What Is Evergreen Content About?


What Is Evergreen Content About

What is evergreen content about and why should you focus on writing it?

You read about it and hear it mentioned when it comes to many forms of marketing online and off, but what exactly does the term “evergreen content” mean?


Evergreen Content Explained

Although we are talking about writing content here, the term evergreen in the plant kingdom refers to plants, and especially trees, that don’t lose their leaves and are green all year round. Consider the pine tree in a snowy region as a great example of evergreen in nature.

When it comes to content, the analogy of being considered evergreen is the nature of the content itself. It’s material that doesn’t date, is always current and useful, and content that never really changes or goes out of fashion.

Think about if you wrote something about how humans require fresh air to breathe in order to survive. This is something that’s never going to change. We will always need fresh air to stay alive.

Things like product reviews, or something written on a very topical subject, will go out of date, be superseded, or simply become irrelevant in time. With products, a few years later that product you wrote a review on may no longer even exist. This type of content is NOT evergreen content.


Write a Mix of Evergreen Content and Non-Evergreen Content

As an affiliate marketer or online marketer, it’s always a wise idea to make a conscious effort to create some evergreen content; knowing that content will be relevant and current and popular for many, many years to come. This type of content can prove to be a goldmine for affiliates and those promoting their own products.

Don’t limit all your content to the evergreen variety though, as you still want to be free to write about anything you need to, even if the interest in that piece of content may only prove temporary. Mix it up. Write both evergreen and non-evergreen content on your site and in social media posts.

Longevity in the online business world requires a good blend of topical content and evergreen content.

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  1. Hi Darren,
    Great explanation on Evergreen content. It makes good sense to write articles that will not date based on the newest products available but rather write about the condition, problem, or situation that may require a product to solve the issue. Just my 2 cents worth.
    I think you have a great article and appreciate you sharing it with us.

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