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Is My Cash Flow Secret a scam or an easy way to make awesome weekly cash on a consistent basis? Trevor Harris really talks up his program, but does it do what he promises, or is it nothing but a con job?

Let’s take a look and find out the truth…



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Is My Cash Flow Secret a ScamCompany Name: My Cash Flow Secret

Owner: Trevor Harris

Price To Join: Free To Get Started

My Rating: 0/10



~ My Cash Flow Secret Review ~



Did you receive an email about My Cash Flow Secret? Or saw something about it on social media? Like most people, you’re probably wondering whether this make money online (MMO) program is legit or a scam, and that’s why you’re here reading my review.

It’s always wise to do some research before joining any MMO platform as there are so many scams going around, as well as schemes that simply just aren’t worth your time. I try to make scams and dodgy deals known on my website so people can avoid them. There’s also a lot of good stuff out there as well, so I’ll always highlight positive platforms when I come across them.


What Is My Cash Flow Secret?

This is a training program created by serial entrepreneur, Trevor Harris, who has been involved in a few similar schemes in recent times. He claims his platform teaches people how they can be making well over a thousand dollars a week just by processing worksheets online.

His breakdown of the cash to be earned goes like this:

  1. Part-time = $537.25
  2. Fulltime = $1795.50

Apparently the worksheets you are filling out for people is unclaimed government money that is allegedly owed to these people, but they don’t know about it. So what happens when you join Trevor’s training is you’ll be hooked up a with a company that specialises in recovering these funds, and you’ll be doing the processing for said company.

This puts money in your pocket and gets money back for the people you are representing.

That’s the theory of Trevor’s My Cash Flow Secret anyway, but is all this really true?


Is My Cash Flow Secret a Scam


Why Is It Free?

Trevor Harris wants to share his secret with us because he’s trying to win a contest (or so he says on the website pitch). If he wins, he can go for a trip anywhere in the world, all expenses paid, and even gets $5000 in spending money. Somehow us joining his training platform will help him win that contest, so he’s offering the training and opportunity for free.

While claiming to make over $1700 a week himself from his system, Trevor says it’s no get rich quick scheme because you do actually have to do some work filling in spread sheets and the like.

He does make it all sound very believable and above board, but it’s actually a total con job.

You’ll also discover that this is not really free at all.


How It Really Works

You are allegedly helping people in both the United States and Canada find and claim unclaimed government funds. You do this by accessing two national databases:

  1. NAUPA for the US
  2. Bank of Canada

You search for people who have unclaimed balances of over $100 minimum. When you find some people, the “company” you are doing the work for will provide you with the necessary worksheets. You then fill them out with the information and post them back to the company (Akkers Global, LLC).

However, here’s the catch. For every completed worksheet you send back to Akkers Global, you need to pay a $5 shipping and handling fee.

Now this could sound legit, but what is the shipping and handling fee for and why should you be the one paying for it on behalf of the company you are supposedly working for?

Also, Trevor then goes on to say that you should pay the fee in the form of cash or money order, which sounds dodgy as well. He also encourages people to send in multiple completed worksheets with bigger sums of cash to cover the shipping/handling costs mentioned, which will also save you on postage.

Once you’ve done this, apparently a check will soon be in the mail with your name on it.

Akkers Global allegedly get a finder’s fee of 30% of the unclaimed amount, and the worksheet workers get 75% of Akkers’ cut. Pretty generous, but it’s all fake anyway.


No One Gets Paid!

This is all a total scam, a complete con job.

No one ever gets the check in the mail. No one ever gets paid a single cent for the work they do. All that happens is Trevor Harris takes your $5 for every bogus worksheet you fill in and keeps it for himself.

That’s the scam.

Now, $5 might not sound like much, but if Trevor had 100 people at a time doing this and each of them filled out 10 worksheets and sent him $50, that’s a cool $5000 cash just there. If he could get 1000 people at a time doing this and filling out 10 forms each, then he’s making an easy $50k!

Akkers Global is dodgy as hell, there is no Federal Account Recovery place that they allegedly deal with, and the very reason why Trevor insists you send money orders or cash is because they leave no real paper trail.

Just look at some of the screenshots below of the many people complaining about this scam. And this is just a small section of negative reviews and complaints about this scam.


My Cash Flow Secret Reviews 1My Cash Flow Secret Reviews 2


Target Audience

This is targeting people who are looking for some sort of simple online job that they can likely do in their spare time and make some extra cash. Trevor would be aiming his scam at people who are unaware that online scams like this even exist. He’s a blood sucking leech.


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What I Like

  • I don’t like a single thing about this total con job


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • Trevor Harris has been involved in a few internet scams in the past
  • The advertised “job” is total fiction and doesn’t really exist
  • The website is loaded up with fake testimonials from “happy” workers
  • This Federal Account Recovery place doesn’t exist
  • Trevor insists on cash or money order so he can easily just steal your money
  • No one gets paid for the work they do
  • Trevor is the only one making any money from this
  • Why does a US-based company want to help people recover money from Canada?
  • Why would the worker even have to pay a $5 shipping and handling fee in the first place if it was legit?
  • The addresses on the envelopes they give you are fake


How Much Does My Cash Flow Secret Cost?

Well, technically it’s free to join up with Trevor’s My Cash Flow Secret and learn what to do, but after that you’ll be paying out $5 for every single completed fake worksheet you send in to the guy. It might not sound like much, but it’ll quickly add up to a tidy sum for Trevor.

What’s even more valuable is the actual time you’ll waste on this scam, doing this fictional work. That’s precious time you can never get back.


Akkers Global Address


Is My Cash Flow Secret a Scam?

Man, this is one of the most blatant scams I’ve seen to date. Yes, Trevor isn’t asking for large sums of money, which probably helps him fly under the radar for longer and suck more people in, but it is definitely an absolute scam.

Don’t waste your time with this, don’t send this guy any of your money. In fact, don’t even let this con artist have your email address. Who knows what he’d do with that even. Sell it to some other con man, maybe?

My Cash Flow Secret is nothing but a fantasy system designed to steal both your time and your money.


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