Is Dollars Plug a Scam or the Real Deal? MUST READ!



Is Dollars Plug a scam or legit? Can you really make great money with this online system, or is it just hype and a complete waste of time? I've been asked this question, so I looked into it and wrote a review on what I found out.

Let’s go and see what it's all about….


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Is Dollars Plug a ScamCompany Name: Dollars Plug

Owners: Uncertain

Price To Join: Free

My Rating: 0/10



~ Dollars Plug Review ~



I kept seeing Dollars Plug being promoted on social media, so I felt compelled to look into it and check it out. With the internet having so many dodgy make money schemes and scams, you have to be careful, and that's why I write so many products reviews.

I want to help my readers learn how to make real money online and avoid the scams, so I'm glad to see you here reading my review of Dollars Plug. It means you're far less likely to ever become the victim of a scam because you do your homework first before joining anything.

Let's see how Dollars Plug measures up.


What Is Dollars Plug?

There are actually a few sites very much the same as Dollars Plug, and likely run by the same people. Dollar Tent being one of them. This latest version of the program started up early in 2017, with a fresh name and even bigger promises.

So what exactly is Dollars Plug and what does it do? What do you have to do to make money with it if you were to join?

Basically this mob draws people in by promising easy and quick money without really having to do any work. This appeals to just about all of us, so it’s a very effective drawcard that a lot of rather dodgy schemes use to lure people in. They also state that you can earn $1500 per week just performing a few simple online tasks.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

It would be if it were really that easy.You can make really good money online, but it takes some time and effort. My favourite way is with affiliate marketing. It's not hard to do if you learn how, and the best training I know is with Wealthy Affiliate. It's even free to join and check it out.


How It Works

You get to join for free, and as soon as you do, a cool $25 is added to your account. You are assigned a unique link, and when you click on that link you receive a further $10. So that’s already $35 in the kitty and you’ve barely got going yet.

Seeing those dollar signs in your account increasing all the time gets the excitement going, but is that money even real and will you actually ever see any of it?

Your job then is to share your unique link everywhere all over the web, anywhere you can think of. Places like social media, forums, comments, your own website. When people click on your link to join Dollars Plug, you receive $10 for every click.

Or so they say.

So where does all this money entering your account actually come from if it’s free to join Dollars Plug? Why are the owners going to pay you all this money – possibly up to $6k per month – when there is no tangible money actually coming into the program?

Dollars Plug claim the payoff for them is in the advertising. They get paid by businesses to advertise on their site, and members get paid to bring in traffic to see those ads.

It’s all bullshit!

All Dollars Plug is doing is creating a ruse to collect your personal information, and then they’ll use it against you and spam the hell out of you with emails for other products. Your name and email address will likely end up in the hands of other spammers as well. That’s been the complaint with this mob and its predecessors.

And the biggest complaint of all is that no one EVER GETS PAID!

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Who Is The Target Audience?

This scam is really targeted at the uninitiated, those who are new to making money on the internet and blissfully unaware of all the scams that are out there. The lure is the big, easy money for practically no work.


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The Pros

  • Absolutely nothing


Dollars Plug EarningsThe Cons

  • Dollars Plug is one big con job
  • No one gets paid
  • You will be spammed big time
  • Security of your other online accounts could be at risk
  • You will develop a bad reputation promoting this scam
  • It’s a total waste of time


Tools and Training

Nothing, other than your unique affiliate link, and the fake counter that shows you how much money you’ve apparently made.


How Much Does Dollars Plug Cost?

It’s free to join, which should be a major red flag in itself. A money making program that’s free to join, requires very little effort on your part, yet they are willing to pay you $10 per click on your link.

Yeah, right.


Is Dollars Plug a Scam or Legit?

Total empty scam designed to do nothing more than collect email address and potentially the passwords to your other online accounts and the accounts of everyone who signs on. Stay the hell away from this dodgy program. It might not cost you anything to join, but it could seriously cost you and the people you know in many other ways.

Give it a wide berth.


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2 thoughts on “Is Dollars Plug a Scam or the Real Deal? MUST READ!

  1. Oh what a typical scam if ever I saw one. I saw something very similar a while back but I can’t remember the name. They all just blend into one for me now.
    I can’t believe that people actually fall for this… money comes from somewhere and being paid $10 for every free member that joins up under you is just plain ludicrous. I feel so sorry for the people that actually fall for this.

    • Hi Lynne, I guess the only good thing about Dollars Plug is it’s free to join, so at least people aren’t getting scammed out of their cash to get involved. Basically the platform just exists to collect people’s data and try to sell them other stuff, with the lure for people to join being the sound of easy money, which is all bogus anyway. No one even gets paid.

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