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I Hate My JobTo many people this can be a dirty little four letter word. We spend a lot of our lives working and earning a living, too much time to hate what we do and drive ourselves crazy every day of the week. That’s like torture. But we all need to earn a living, right? We all have to pay some bills, put food on the table and find ways to entertain ourselves outside of work hours.

Most of us can endure a job we don’t like for a short period of time until we find something better, but to put up with a job you hate year after year could be construed as pure madness.

So, what are the most common signs you hate your job?

Let’s take a look at some.


  1. You curse the alarm clock in the morning and struggle to get out of bed. Before you realise it you’ve hit the snooze button five times and are running late for work, making you infinitely more stressed about the day ahead.
  2. All day Sunday is spent dreading having to go to work on Monday. Before you know it the entire day off has been wasted feeling miserable about work tomorrow. As you sit there watching TV on Sunday evening you constantly check the time and fear having to go to bed soon, because you know when you wake up it’ll be off to work again.
  3. Insomnia sets in late at night. You toss and turn and just can’t relax enough to fall asleep. The more you stress about sleeping the wider awake you are. Troubles at work keep flickering through your mind like a bad movie, torturing you. Finally, in the wee hours of the morning you doze off, only to be rudely awakened by that damn alarm clock. It feels like you’ve slept for only about five minutes and now you have to get up again.
  4. You’ve lost your passion for the work you’re doing and feel like you’re just going through the motions every day. Your arm is getting tired from checking your watch all the time. The battery must be flat. Those hands have barely moved. Surely it’s time to go home by now. Your passion for things outside of work hours is also starting to wane. Your disdain for your job is now affecting everything else in your life as well.
  5. You feel grumpy and moody, both at work and at home. You want to feel good, to enjoy life, and you (and others) keep telling you to do that. But you just don’t feel motivated and fulfilled. This job is draining the life out of you and permanently affecting your mood.
  6. You’re bored. It feels like there is no purpose to your job. Your heart is not in it. Even the money you get paid every week doesn’t feel like it anywhere near compensates for the way the job makes you feel on a day to day basis.
  7. Your boss gets offended when he/she realises you really don’t enjoy working in his/her company or business. Then you really know your dislike for your work is showing through, if you can’t manage to conceal it from the boss.
  8. If you work in some sort of customer service role and it feels like a customer is an intrusion on your time, then your job is really making you feel depressed. Even if it’s a quiet day and you’re bored with not much to do, that customer still feels like an interruption. You don’t mean to be rude, but you probably come across that way.
  9. All your co-workers are annoying. They grate on your nerves. You just feel like you want people to leave you alone and stop bothering you. Even having a morning coffee with them is a struggle.
  10. Your physical health is starting to suffer because of your work stress. The thought of returning to that job the next day literally makes you feel nauseous. You stop eating a healthy, balanced diet. Sometimes you just don’t care whether you eat at all. Being motivated enough to do any exercise is just not an option. You really couldn’t be bothered doing anything because you feel like you have no energy and no desire.
  11. Many people unwind at the end of the working week by going out for a few drinks, but if you find yourself hitting the bottle more and more in a bid to escape the thoughts in your own mind, then that’s a problem. If you start adding drugs into the mix just to distract your mind from your work problems, then you are creating a cocktail for potential disaster.
  12. Whenever you talk to someone you find yourself complaining about your job and your life. You may not want to unload on someone and you probably don’t usually intend to, but the frustration just keeps spewing out of you like an erupting volcano. Your friends start to avoid you because they no longer want to hear about it. It’s time for a change.
  13. You just feel like you’re not in your slot, your groove. It’s not that you feel too good for the job you’re doing, but you just feel it isn’t really suited to you or giving you the opportunity to shine through with the talents you have. You know you have education, knowledge, skills and abilities that would be better served doing something else for a living. You’re frustrated because you don’t feel you’re allowed to be you and reach your full potential.


Be Your Own Boss

Be Your Own BossIf you feel like you drift from job to job and just never feel satisfied that you’re doing what you are meant to be doing, then maybe a mere job is not for you.

Some of us simply don’t like working for the man. We prefer to be our own boss, set our own hours and make our own rules. Not all of us are cut out for business, but not all of us are cut out to be employees forever, either.

If you’ve ever thought of going into business for yourself, then maybe now is the time to get started. Break the job cycle and do something you can really get into, something that will utilise your talents and abilities and something you can be passionate about.

Starting a business on the internet is way easier and cheaper and quicker than opening a physical store or some other operation in the offline world. I do several things online. I write, publish and sell eBooks and I do affiliate marketing. Both of these ventures I am passionate about. They take advantage of the skills I have, I get to work my own hours and I get paid for doing things I love. Sure, there is work involved, I won’t lie about that, but often it doesn’t feel like work. I enjoy what I do and couldn’t imagine my work life being any other way.


Learn An Online Trade

I’d like to help you enjoy the life that I enjoy. You too can fire your boss and live the dream of working for yourself online. I learnt much of what I know by doing the training at Wealthy Affiliate. There is no other training as easy to follow and as comprehensive as the training Wealthy Affiliate offer. Believe me, I’ve spent years online researching ways to make money from the internet and learning as much as I could.

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4 thoughts on “Signs You Hate Your Job

  1. People can really ruin the work experience. Whether it’s your boss or coworkers. It seems that this is where most of the problems are.

    Wealthy Affiliate is definitely a way out if you want to make money online. What’s great is you don’t have to quit your job right away.

    Just learn from this great online academy and slowly apply what you learned. Once you keep earning more and more you will be able to quit before you know it.

    Thanks for the article.

    • Thanks for reading James.

      I can relate to everything in my post as I’ve experienced much of that over the years. I’ve had many different jobs, but never really been in my groove, I don’t think. Being able to work for myself and work online is a true blessing. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  2. Reading through your post here, I think I really should quit my job.

    I’ve been considering what I want to do with my career/life, and I think I should really take a leap to find something better.

    I’m constantly telling the pets to “make good choices”. I just can’t leave my job at work….I worked for a firm for 10 years. After the first 2 years my boss tried to fire me.

    I think I will give it a try on WA and work for my own.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Alex.

      Wealthy Affiliate is certainly worth getting involved in as it really does teach you the right way to set up an online business. There’s nothing worse than being in a job you despise, or a job that really hinders your quality of life. I’ve never liked working for a boss, although I have done many times. These days I work for myself and it’s the best thing I ever did.

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