Is Reviewstream a Scam? Can You Really Earn Money Writing Reviews?



Is Reviewstream a scam? That’s a question many have been asking about this online review site. People can get paid to post reviews about all sorts of things, but is it worth the time and bother?

Let’s take a closer look and find out…


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Is Reviewstream a ScamCompany Name: Reviewstream


Price To Join: Free

My Rating: 6/10



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What Is Reviewstream?

Reviews are a popular source of checking out the validity of various products and services available both online and in offline stores. Just look at the weight something like Amazon reviews carry with purchasers. It can be the difference between someone making a purchase or not.

Reviewstream is fairly old in internet terms, having been around since way back in 2005. It actually doesn’t look like the site has even seen an upgrade or update since its inception, as it’s a very basic and kind of cluttered looking website.

With a site like Reviewstream, the website pays its members small rewards whenever they leave a review for something they own or have used, seen, heard and so on.  It’s all pretty simple.

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How It Works

Reviewstream is totally free to join.

Unlike some other sites that send members product samples to test out, Reviewstream doesn’t work this way. It’s really just a platform where anyone and everyone can go and write a review on just about anything at all. You choose what you want to post a review on, either positive or negative.

Just about every category of product or service you can think of is available for written reviews on Reviewstream. You could write a review on a new car you just bought, or comment on the quality of your current website hosting service.

When you write a review, it needs to be a minimum of 250 words, and you get to give the product/service a rating out of 10. This isn’t so much about explaining how to use a certain product. These are more opinion-based reviews about your experience with the product and whether you recommend it or not to other buyers.

When you submit a review it’s not instantly live on the site. It has to pass through a submissions and approval process to avoid spam. The processing time is roughly 3 days before a decision is made.


Reviewstream Page


Making Money With Reviewstream

Unless you have written thousands of reviews for the Reviewstream website, you are not going to make much money. A bit of pocket change at best for most people.

Good reviews are singled out and paid separately, whereas more standard reviews fall into the “bulk” category, where you earn a smaller percentage from a group of reviews. In fact, it’s only one fifth of what a singular review earns.

A good singular review can pay up to $2.50, while a bulk review is only 50 cents. For every vote your review gets, Reviewstream will credit your account with 10 cents. You can earn a further 10 cents by replying or commenting on other reviews.

Reviewstream pays its members real cash through PayPal. Your account needs to reach a minimum threshold, which seems to vary. You also need to have written 10 approved reviews before you are eligible for a payout.


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The Reviewstream Referral Program

Reviewstream does have a referral program, but it’s pretty useless. For every referral who is active on the site, you earn a massive 2% of what they make.

Yes, that’s just 2%.

Not really worth the bother. You would need a lot of referrals who are super active to make the hassle of recruiting worth your while.


Target Audience

Some people just love writing reviews. There are people on Amazon who write thousands, and all for free. At least with a site like Reviewstream you can get paid something for your efforts. So I guess this site attracts reviewers, as well as anyone looking to earn some very part-time money.


What I Like

  • It’s free to join
  • They pay in real dollars via PayPal
  • Reviewstream has been around since 2005
  • The pay rate is better than messing around on rewards sites, and probably better than transcription services and the like
  • The site is worldwide and covers all categories, so anyone can write reviews on Reviewstream


What I Don’t Like

  • Sometimes submissions are rejected
  • The pay is very low compared to some other online ventures
  • Both the look and usability of the website totally suck
  • The website needs some serious TLC and updating
  • Navigation at times can be extremely cumbersome to say the least
  • Visually it’s very hard to look at
  • The referral program pays way too low to make it worthwhile


How Much Does Reviewstream Cost?

It doesn’t cost anything to join Reviewstream and post reviews and thoughts on your favourite products and services.




Is Reviewstream a Scam?

There is absolutely no scam going on here. Reviewstream has been around since 2005 and has been a go to site for all that time. There are stacks and stacks of reviews on the site for everything you can think of.

It’s not a very profitable way to make some money, writing reviews for Reviewstream, but it does pay better than some other options; like PTC sites where you earn a fraction of a cent for viewing ads, and the rewards sites, which are equally non-lucrative.

Reviewstream might be worth a look if you happen to love writing reviews anyway. And at least it pays something, unlike sites like Amazon and others.


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