Is MoneyCroc a Scam or FREE Money To Be Had For All?



Is MoneyCroc a scam or the real deal? Can you really get paid all this free money, or is it just a croc of BS? Many people have been asking questions about this, so I looked into it and wrote my review.

Let’s now take a closer look at MoneyCroc…


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Is MoneyCroc a ScamCompany Name: MoneyCroc

Owners: Unknown

Price To Join: Free to Join

My Rating: 3/10




~ MoneyCroc Review ~



The internet is loaded with various platforms that claim you can make easy, quick money online. They are everywhere these days. Some are okay while others are a complete waste of time.

I saw a lot of online chatter about MoneyCroc, especially on social media, so I really wanted to look into it and write a review on what I found out.

It's really good to see you here reading my MoneyCroc review, as it shows you do your homework before joining anything. That's wise, because you are far less likely to ever fall victim to a scam that way. It's the very reason why I write so many product reviews.

My Many Income Streams website is all designed to help people legitimately make decent money online while also avoiding the dodgy deals and make money scams along the way.

Let's see if MoneyCroc is any good or one to avoid.


What Is MoneyCroc?

MoneyCroc is really about drawing in people to their website to look at ads. They do this with the promise of free money giveaways by playing some simple games. Advertisers pay MoneyCroc for ad space, and MoneyCroc claims it returns 50% of those advertising dollars in prize money. Whether they really do this or not is anyone’s guess, as we have no way of knowing how much money this platform actually gets paid by advertisers.

Advertising “free money” is a huge drawcard, and it’s a great concept to get traffic to their website. If their site is busy enough, advertisers will be attracted to it, and the more traffic MoneyCroc generates, the more money it can charge those advertisers.

That's the story anyway.

In my personal experience there are far better ways to try and make money on the internet. Affiliate marketing is my favourite. Just check out the free training over at Wealthy Affiliate to get you started.


How Does MoneyCroc Work?

So how do you and I make this free money on the MoneyCroc system?

They claim you can make $50 for 3 seconds of your time by simply clicking and matching an image on their homepage. Does a matching image even exist in the system, that is the question? Perhaps it takes a million clicks before the matching image shows up. Who knows? I guess it doesn’t hurt to try, as it costs nothing to give it a go.

There are limits, though. Users can only try a maximum of 50 times during a 24 hour period. There are also options to play for lower amounts such as $10 and $5, with these having a much greater chance of winning than the $50 game.

If you are lucky enough to have a win, MoneyCroc payout prize money through Amazon eGift Cards.

The website also hosts a bunch of free (no prize) games you can simply play for fun. There are many different categories of games, and if you have some time to kill, I’m sure you will be entertained.

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MoneyCroc Free Money Game


Who Is The Target Audience?

Anyone who wants to try and win some free cash. People who don’t mind viewing web pages chock full of advertising. Really this site is aimed at everyone. If you want to win cash regularly, try this lotto program.


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The Pros

  • Free money
  • A bit of light fun
  • Pay out in Amazon eGift Cards


The Cons

  • Who knows what the odds of winning are
  • Loads of ads
  • Does anyone ever win?
  • Can be a lot of wasted time
  • There are a few rather dodgy advertisers on MoneyCroc


Tools and Training

Nothing really, other than the games. There’s nothing to it when trying to win the money. Simply click the button and pray for a match.


How Much Does MoneyCroc Cost?

It costs nothing. Totally free to chance your hand at winning $5, $10 or $50.


Is MoneyCroc a Scam?

So long as people do win occasionally, then there’s no scam, and so long as they honour those wins and pay out in the form of Amazon eGift Cards like they state. There are some winner’s testimonials on the site, but who knows if those are real or fake.

If you do feel tempted to click on one of the ads, just be aware that there are some rather dodgy advertisers on there, so be careful. Not all of them are dodgy, but I have recognised a few scams amongst them.

I just tried about 15 clicks at different prize money amounts, but no cigar. It’s a bit of light fun, I guess, just don’t waste too much of your precious time on it.


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