Is PTR VIP Club a Scam? Yes It Is In My Opinion!



Is PTR VIP Club a scam? The company claims we can make $100 just for reading an email, but is this really the truth? It sounds way too good to be true to me.

Read on to discover the truth about PTR VIP Club…


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Is PTR VIP Club a ScamCompany Name: PTR VIP Club


Price To Join: Free

My Rating: 0/10



~ PTR VIP Club Review ~


What Is PTR VIP Club?

PTR stands for “paid to read”, and in the case of PTR VIP Club, members get paid money to read advertiser’s emails. The company claims you can earn as much as $100 simply by reading one email, but is that really the case?

Sounds like a dream gig if it is. I’ll read emails for hours on end if that’s the truth.

It’s a hell of a claim to make, so let’s see if this place can really live up to that promise. Statements like that just raise red flags for me. It sounds like a typical convoluted claim often made by scams.

In my research many people online have been really suspicious about the validity of PTR VIP Club, and it’s for reasons like that why I write product reviews; to see if a platform is a scam, legit, or worth getting involved with.

There are genuine websites that do pay people to read emails, watch ads and so on, so just the fact that they pay people to read emails doesn’t make it a scam, it’s more the fact of how much they say they will pay you.

Another amazing claim made by this website is that they say they will pay you double – $200 per email – if you upgrade to a paid membership instead of the standard free one.

While you can make some money on sites like this one that are legit, the payoff is very small compared to the amount of time you spend on these sites trying to earn. You can make loads more cash doing affiliate marketing. Just take a look at the training over at Wealthy Affiliate. It's FREE to join up!




How It Works

This is global, so anyone from anywhere in the world can join. Simply create a free account and fill out your profile information, which only takes a few minutes.

After that you can start earning $100 for every single paid email you read, or $200 with the paid membership.

You even get a free $100 just for joining!


Sites like this usually only pay absolute peanuts for mundane tasks like reading emails and clicking on ads, usually only cents at best. I’ve never heard of any site legitimately paying people this kind of cash, and what advertisers would bother paying PTR VIP Club even more money than that just to get random people to read their emails or newsletters?


What Is the Payment Threshold?

I love this part.

As a free member, your account needs to reach a minimum of $20,000 before you can request a cash withdrawal. In order to get your money once you’ve made your $20k, you withdraw it to your PTR VIP Club Debit Card. What do you do with this card? Use it at your bank’s teller machine?

If you upgrade to a paid membership, you can withdraw your money at any time and don’t have to wait until you reach twenty grand.

My guess is the figure for payout for free members is set so high because they never expect you to reach it. And if you do, I bet you never get paid.

Copy the way I make $1000s a month in passive income!


What’s Likely Going On Here

This is all too good to be true. The real goal here is to get people to pay for an upgraded membership, with the promise of double everything. They even include a referral program for premium members, where you earn $100 for each new active member you refer who also upgrades their membership.

They want all your personal information when you sign up, and if you upgrade to premium, they will then have your credit card details on file.

Who knows what a dodgy place like this will do with your information? Likely they will sell your details to other marketing companies. There has to be some sort of angle here, because the platform they promote is totally bogus. There is no money to be earned on PTR VIP Club reading emails. That’s just a ruse, like many other sites that also sell your details.


Target Audience

This is really targeting people who really don’t know that no one is going to pay people $100 just to read an email. It’s aimed at people who want to make quick and easy cash, but it’s all a fantasy.


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What I Like

  • There is nothing that I like about this site or the BS they’re peddling


What I Don’t Like

  • The whole concept screams SCAM!
  • They don’t pay anyone to read emails, let alone $100 or $200
  • The payout figure of $20,000 is absolutely unheard of
  • Likely they just want your credit card details and sign up information to sell to other marketers or possibly scammers
  • I have no idea what their special debit card is about, or whether it’s even a legit card that would even work to withdraw money


How Much Does PTR VIP Club Cost?

Initial membership is free, but they throw a lot of incentives at you to try and entice you to pay for an upgraded membership. I’m not sure what it costs to upgrade, and I wasn’t prepared to relinquish my details to sign up for a membership to find out.


PTR VIP Club Complaints


Is PTR VIP Club a Scam?

This platform has to be a scam, and the general consensus around the internet is that it is a scam and no one ever gets paid. The claims of receiving $100 per read email are just totally ridiculous and should be enough to set everyone’s alarm bells ringing.

Don’t fall for this con job. It’s all totally bogus and risky to hand over any of your personal details, let alone your credit card details.

Give it a miss.


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