Is Lotto Destroyer System a Scam or Lottery Winner Predictor?



Is Lotto Destroyer System a scam or not? There seems to be a lot of lotto systems and programs out there all claiming they can help you win the lottery, but can Lotto Destroyer live up to its promises, or is it all merely sales hype?

Let’s take a closer look and uncover the truth….


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Is Lotto Destroyer System a Scam

Company Name: Lotto Destroyer System

Owner: Jared Wilson

Price To Join: $147

My Rating: 4/10


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What Is Lotto Destroyer?

Many of us play the lotto at one time or another, and some of us play it regularly. Everyone who does play harbours the dream of getting lucky and winning big. Some people even go so far as to plan out what they will do with their windfall once they receive it. Many of us could use extra “easy” money, and just about all of us would like the chance to be rich.

Lotto Destroyer System is designed to help make that dream a reality, but can it really play a role in helping people win the big one? Or is that just a pipedream?

This platform looks suspiciously similar to one I reviewed just recently called the “Lotto Crusher System”. Possibly they are the same system run by the same person, but I’m not absolutely certain.

Jared claims he is an expert at winning the lottery and what he has created with Lotto Destroyer is a software program that helps to predict the winning numbers in your favourite lottery, no matter what country you live in or are playing in. He says in his sales video that he’s a mathematical genius, and that’s how he’s worked out a system that can help people win big.

I did some research on Jared, but couldn’t dig up any information on this guy. If he’s a genius who has worked out a way to win big, then surely there’d be some mention of him somewhere online. But no, there’s not.


Is Lotto Destroyer System a Scam


How Lotto Destroyer Works

The way the platform works is similar to all the others out there. The program logs the historical draw data of your favourite lottery, then determines which number strings are most likely to come up in the very next draw.

You can play 4 number draws, 5 numbers, 6 numbers or 7 from 7 lottery draws, available in just about any country. All the world’s major lottery draws are included within the software.

Much of this is based on the old law of probability. What is this law? Well, in the case of lotto, the law of probability dictates that every number has an equal chance of being drawn. So, if a number hasn’t appeared for some time, then it is considered overdue to make an appearance.

There is truth to the law of probability, but that doesn’t make it easy to predict every single number to win a lottery jackpot.


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Will This Really Work?

Who really knows, to be honest. It could help you win a jackpot. But then maybe you would have won it anyway even without Lotto Destroyer’s help.

The benefit this would more likely give you is in reducing the odds to win the easier, smaller divisions on a more regular basis. If you can manage this, then possibly your lotto career might prove to be profitable.


Target Audience

Obviously a program like Lotto Destroyer is targeted at people who play the lottery, and most likely regular players. Many of us would like to find a way to get rich quickly, so along with lotto players, the get rich quick crowd is also a target audience with lotto systems.


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What I Like

  • You may improve your chances of winning smaller lottery divisions more regularly
  • The law of probability is real, so if Jared’s system makes use of this law, then there is some degree of merit to his program


What I Don’t Like

  • The sales video has the same voiceover as Lotto Crusher System
  • The price to purchase this software is higher than any others I’ve reviewed to date
  • Even with a system, it’s virtually impossible to predict all winning numbers to pull off a jackpot
  • There is a lot of sales hype in the video that isn’t backed up by anything concrete
  • There is a fake countdown timer designed to get people to hurry up and buy
  • There are testimonials on the website and in the sales video that look to be faked


How Much Does Lotto Destroyer Cost?

The Lotto Destroyer System costs $147, which is about 50% higher than any other lottery software system I’ve reviewed so far.


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Is Lotto Destroyer System a Scam?

I know many would probably quickly label anything that claims to help you make money on lotto as an outright scam, but I’m not one of them. I believe there is some truth in the fact that these software programs that log historical draw data can help marginally. The law of probability is real, so the fact that Lotto Destroyer uses this law lends it some credence.

However, even the law of probability can’t get anywhere near predicting all winning numbers in a single lotto draw, as the odds are just way too high.

I can’t find any data on this program or the guy behind it. There is nothing out there to vouch that this particular lotto system works.


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