What Is “Get Rick Quick”? Is It A Fantasy?


What Is Get Rick Quick - Is It A Fantasy

There is definitely a powerful allure to the concept of getting rich quickly. But what is get rich quick? Is it a fantasy, or is it really possible?

Theoretically it is possible, just highly unlikely. Unfortunately, most things in life take time and hard work before there is a payoff. Sometimes those paydays can be huge, but it’s very rarely a get rich quick scenario.

However, the idea is certainly intoxicating. Let’s take a rather non-serious look at how you can possibly “get rich quick”.


Born Wealthy

This is the easiest way of all and takes absolutely no effort on your part. However, the downside is, it’s not something you can make happen if you weren’t born into a wealthy family. Many people start life off rich this way and continue to live a financially blessed life for the rest of their days, always knowing there is family money to fall back on no matter what happens.

While many might find themselves in this fortunate scenario, for the majority this is not the reality. If you weren’t born into a wealthy family, then the only way this could change is if a rich family adopts you.


Inherit Money

This one is really a bit of a spin off from the point above. Lots of people get a boost in life by inheriting money, or a home, or some other valuable possessions. It’s not always what one would consider true wealth, but it’s something. That being said, there are people in this world who have rich relatives (or even people they worked for) leave them a stack of cash. It would be nice, but there’s little point waiting around for it to happen.


Win the Lottery

This is something I do myself – not actually winning the lottery, but trying to. So do millions upon millions of others on a daily basis worldwide. In many ways, despite the astronomical odds, it is one of the true ways anyone with just a few dollars to spend could possibly get rich quick. Winning first prize in any lottery is virtually a guarantee of riches and unimaginable wealth.

While winning the top prize isn’t very likely, there certainly is no harm in playing regularly – just in case the dream does come true.

How To Work From Home And Make Money Online


Run An Online Scam

This is a popular way for internet scammers and shady operators to make money online. They peddle get rich quick schemes that play on the desires of human nature to make quick wealth. In the end, most of these programs don’t make anyone any money except the person running the scam. For them it is a way to get rich quick, so if you want to run a scam, then I guess it’s an option. Hopefully you won’t be inclined to do so though, and maintain some degree of integrity.


Become A Criminal

Robbing banks, taking over the money train, dealing in drugs or stolen goods – There are numerous ways criminal activity can lead to riches – or a nice cosy jail cell. This line of “work” is really an all or nothing scenario. You could get rich or you could get locked up for a very long time. Risk versus reward. Hmm….I’ll pass on that one.


Get Rich Quick Is Mostly A Fantasy

It really is a fantasy for the most part, unless you inherit the money or win the lottery. However, there are plenty of things people do that eventually lead to wealth or comfortable lifestyles.

The online world presents many opportunities, and these days there are more likely options than ever to get rich from the internet. Even if you don’t strike it rich, an internet business can lead to residual income streams and lifestyle freedom.

One of the things I do online is affiliate marketing (among others). It’s pretty easy to get started and hardly costs anything to try. Multiple millions of people make money online every single day from affiliate marketing, and you’ll find most of the links you see online to buy stuff are affiliate links. It’s the online way of advertising, with companies getting a large sales force behind their products, which leads to sales for the company and commissions for the affiliates.

Read this post for an explanation of affiliate marketing.

I learnt how to get started by joining Wealthy Affiliate. It’s free to check it out (no credit cards required). On Wealthy Affiliate you can learn how to start a successful online business, learn at your own pace, get awesome advice from the other members and just mix and mingle with other like-minded entrepreneurs.


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4 thoughts on “What Is “Get Rick Quick”? Is It A Fantasy?

  1. Hey Darren,
    If only I was born rich! Wouldn’t have to spend a quarter of my life achieving the rich status. I could with all that I need and hire the best success tutors.

    I too am doing Affiliate Marketing but I started out late though. I wish I would have started out way earlier, you should definitely write a post on motivation. I’ll be the first to read. Loving the article, subscribed!

  2. Hi Darren, thank you for this informative post. I enjoyed reading it and you kept me reading by clicking your links to learn about affiliate marketing and online scams.

    The ways you mention are really in the fantasy sphere, I wish I inherited some money though! Winning the lottery is certainly more appealing than becoming a criminal, but I believe that without the correct mindset and knowledge about money management, a winner could burn it really quickly and return to their previous state.

    For me, “getting wealthy and rich” means above all having freedom of choices. Not necessarily to buy materialistic things, but freedom to travel and work on things I value, freedom to use my time however I want! And I’m willing to put in the hard work in order to get there, no succumbing to “get rich quick” schemes (=scams).

    My focus is on passive income, and I have read about methods like doing an online course or writing e-books. I joined Wealthy Affiliate since I didn’t hear any warning bells ringing! They let you try out everything for free, and it really has the feel of an “Internet Marketing university”. Do you think that affiliate marketing has the same potential as it did some years ago?

    • Hi Nicky,

      Glad you enjoyed the post. I wish getting rich quickly wasn’t a fantasy, but for the most part it is. And you’re right, many people who win the lotto soon end up broke again through poor spending and mis-management of money. I like the idea of freedom too. That’s what life is really about; having the freedom of choice, of enjoying both time and money.

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