Is Basic Reset a Scam or Fantastic Business Opportunity?



Is Basic Reset a scam? Do these health and wellness products really work, and is it worth getting involved in the business side of selling Basic Reset as a network marketer?

Let’s dig up some answers…


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Is Basic Reset a ScamCompany Name: Basic Reset

CEO: Fred and Kim Kaufman

Price To Join: Free to be an affiliate

My Rating: 7.5/10



~ Basic Reset Reviews ~


What Is Basic Reset?

Yet another MLM opportunity in the health and wellness category, Basic Reset is the brainchild of Fred and Kim Kaufman, who launched the company only a few years back in 2014. The health industry is always a good one for marketers to get into, because these days there is so much emphasis on living a healthy lifestyle. Most people are into taking vitamins and supplements in one form or another, to improve their health, lose weight, build bigger muscles or whatever. The majority of these new supplement lines seem to prefer promoting and selling via the network marketing/multi level marketing business model.

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Their main product suite features 20 health and wellness products. Some are supplements, while others are for external use, such as facial wash and skin toners. On top of that they even have some branded T-shirts for sale. As with all health products and MLM businesses, the prices are quite high for what they are.

There is nothing too new or innovative here, just more offerings of basically the same stuff everyone else sells.

There is a very interesting back story to their product line, however, and if you go to their website you can read about it.


The Basic Reset Business Opportunity and Compensation Plan

Let’s look at the business side, which is predominantly what this review is about.

The very first thing you will notice when you sign up to be a distributor of Basic Reset is that they have no joining fee. Just about every other MLM opportunity requires distributors/associates to pay a joining fee and pay annually. Not so with Basic Reset. It’s free to get started in that sense. They also don’t insist on any monthly auto-ship of products for distributors, nor require you to purchase stock every month to remain active.

All associates receive their very own replicated website; meaning you get a website that looks exactly the same as the official Basic Reset website, only every purchase made through it logs your unique identifying link so you get credited with the commission. It’s a bit like having an affiliate site.

There are 2 main ways you can earn with Basic Reset:

  1. Retail sales – With these you earn a 35% commission on the retail price.
  2. Commissions earned on people you recruit – You use your replicated site to lure in recruits, and when they join, you earn commissions on any product they may purchase. You also earn smaller commissions from purchasers of recruits up to 10 levels deep, depending on your rank.

The more people you can recruit and the more people they recruit, obviously the more income potential there is without you having to make all the sales yourself.

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Basic Reset Commission Structure


Target Audience

Everyone who loves the MLM or network marketing business model. This will also appeal to affiliates, as it definitely has more of an affiliate feel to it than other MLM deals. MLMs often attract people who are looking to get into some sort of business for themselves for the very first time, without the hassle of having to start an idea completely from scratch. The MLM model is kind of like getting into a franchise. The hard work has already been done for you in many ways.


The Pros

  • It’s a little different to other MLM companies
  • Free to join
  • No minimum monthly spend
  • The owners seem like genuine people
  • Money back guarantee on products


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The Cons

  • Products are expensive, but they are in all areas of health and wellness
  • No real proof that the products can do what they claim, but again this is the same deal as other products in the niche
  • As with all MLM deals, it can be a real grind to get people to join under you. In this case you do get a pretty good website to help with that, and are not totally reliant on hassling everyone in your inner circle


Tools and Training

Your replicated website, along with access to your back office, really gives you all the tools you need. When it comes to training affiliates how best to go about their business, I couldn’t really find out much.


Basic Reset Referral Opportunity


How Much Does The Basic Reset Business Opportunity Cost?

It actually doesn’t cost anything. No joining fee, no monthly minimum product purchase. You’re more of an affiliate marketer who also happens to get commissions up to 10 levels deep when you recruit new affiliates. It’s actually not a bad setup for something related to MLM. How easy it is to sell these products or recruit others into the business, I don’t know.


Is Basic Reset a Scam?

There’s definitely no scam here. In fact, I was kind of pleasantly surprised to see how Basic Reset have designed their business opportunity. I’m not a fan of the MLM model, and when I delved into Basic Reset, I was just expecting more of the same old same old, but it isn’t quite like that. Could be worth a further look if you are into the health and wellness niche.


I Prefer Affiliate Marketing Over MLM

I’ve always preferred the affiliate marketing model. I’ve been involved in MLM in the past and found it a real grind. With affiliate marketing I get to work entirely online, from the comfort of home, and I have a global audience to market to.

While the Basic Reset opportunity definitely has some affiliate marketing aspects to it, without decent training on how best to market it, selling Basic Reset products could prove very difficult.

With the affiliate marketing training I did, you get to learn the basics from the ground up, and can promote and sell in any niche you desire, not just health and wellness.

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