Is Crypterium a Scam? What’s It All About?



Is Crypterium a scam? Cryptocurrencies are mega popular these days, and Crypterium claims to be the future of cryptobanks, but is all the hype about Crypterium to be believed? So many people were talking about this one and asking all sorts of questions, so I decided to take a look and write a review on it.

Pay close attention and read on to learn the truth about Crypterium…


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Is Crypterium a Scam

Company Name: Crypterium

Founders: Steven Polyak, Gleb Markov, Vladimir Gorbunov, Austin Kimm

Price To Join: N/A

My Rating: 6.5/10


~ Crypterium Review ~



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I'm really glad that you've found my review of Crypterium. It means you are willing to do some homework before joining up, and that's always a smart move.

Let's now check out Crypterium and see if it's any good.


What Is Crypterium and How Does It Work?

Because of its enormous popularity, the world of cryptocurrencies is now riddled with many scams and dodgy schemes, making it very hard to distinguish fact from fiction. People have to be very careful now when looking to get involved with any sort of cryptocurrency program, platform or money making scheme.

Crypterium has made such claims as being the future of cryptobanking and even compares itself to JP Morgan. Basically this is nothing more than hype talk that doesn’t really mean a hell of a lot at the end of the day.

The company is way too new to be making serious statements like that, and so far it is unproven for the most part.

The gist of the Crypterium platform is to act as a portal for the lending of cryptocurrencies. The loans are anonymous – which is one of the drawcards of digital currencies – and there is no official contract for the repayments of the loan.

This all happens via the use of their virtual Crypterium Card, which is a smartphone app.

The Crypterium Card allows users to make payments with cryptocurrencies all over the world. As of this writing there are over 40 million places both online and off that accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. Apparently, any place that accepts MasterCard, Visa or Union Pay will accept the Crypterium Card.

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Is Crypterium a Scam


Crypterium Tokens

Crypterium is based on the use of special tokens that are ERC-20 compliant and they can be stored in Ethereum wallets. Tokens can be held as an investment, or they can be used for loans. If you hang onto your tokens you get a share of the CRPT from user transactions each month. Some 30% is allocated every single month.

I think the main idea here is to hoard the tokens and hope they increase in value before considering cashing them out.

Crypterium offer instant payments in fiat currency. It can also be used with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay.

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Crypterium Token Structure


Target Audience

Anyone who has an interest in using cryptocurrencies, investing, loaning or making transactions with cryptocurrencies. There is no mention of the ability to mine digital currency with Crypterium at this point.


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What I Like

  • The company is new and innovative, in an effort to make the cryptocurrency world easier and more accessible
  • Cryptocurrencies are mega popular, so there’s every chance this company will do well
  • It’s good to see something involving digital currency that’s not some sort of scam or Ponzi scheme
  • The team running Crypterium are all highly experienced in business, investing, banking and digital currencies
  • You can make monthly profit by buying tokens and hanging onto them


What I Don’t Like

  • The company is too new to have proven itself yet
  • Some of the big claims they make are premature


Crypterium Banner


Is Crypterium a Scam?

I don’t see any scam here at all, which makes a nice change.

It’s all a little early to tell whether Crypterium will be a hit or not, or what else they might come out with in the near future. At the moment the company is mostly operating as a means to loan cryptocurrency and invest, as well as the creation of the Crypterium Card for making global transactions.

When I first came across Crypterium I thought it was going to be some sort of revenue sharing Ponzi scheme that uses cryptocurrencies instead of dollars, but that’s certainly not the case. Crypterium is a genuine business that could possibly do some really big things in the coming months and years ahead.

Definitely a crypto company to keep a keen eye on.


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