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Make Money Online QuickIf you want to make money online, then the quicker you can make money the better. Right? But what can you do to make money online quick? And how quick is quick anyway?


Sell Services

Selling services would be one of the fastest ways to make money via the internet. The reason being, services are always in demand and you get paid a fee for the work you do. Meaning, if you land a gig – either through your own website or one of the many freelance and outsourcing sites – as soon as you deliver the completed job you get paid. In some cases you may even get paid before you start the job.

I do some freelance writing work as I’m a writer, and when I successfully land a gig, if I can do the writing job within a few days, I will get paid for the job in less than a week of starting it. The same can be said for many other types of online services, such as graphic design and web design.


So Many Opportunities Online But Many Are Not Quick

The internet is really a goldmine of money making opportunities, but if you want to make money online quick, then the scope for that can be limited.

Let’s think the offline world for a moment. What’s one of the quickest ways to earn money there? Generally it involves getting a job. If the job pays weekly, then you will get paid about a week after starting work. It’s the same with selling your services online.

If you start a business in the offline world, then it will take some time to set things up and it’ll be a while before you start to make money. The same can be said for the internet. You could set up an online business, but things will take time to flourish. The money won’t be instant.


Most Things Online Take Time

If you have services to sell, then start off doing that to get some money coming in faster, but my advice overall if you want to make online money is to set up an online business. There are plenty of options depending on your skill set and your interests and here’s a brief list:

Those are just a few ideas, but there are plenty of things to try and a bit of research will reveal a plethora of opportunities.


I Like Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great business to start and establish for the long-term. It won’t make money quickly, but if set up correctly and the work is put in initially, it can and will produce passive income streams and residual income streams. It’s a simple business model that costs very little to do. It’s mostly just your time more than anything. Outlay is hardly anything to become an affiliate marketer.

If the idea of having an online business appeals to you, one that can be generating a consistent income for years to come (much of it passive), then affiliate marketing is one to get into.


Learn From Experts

To be successful in the affiliate marketing business you will need some training. I learnt most of what I know by doing the training at Wealthy Affiliate. What they teach is logical and step by step. Anyone can learn this business. It’s even free to get started and have a good look before making any commitment to upgrade and access all the training Wealthy Affiliate have on offer. Upgrading your membership is completely optional.

To know more about this opportunity you can read my review of Wealthy Affiliate by clicking below.


Make Money Online Like I Do


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2 thoughts on “Make Money Online Quick!

  1. Thank you for the article. I’ve also found that it takes time to make money online. Most of the time if you are told you can get money in a really short time, it’s a scam of some sort.

    I’ve tried multi-level marketing and affilate marketing. I, too, prefer affiliate marketing, especially with Wealthy Affiliate.

    It looks like you’re on your way. Good Luck!

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