Is Primerica a Scam Business Opportunity or Worth Joining?



Is Primerica a scam or the real deal for insurance and financial services? Is the business opportunity associated with Primerica worth getting into, or just another run of the mill MLM scheme?

Pay close attention and read on…


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Is Primerica a ScamCompany Name: Primerica

CEO: Glenn Williams

Price To Join: $99 + $25/Month

My Rating: 4/10



~ The Primerica Review ~


Primerica Life Insurance Scam – Is That the Truth?

Primerica has actually been around for a long time, since 1977 in fact. So, if it is indeed a scam, as many people across the internet seem to adhere to, then they have been getting away with their scam for 40 years now. All those involved must be pretty clever to achieve that.

Let’s take a look at exactly what Primerica is, shall we.

Primerica was established as a financial services organisation, providing services such as life insurance. They target the middle class of America and also provide financial planning services. Their range of services includes:

  • Financial Needs Analysis
  • Investments
  • Auto & Home Insurance
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Primerica Debt Watchers
  • Pre-Paid Legal Services


How Does the Primerica Business Opportunity Work?

If you want to make money with Primerica you will be promoting two things:

  1. Their financial services range
  2. The Primerica business opportunity

This is typical MLM, with earnings made on direct sales, commissions earned through your down line, plus the usual array of performance bonuses. When you sign on to the business side you become an independent sales representative. As with many MLM schemes, the focus is more on recruiting others into the system and selling them products, rather than just direct sales to the general public.

Why do so many MLMs do this?

Because when you’re involved in the business side of things and commissions and bonuses are at stake, it’s easier to lock people into a deal where they are forced, basically, to purchase a certain amount of product per month to remain eligible for the commissions and bonuses. When  you just sell direct to the public, what incentive is there for them to keep paying you month after month, year after year? Not much.

MLM isn’t just about getting people to sell products and earn commissions. It’s actually a very smart business model that really locks people into the deal and makes them spend money on your products. In reality, all any MLM has to do is recruit members and sales take care of themselves.

I don’t really like MLM for this reason, as it’s almost a form of extortion in a way. But anyway, I digress.

The Primerica 11 level upline system will give you kickbacks from your down line. The bigger the direct down line you can create, the more money you are likely to make, so long as your recruits are motivated and active.

Generally people are recruited through the traditional multi level marketing/network marketing manner by enticing people to attend meetings and conferences with the promise of an exciting business opportunity to be discovered.

Primerica also use the usual hype to lure people in, things like:

There’s nothing wrong with any of these and they are all genuine reasons to get a business going, but that’s a tough ask when trying to peddle products with the MLM model, a really tough ask.

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By nature MLM is based on the pyramid structure, although all MLM companies will deny they are essentially a pyramid structure. Those at the top make most of the money, while the majority are left languishing down the base, doing all the hard yards and making mere pennies. It works very similar to government and multi-national corporations. It’s the way of the world, and it’s reflected, in a huge way, in the MLM way of doing business.

With other forms of business you are rewarded for performance and sales. With MLM you get rewarded based on how many people you can conscript into the system.

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Primerica Associates


Target Audience

All MLMs target people who are looking to get into business for the very first time without all the brainstorming, hassle and organisation required to get a business started from scratch. In a way, Primerica and others like it, target people with the get rich quick mentality, as essentially that’s how they often sell the dream. In reality, though, it’s a very slow road to wealth following a multi level marketing model on the path to riches.


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The Pros

  • You actually have to pay to undergo a background check and obtain a sales license to be allowed to sell for Primerica (is that good or bad? You decide)
  • Everyone needs life insurance and financial advice from time to time, so having it available at discount rates by being a Primerica member has to be a good thing
  • The company has existed in one form or over for 4 decades
  • Commissions are up to 25%


The Cons

  • MLM is a very hard business model to make money with
  • Primerica is more interested in recruiting more sellers than it is in selling its products
  • Primerica associates make less money than a kid working at McDonald’s
  • Highly unrealistic income claims
  • Only 3% of Primerica reps make a liveable income


Tools and Training

You receive marketing materials in order to explain and promote the business as well as the financial services. There is also training materials available in the member’s area of their website. Along with this there are some good videos that explain how everything works. These are a useful resource for both you and your recruits should you decide to join.


Primerica Logo


How Much Does the Primerica Business Opportunity Cost?

To get involved it costs $99 to join, then $25 per month. Part of this fee is for your seller’s license and also for the background check. They also encourage sellers to spend more and take out life insurance themselves.


Is Primerica a Scam?

All MLMs have some dodgy elements about them in my opinion. Primerica is not a scam, and their financial products are not bad, but from a business opportunity perspective, there are much better and far more profitable ways to expend your time and energy than following a multi level marketing system to earn an income.


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2 thoughts on “Is Primerica a Scam Business Opportunity or Worth Joining?

  1. Interesting when I ran across this! All of that looks so familiar! I did Primerica and now I’m not! All of this is right. It is a MLM and I did start to make a few bucks but all the efforts you have to put into it is so not worth it. The idea is great but realistically it is much ado for beginners. I had to deliver bad news to my own mom. She was denied coverage and that hurt me. I will never involve myself in something like this again. The person I was under kept trying to encourage me to continue the business while I’m thinking about how you are the reason I just hurt my mom emotionally since they make you feel like you have to have their insurance. Its soooo great! Then, you deny my mom wants she’s considered it and really wants it! Many words I could say here but you get the picture…

    • Sorry to hear about your mom and how she ended up getting hurt in all this. A lot of MLM businesses are really not worth it, not matter what the actual products are. The entire system is designed from an angle of greed on the campany’s part. That’s why they choose MLM. It’s all a rort in a number of ways. Yet, MLM seems to always be populat among the masses.

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