Is “Teens Earn Cash” a Scam? It Sure Seems So To Me!



Is “Teens Earn Cash” a scam? Can teens really earn up to $500 a day, every day, with this online money making platform? Or is this the reinvention of an old scam?

Pay close attention and read on…


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Is Teens Earn Cash a ScamCompany Name: Teens Earn Cash

Owners: Uncertain

Price To Join: Free to join

My Rating: 0/10



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What Is Teens Earn Cash?

For starters, this platform falsely claims it was founded in 2008, when in actual fact it was only launched in 2017. But perhaps its original predecessor was founded way back in 2008.

You see, Teens Earn Cash is just an old scam directed at the teenage market that has been repackaged, rebranded and shipped out as a brand new platform. Some other sites that seem to be extremely similar to Teens Earn Cash Include:

  • Night Job Online
  • Super Jobs
  • Weekly Youth Pay
  • Dollar In Pocket
  • Teens Earn Money
  • And many more…

When you join, the platform promises you a sign up bonus of $25 right off the bat, then they go on to claim teens can earn $500 a day with their online system.

So how do you go about making this kind of cash?

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Teens Earn Cash Sign Up Bonus


How It Works

Apparently the idea is to share links with your friends via social media and the like. When someone joins Teens Earn Cash through your link, you earn $10. According to the website, all people need to do is simply join Teens Earn Cash for you to make $10.

Once you have earned a total of $100 you can cash out with PayPal.

This all sounds way too easy. What’s really going on here?

All this website is, is a sales funnel where the site owners earn small commissions every time someone comes to their site and clicks on ads. Everything you try to do on the Teens Earn Cash site redirects you to looking at ads. So when you go onto Facebook or wherever and start posting the link they give to you, if anyone joins up, they will simply suffer the same fate of being forced to click on ads.

You won’t receive your $25 sign up bonus and you won’t receive your $10 for every referral who joins.

This is all just a juicy temptation to get people to join and start promoting the Teens Earn Cash website, all for free for the site owners, while they generate heaps of free traffic to their site and earn heaps of commissions from everyone viewing ads.

It’s just a scam. That’s why there are literally 30 or more sites promoting the same thing. On one hand they’re playing the numbers game – more sites equals more chances of generating revenue. Plus, when one site gets found out for being a scam, they have plenty of others on the go to replace it.

Technically you could join some of these offers and perhaps earn a small amount as an affiliate, but the owners of Teens Earn Cash would just be making the lion’s share of the money. In fact, if you read the fine print on their website, you don't actually earn $10 for referring people. You only earn money if you refer people and they buy stuff from the offers. Even then you are likely not to get paid a cent by Teens Earn Cash.

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Is Teens Earn Cash a Scam

Target Audience

Well, definitely targeted at teens first and foremost, although anyone could really join. Not that you would want to.


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What I Like

  • It sounds great in theory, but it’s not even real


Red FlagWhat I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • Teens Earn Cash is nothing more than a way to funnel people into a platform so the platform owners can earn loads of affiliate commissions, all with free traffic that the owners don’t have to work for
  • This platform is full of lies and false promises
  • No one gets paid $10 every time they refer a new person. This is nothing more than false advertising and a lie. So is the $25 sign up bonus
  • You will be bombarded with ads to click on and offers to take up
  • There are numerous websites out there under different names all running the same scam, and likely run by the same people
  • The word on the internet is that this is an outright scam
  • These people steal from you
  • They likely also sell your personal information to other marketers


How Much Does Teens Earn Cash Cost?

While the platform is free to join, you won’t likely make any money anyway; not unless you join some offers and sign up as an affiliate for those offers.


Is Teens Earn Cash a Scam?

This is definitely a scam. Everyone says it’s a scam and no one has actually been paid any of the promised money by Teens Earn Cash. You also need to be careful of joining any of the “free” offers on the website, as they will usually ask for your credit card details and start automatically billing you when your free trial runs out. This is also a common kind of scam.

This whole concept is a waste of time and you won’t make any money out of it. More likely you will just end up inadvertently spending money on offers for things you don’t really want.

Give it a miss.


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