Living In the Philippines – How I’m Able To Survive Financially


Living in the Philippines

For just on one year now I’ve been living in the Philippines. How I’m able to survive financially here while on a tourist visa, I’m about to tell you.

Obviously I can’t work here as a tourist, and the pay rates just wouldn’t be high enough even if I could. What I do is earn all of my money from online sources. At the moment of this writing, the following are the sources from which I earn an income:

  1. eBook sales
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. Music sales/licensing
  4. Online surveys
  5. Writing content for clients

All income is earned online, and I can work from anywhere in the world and do this; so long as I have my laptop computer and access to a half reasonable internet connection.

I’m married to a beautiful Filipina, and that’s the reason why I’m not currently in Australia (my home country) and am spending some time abroad with my wife and lovely step daughter.

Affiliate marketing has been something I’ve been working on for just over 2 years now, and it is a great way to establish an online business that grows and keeps the income coming in month after month.

Read a post I wrote about how to get started in affiliate marketing here.

Years ago I used to write and publish a lot of eBooks. Sales are still generated from these books, and I make several different sources of income each and every month from this.

Music licensing is only something I’ve recently gotten into and I’m still working on establishing a presence with that.

Online surveys don’t generate a lot of income, but they do earn you some extra cash.

Writing content for clients can make for fairly regular income, and I’ve written for various clients all around the world.

My point is, if you establish a number of income streams online, then you can essentially live and work anywhere in the world and be financially self-sufficient. Affiliate marketing is one of my favourite ways to make money online, so be sure to read the post I suggested.


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2 thoughts on “Living In the Philippines – How I’m Able To Survive Financially

  1. Darren thanks for the information. I believe living the true dream in life is working for yourself and from where ever you choose to do it. With multi streams of income is there a centralized presence for you to manage them from? It would be easier to receive all emails and notification to a centralized place on my laptop. Thanks again


    • Hi Randy, and thanks for your comment.

      All emails regarding everything I do get sent through to my personal email address, so all communication is gathered together. As far as receiving payments go, they are either PayPal or direct deposit, so it’s all quite simple.

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