Is Massive Online Paydays a Scam Or Not? Is Link Posting Even a Real Job?



Is Massive Online Paydays a scam or not? It sure sounds like one to me? They claim you’ll be making close to $400 a day for just 1 hour of work. Is that for real or a total load of BS?

Let’s take a closer look and uncover the truth…



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Is Massive Online Paydays a ScamCompany Name: Massive Online Paydays

Owner: Tonya Martin

Price To Join: $97 + Many Upsells

My Rating: 0/10



~ Massive Online Paydays Review ~


What Is Massive Online Paydays and How Does It Work?

Everywhere I look these days I seem to see one of these websites or their advertising pop up somewhere. These sites are growing and multiplying like some sort of internet parasite. Might be a new term to go along with the word “virus”.

You see, Massive Online Paydays is just another website spouting BS about some fake online job at home scheme that’s not even real. These websites are everywhere and every few days a new one appears. I’ve already reviewed quite a few of them, but there are so many out there. These scammers are merely playing the numbers game, where they figure if they create enough of these bogus websites and spread enough false advertising around, they’ll make a financial killing because somebody, somewhere, is bound to hop on board the fake gravy train they so tantalisingly promise.

Below is just the last 4 of these types of websites I’ve recently reviewed, and they all offer the exact same thing:

  1. Auto Home Profits
  2. Extreme Home Paycheck
  3. Paydays At Home
  4. Complete Profit Code

I must have reviewed 15 or 20 of them so far, and that’s just scratching the surface of the number of sites these scheming internet scammers have out there. I don’t know where these people are located. It’s very hard to dig up any real information on them. They run a very slick and anonymous operation. Even the law hasn’t been able to catch up with them yet, as these people really know how to hide any trace of themselves somehow.

This is the fake work at home job they offer. Get paid to post product links for big companies all over the internet in a random fashion and get paid $15 every time you do so. Allegedly Massive Online Paydays pay you for link posting because you are driving so much traffic back to their website. And that’s where the big corporations allegedly advertise and pay huge money to Massive Online Profits for the privilege.

It’s all a load of absolute garbage! All of it!

You won’t make $379 a day for an hour’s work doing link posting. It’s a scam. Massive Online Paydays won’t pay you a single cent. All they want to do is get you into a sales funnel and constantly squeeze more money out of you with the promise of big bucks to be made in the near future if you spend more money on their BS products.

This is fast becoming a well-known scam, but every day there will be new people online who are not aware of it and will get ensnared in the lure of big and easy cash.

They want to get their dirty little hands on your personal details so they can spam your email with upsells and get their telemarketers to call your phone incessantly. They will also sell your details to other marketing companies so you can cop an even bigger barrage of upsells and offers from all manner of places and countries.

They just want to milk you for every cent they can squeeze out of you and nothing more than that. There is no online job. It’s a ruse.


Is Massive Online Paydays a Scam


Target Audience

People who have never made any money online, nor done any real research, likely wouldn’t immediately recognise this mob for the scammers they are. Therefore, it’s these people that websites like Massive Online Paydays target their marketing. People with experience will do their research on anything that sounds too good to be true and quickly realise the job offer is a scam.


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What I Like

  • I don’t like anything about Massive Online Paydays other than the title itself


What I Don’t Like

  • Your details will be sold to other marketing companies
  • Massive Online Paydays will hound you with very expensive upsells by phone and by email
  • They are a ring of international internet scammers
  • This mob seems to be growing bigger by the day
  • The job of link posting is fake
  • You will lose your sign on fee and never get a refund
  • You will never make a red cent by joining this platform
  • All their advertising is false
  • They use actors rather than genuine participants or the owners in the videos
  • Freelancers are hired to write their BS sales copy and also to write their “full of praise for the platform” fake testimonials
  • They also play the scarcity, “get in now or you’ll miss out” line
  • The news channel endorsements are not real
  • Tonya Martin is an alias – not a real person
  • This list could just keep going on virtually forever


Fake News Banner


How Much Does Massive Online Paydays Really Cost You?

It’s very difficult to put an exact figure on that, as it depends on what you end up buying from them over time, but one thing we do know for sure is that they charge a $97 joining fee that you’ll never see again, regardless of how many times you might ask them to honour their so-called money back guarantee. If you buy their upsells so you can make the promised money they claim you can (and you never will make that money with their fake job), you will likely spend thousands of dollars before you realise you’ve been had. On top of that is all the other marketers that will be emailing you and calling you up after they purchase your details. Worst case scenario, you could end up suffering identity theft.


Is Massive Online Paydays a Scam?

This is the scam of all scams because of the proliferation of it. These scammers seem to be permeating every corner of the internet world with their ongoing scam. If you are thinking of joining Massive Online Paydays, then don’t do it. If you have seen the similar sites, or you come across one, don’t join it. And warn all your friends and social media contacts to steer clear of these scammers.


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Years ago I was heavily into writing and publishing eBooks on Amazon’s Kindle platform and other online retail outlets. It was the same scenario with eBooks. I made money on autopilot, but obviously I had to put a lot of work in first before that reality could unfold.

Everything worthwhile will take effort. There is no magical online get rich quick scheme, so stop looking for one and save your sanity and your money.

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2 thoughts on “Is Massive Online Paydays a Scam Or Not? Is Link Posting Even a Real Job?

  1. This was interesting to read because I have seen some of these people posting random comments on social media, trying to get other people to click a link and sign up to make money for easy link posting work. “Post links like this, and you can make big money” kind of things…but it is so spammy that I never imagined people actually click the links.

    Thanks for looking out for those of us just trying to find real ways to make money online!

    • Massive Online Paydays is just one of many scam websites brought out by the same scammers, all promoting the same dodgy link posting scam. So far I’ve reviewed at least 20 or more of these sites and they’re all the same except for the name. Fortunately their are legit platforms out there, but they tend to get buried under a pile of make money scams that try to trick people into handing over their cash by telling them what they want to hear.

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