Is Work At Home Paycheck a Scam? Give This One a Miss!



Is Work At Home Paycheck a scam or genuine opportunity to work online from home? The website looks very familiar to a series of scam sites I know. Is it the same scam rebranded?

Let's take a closer look and find out…



Is Work At Home Paycheck a ScamCompany Name: Work At Home Paycheck

Owners: Jessica Marshall

Price To Join: $97 + Upsells

My Rating: 0/10




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My aim is to make people aware of the make money online (MMO) scams that are out there so you won't get stung by them. The fact that you're here and reading this review of Work At Home Paycheck shows me that you are definitely wise enough to do your research and won't just jump into something without thinking.


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What Is Work At Home Paycheck?

I feel like I keep writing the same review, only the name of the platform changes.

Work At Home Paycheck is just another fake website in an ever-increasing series of fake “work at home” websites brought out by a team of internet scammers. It’s still not clear who is running this scam, but it’s been going on for ages now and actually seems to be getting more prolific.

Again we are greeted – by Jessica Marshall this time – with the online job or internet career where we only have to work one hour a day from home and can earn $379. This time, though, they have ramped that dollar figure up to $1000!

This website, just like all the others, is simply a work of fiction, and you’ll see why as we go through this review.


Work At Home Paycheck Banner


The Same Old Scam Is At It Again!

This mob always advertise this platform with the same kind of story. They’ll have some narrative about a single mom (or sometimes dad), down on their luck, but managed to turn their life around once they came across Work At Home Paycheck.

They use the same story all the time, only they change the name of the person. Sometimes they only change the single mother’s name, but use the same stock photo for allegedly two different people.

I’ve now written over 20 reviews on these scammers and their array of dodgy websites that all promote the same thing. My goal is to expose every site of theirs I can find so people don’t lose money to these con artists.

Each day a new website seems to come to my attention, so I really have no idea how many of these sites are out there. Below I’ve listed just a handful of the ones I’ve recently reviewed:

Like I said, I’ve reviewed over 20 or so by now, but the ones above give you an idea of why these sites are the same scam.


What Is Total Income Answer - a Scam


Featured On CNN, ABC…I Don’t Think So

Every one of their websites uses this ploy and Work At Home Paycheck is no exception.

Along the header at the top of their site will be the “Featured on…” followed by a series of famous news channel logos. None of these channels has ever featured their dodgy scam, unless it’s to warn people to stay away from their fake online job promise.

These people even post editorials on various other sites promoting the single mom down on her luck story like was mentioned before.

The only reason they include the news channels is to make it look like what they’re promoting is a legitimate opportunity and to hide the fact that it’s nothing more than a cash grab, preying on unsuspecting people looking for a way to make money online.


Cash From Home Fake News


Jessica Marshall Is Fake

Jessica Marshall has appeared as the figurehead for previous websites operated by these scammers. Sometimes they come up with a new name for a new website, but quite often they repeat a name they’ve used before.

Below I’ve listed some other aliases that they use on a regular basis. Perhaps you’ve seen some of these names yourself before?

  • Jessica MarshallKelly Simmons
  • Tony Anderson
  • Michelle Robinson
  • Cami White
  • Emily Hudson


Cami White Lies


Kelly Simmons Scamemily-hudson-scam


“Limited Spots Available” – BS!

Using the “time is running out” or “limited positions available” ploy is a very common sales tactic designed to get people to take action and stop thinking about it. Legitimate businesses and scams alike use this ploy to great effect.

In the case of Work At Home Paycheck they don’t want you to think about their deal, and they certainly don’t want you spending time doing your research on them. They know you’ll soon discover it’s a work at home scam if you do, so they hype you up first with the promise of big and easy money, then throw the line at you that there are limited spots left in your area, so get in fast!

There are no limited positions because there is no real online job in the first place. It’s all fake, a ruse, a complete fantasy.

There’s no way these people are going to turn you away if you are ready and willing to hand over your money to them.

And isn’t it funny how you actually have to pay them so you can apply for this “job offer”.


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The “Online Job” or “Internet Career”

Like I said above, there is no real job on offer here. What they do give you is some token “position” that’s not even a real gig.

The job they give you is link posting for Fortune 500 companies (except the Fortune 500 companies know nothing about it). The idea is that WAH Paycheck will pay you $15 for every product link you post on the internet. That’s all you have to do, just post these links and they’ll pay you $15 a pop.

It’s all total BS!

For starters, the Fortune 500 companies aren’t completely stupid. They know the most effective ways to spend their advertising dollars, and they’re not going to waste money on random link posting on Facebook and other places.

No one gets paid for this. You can hand over your money to WAH Paycheck and start posting links like crazy. I can guarantee you that when you reach your payout figure of $300, you will never, ever see a single cent of it.

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What Work At Home Paycheck Is Really About

Work At Home Paycheck, its sister sites and all the editorial advertising this mob do is all designed to lure people into a massive sales funnel. They promise people great money to live the dream of firing their boss, spending an hour a day working form home and making around $400 a day for their efforts.

People join up, pay their joining fee and get assigned the position of “link poster”.

Now all the fun begins.

When you join you surrender your:

  1. Full name
  2. Email address
  3. Phone number
  4. Credit card details

Now that the scammers have the information they need they will start harassing you by email and over the phone. They want you to spend up big on other products and training programs. The telemarketers will say to you that you can’t make the promised daily money until you first purchase these other products. Some of the offers will be legit, while others will be scams or dodgy at best.

The idea is to milk you dry, lighten your wallet, empty your purse and deplete your bank account balance. And once WAH Paycheck is done with you, they’ll make more money off of you by selling your details to other marketing companies. Then the process of upsells starts all over again.

At the end of all this you will likely have spent thousands of dollars and still not have made a single dollar online.


Link Posting Scam 2


Target Audience

Many people are either looking for a way to quit their jobs and work online from home, or want to find a way to make some extra cash without disrupting their current routine. What Work At Home Paycheck offers sounds like a dream come true. A dream, yes, but one that soon turns into a nightmare. These scammers prey on that target market, and it’s a massive market in the modern world.


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What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • The job is fake
  • Fortune 500 companies won’t pay you for random link posting
  • Your joining fee covers nothing and you won’t get a refund
  • You won’t earn any money with WAH Paycheck
  • You will be hounded with upsell after upsell
  • They sell your details to 3rd party marketers
  • Your credit card could be compromised
  • There are at least 20 or more similar sites out there all promoting the same fake job
  • The site owners are aliases
  • The featured on the news line is fantasy
  • The testimonials are written by freelancers
  • They feature actors in their videos


How Much Does Work At Home Paycheck Cost?

The funny part is, they make people pay almost a hundred bucks ($97) to join their program and apply for a “job” that doesn’t even exist. It’s not really funny, because they scam people, but it almost is.

All you get for your joining fee is to leave yourself wide open to being sold numerous upsells that still won’t make you any money or get you an online paying gig.


The Chilling Day That Changed My Life


Is Work At Home Paycheck a Scam?

WAH Paycheck and every other site run by these dodgy dealers is the internet scam of all scams. Somehow they remain hidden and no one knows who they are. Don’t fall for their scam. Anything that sounds way too good to be true almost always is.


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2 thoughts on “Is Work At Home Paycheck a Scam? Give This One a Miss!

  1. Hi Darren!
    Thanks for your great review on a #1 scam site. This reminds me sites made me click their ads for dollars a couple of years ago. I was clicking their ads crazily without any penny earned. We have to bring all these scam sites into light before they suck peoples blood.Unless people are there to fall prey to these people they will never stop spamming. Therefore, reviews like yours will create awareness among the people.
    Thanks again.

    • The person or people who created Work At Home Paychecks have created dozens of similar sites and they are at the top of my scammers list for making money online. The problem is, when there aee so many scams, it makes it harder to find the genuine platforms, and also makes newcomers to making money online think everything related to MMO is dodgy when it’s not.

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