Is MyFlexJob a Scam? Internet Career or Fake Job Offer?



Is MyFlexJob a scam? This company claims to have some work at home job opportunities, but are these jobs even real? That is the question.

Let’s take a look and see what it’s all about….


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Is MyFlexJob a ScamCompany Name: MyFlexJob

Owners: MyFlexJob

Price To Join: You pay for upsells

My Rating: 1/10



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What Is MyFlexJob and How Does It Work?

Now while this platform doesn’t make any outrageous claims when it comes to the amount of money they say you can earn, there are quite a few things about MyFlexJob that are dubious to say the least.

They advertise themselves as a portal for work from home job opportunities such as:

  • Processing worksheets
  • Data entry
  • And similar stuff…

In the official sales pitch video we are introduced to Sandy Suave. Love the name. She says she’s been making a fulltime living online with jobs provided for her by MyFlexJob. Some of the earnings claimed are around the $25 per hour mark, but this fluctuates.

After the sales pitch you are asked to input your name and email, then you are taken through to another page where Sandy explains in a second video what the actual job offers are.

Here is what’s not required of you to participate:

  • No out of pocket expenses
  • No direct selling
  • No upsells
  • No cross sells

The premise behind the MyFlexJob platform is to have its members validate the people who have signed up for trial offers with big companies such as Netflix, Groupon and the like.

You have to make certain all the people who want the trial meet the necessary criteria. You put all the information into a worksheet for your employer – MyFlexJob. And by the way, your job title is “Trial Offer Processor”. Sounds very official, doesn’t it?

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What’s Really Going On At MyFlexJob?

Okay, well apparently in order to do this very important job you will need to actually spend some money first. No, not get paid, but spend some money.

They insist that you purchase a software package called MyPCBackUp, which is used to safeguard all the sensitive information you are working with on a daily basis in your career as a Trial Offer Processor. For a 3 month subscription to this service, it will set you back $25.

So, no money made so far, just spending $25 at the outset. I guess Sandy lied in the video when she said there would be no out of pocket expenses. Naughty Sandy. Please be honest with us from now on.

But wait. There is a chance to get that $25 in cash back. Once you’re a fully certified Trial Offer Processor with MyFlexJob.

Great, so now you’re certified. Can you get your money back now?

No, sorry. You have to earn some money first, because the minimum payout figure in the MyFlexJob awesome work at home career is set at $50. You’ve got $25 towards that total now, but to get your hands on your money, you have to first earn another $25 through your Trial Offer Processing job.

Like paid survey and rewards sites, you don’t actually earn in monetary value, but rewards points. 100 rewards points is equivalent in value to $1. Once you’ve earned 2500 rewards points through diligent work, then you will have accumulated the required $50 for a cash out.

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MyFlexJob Banner


Here’s Something Really Interesting

In the videos you were told your position as a Trial Offer Processor would be to validate the information of people who had signed up for trial offers with various companies and retailers. Well, it turns out that YOU are the one who is actually going to be signing up for these trial offers.

For every trial offer you complete you will be awarded 100 rewards points (or $1). So once you complete 25 trial offers, you will be able to cash out your massive 50 bucks.

This essentially means that your career as a Trial Offer Processor requires you to be validating and processing yourself.

What’s wrong with this scenario?

Well, for starters, some of these free trials require you to pay for postage and handling. Some trial offers want your credit card details on file, and after the trial period is up (often 30 days), they’ll start billing your card for the product or service unless you remember to cancel the offer.

What’s in it for MyFlexJob to have its “employees” do this?

They no doubt draw a commission for every single person they get to sign up for a trial.

This is nothing but a way to funnel people into their affiliate promotions and for MyFlexJob to make a killing on commissions. There is no online job here, just a way to earn small rewards while making bigger affiliate commissions for the people who run MyFlexJob.


Target Audience

I guess the target market would be people who don’t know too much about making money online, or these “work from home jobs”. There are real gigs out there, but this isn’t one of them. MyFlexJob is a total farce with hardly any money to be made and probably lots to be spent on trial offers and the BS software they make you purchase.


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What I Like

  • It’s free to join (apart from the software)
  • You can earn some tiny rewards (if you’re careful about it all)


What I Don’t Like

  • There is no real job on offer
  • The Trial Offer Processor career is a farce and a joke
  • You have to purchase a subscription to MyPCBackUp to do this
  • The photo of the MyFlexJob headquarters is a stock photo of another building
  • The videos are full of actors and the testimonials are fake
  • There’s no way in hell you’ll be making $25 an hour from this
  • Likely you’ll forget some of the trial offers you signed up for and see your credit card getting hammered
  • The only trial offers you’re processing are for yourself
  • The software is irrelevant to the supposed job you will be performing
  • there are numerous complaints about this platform


MyFlexJob Complaints


How Much Does MyFlexJob Cost?

It’s technically free to join, except for the mandatory software purchase, which will set you back $25 for 3 month’s use. Remember to check out the fine print on those trial offers and keep some sort of ledger so you don’t get any nasty credit card surprises. If you do this at all it’s supposed to be so you can MAKE some money, not just spend it on crap you don’t really want.


Is MyFlexJob a Scam?

The underhanded way MyFlexJob has gone about advertising this gig as a real online job makes me want to label the whole thing a scam. I’ve seen similar systems, where the creator sets up some sort of basic platform with the premise of being able to make small amounts of cash, but at the same time funnelling members into their more lucrative affiliate promotions.

To me it’s a very unethical way of doing affiliate marketing and gives people like myself a poor reputation, simply because I’m involved in affiliate marketing myself.

If I were you I wouldn’t bother joining MyFlexJob. It’s a complete waste of time. There is no job.


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2 thoughts on “Is MyFlexJob a Scam? Internet Career or Fake Job Offer?

  1. Just another one out there taking advantage of people.
    I agree, shame on you Sandy!
    They have been doing some pretty heavy marketing as well. I think everyone has heard of this one.
    This concerns me in two ways…..
    1. They think we’re all stupid
    2. That there are people living in such desperation as to try all these scams
    Moving on……

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