What is the “Fast Lane Lifestyle” About? Speedway to Wealth or Ruin?



What is the “Fast Lane Lifestyle” about? Is it possible to simply plug into a profit system and start making $1500 a day just like that? Sounds too good to be true to me, but anyway.

Let’s take a closer look and find out the real deal…



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What Is the Fast Lane Lifestyle AboutCompany Name: Fast Lane Lifestyle

Owner: Tim Fletcher

Price To Join: $47 to join (varies)

My Rating: 1/10




~ Fast Lane Lifestyle Review ~


What Is the Fast Lane Lifestyle and How Does It Work?

Apparently, according to the sales video and everything else I’ve seen about this platform, Tim Fletcher can give us access to a profit system that we can just plug into and start making around $1500 per day almost instantly.

That sounds awesome. It also sounds like complete bullshit.

This platform is pretty new on the scene, having only launched in mid 2017. It’s to do with affiliate marketing, and what Fast Lane Lifestyle actually is, is some sort of automated software system that sets up an affiliate website for its members. Apparently absolutely everything is automated, so all you have to do is plug into it, hit the go switch and watch the money flowing into your account.

I’m not sure how that magically happens, as Tim fails to explain this in his video, but that’s exactly what he claims will happen.

The funny thing is, I do affiliate marketing for a living and it just doesn’t work that way. There’s no instant money system in this game. It takes time. Perhaps the only real exception to that would be if you had a big email list and blasted an email out to that list about some new and hot product offering. Then you might make a bunch of sales pretty quickly. But I can’t see how Fast Lane Lifestyle could emulate that right from the get go. It takes considerable time to amass a decent-sized email list.

Tim goes on to say that you can make up to $4500 a day if you create even more “fully populated with awesome content and affiliate links” sites with his system.

The video is totally unbelievable in so many ways, Tim Fletcher’s image he uses on his site is apparently a stock photo from Getty Images, and there’s just no way known you can instantly “plug into” those kinds of profits just like that. I wish it were true.

The other thing is, Tim never really tells us how this works. Plus, the testimonials he uses to back up his system are written by freelancers on Fiverr. He also uses the “limited spaces available” line to put people under pressure so they hurry up and join. It’s a common sales tactic to get people to act.

What you will find, is if you join, in the member’s area will be a list of tools that you “really need” to make the kind of money every day that Tim claims you can. In other words, buying into Fast Lane Lifestyle is merely the entry point into a sales funnel full of upsells that probably still won’t get you anywhere near making $1500 a day and beyond on autopilot.

And if his plug and play system was that lucrative, why does he even bother selling it to others for a mere $47? Just doesn’t make any logical sense. And it’s not meant to. The lure of easy money is what he’s banking on, hoping people ignore their natural logic and simply sign up out of need and greed.


Fast Lane Lifestyle Banner


Target Audience

This absolutely, most definitely targets newcomers to making money online. Anyone who’s been in the game knows that this is just a fantasy. Get rich quick and easy cash is a very powerful lure for anyone.


The Pros

  • I can’t really think of anything positive to say about this


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The Cons

  • The money claims are outrageous
  • There is no system you can simply plug into and make that kind of cash instantly
  • Tim is a stock image
  • His testimonials are all fakes
  • This is merely an entry point into a sales funnel of upsells


Tools and Training

You don’t really need any. Just plug in and off you go to making over $10k per week instantly. But yeah, there are other tools on the website you can buy. If you don’t buy them, you just can’t plug into that easy money….Sorry.




How Much Does the Fast Lane Lifestyle Cost?

It starts out at $47, but the more you try to click away without signing up, the more the price drops. It doesn’t do it every time, but I did get it down to $27. Even if you join though, the money won’t stop there. You will be hit with the upsells.


Is the Fast Lane Lifestyle a Scam?

Anything that makes the claims this dude does has got to be a scam. I don’t know of any kind of plug into, automated system that instantly churns out that kind of cash, either on the internet or offline. It simply doesn’t exist. If it did, there’s no way known Tim Fletcher would be telling us about it, let alone selling it to us for only $47 bucks. He’d be asking for thousands at the very least.


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Affiliate marketing is very real, but unfortunately it just doesn’t work as quickly and easily as Fast Lane Lifestyle promises. It takes time to get it going and it takes work. However, having said that, it is definitely worth the effort.

These days I make much of my online income from affiliate marketing. It has led to me enjoying lifestyle freedom, where I have both time and money. I get to work for myself and my income level is growing by the month. Much of that income these days is residual or passive.

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2 thoughts on “What is the “Fast Lane Lifestyle” About? Speedway to Wealth or Ruin?

  1. I had never heard of fast lane lifestyle until I read this review and I now want to stay as far away from it as possible. There is no such thing as 100% fully automated as you have to do some kind of work in order to make any money online. The fact that the owner never truly says how you make money with his system just that it happens is definitely disturbing. Also the fact that they have upsells they want you to purchase is another red flag. Yeah, I’ll definitely steer clear of this one. Thank you so much for posting this.

    • Fast Lane Lifestyle is a catching name, for sure. I guess they strategically chose something like “fast” because people are all hoping to reach their goals super quick. Generally nothing happens that fast, but these people just say what we all want to hear, and they justw ant our money. A lot of red flags with this one, Brian, and those upsells are always off-putting for me. Thanks for stopping by.

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