing he recommends does make sense


What I Don’t Like

  • There are some unnecessary upsells
  • I don’t like the way Dan sells his idea like there is no work involved. Even with outsourcing you need the cash for it, and there is a lot of set up to be done before you would start outsourcing
  • He promotes all the hype of living the good life far too much
  • His claims for the income you can make in such quick time is a total impossibility
  • You can’t run an affiliate marketing business, automate everything and never have to lift a finger ever again
  • Some of the SEO techniques are a little outdated
  • There is no “sleepwalking” your way to making loads of cash online. It takes hard work and dedication


Deadbeat Super Affiliate Income Proof


How Much Does Deadbeat Super Affiliate Cost?

The sales page says the program was $97, but now it’s just $17. There are a few upsells, but you don’t really need to purchase them.


Is Deadbeat Super Affiliate a Scam?

I’m surprised to conclude that overall I don’t consider this program to be a scam. There is some solid and logical training on affiliate marketing.

The part that is scammy to me, and the part I really don’t like, is the way this Dan guy tries to make out that you can achieve success in this business – instantly – without having to put it in any work at all. Nothing could be further from the truth; especially in the beginning. If he didn’t spin so much obvious BS on that level, I may have given his platform a higher rating.


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2 thoughts on “What Is Deadbeat Super Affiliate – A Scam or Easy $11k a Month?

  1. That looks familiar. I remember seeing it a few years ago. I think the price was higher back then.

    It might be a good course because the income proof makes it look legit, but I didn’t buy it back then because I just didn’t like the gimmicky presentation, plus I’d expect a lot of upsales when the entry price is that low.

    Awesome review.

    • Deadbeat Super Affiliate actually has the potential to be something half decent. It’s not a scam, but as it is at the moment, it just doesn’t offer enough to equal success for members. Plus some of the material is outdated. He also hypes this up too much. “Sleepwalking your way to success” just doesn’t happen online. It’s not that easy.

      He teaches affiliate marketing – which is a great busienss to get into – but just over-simplifies it and doesn’t offer enough tools and training to really get going with it.

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