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What is Traffic Black Book? A scam? This program is designed to help marketers get loads of targeted traffic to their offers, but is there any value in this? Does it really work and help you make money?

Let's check it out and see…


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Traffic Black Book CourseCompany Name: Traffic Black Book


Owner: Chad Hamzeh

Price To Join: $197

My Rating: 8.5/10



~ Traffic Black Book Review ~



There are essentially two types of website traffic:

  1. Free
  2. Paid

Every webmaster should aim for generating as much free traffic as possible through the search engines with good SEO. But getting pages and sites ranked in search engines like Google and Bing takes time, rankings fluctuate up and down, and at any time the Google giant could decide to change a few algorithms that blast your site’s rankings into oblivion. The best plan and the safest option is to cover both.

Learn all about organic traffic through SEO and learn all about paid advertising to drive traffic to your site.

Paying for advertising of any kind can be scary because you don’t know if it’s going to pay off or not. That’s why it is vitally important to learn how to do it effectively; so you can generate a profit from your ads rather than risking throwing good money away because you don’t have a clue what you are doing.

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Overview of Traffic Black Book

Traffic Black Book 3

That’s the catch cry of the Traffic Black Book website.

Traffic Black Book is a video training and PDF course that teaches you all there is to know about the paid traffic game. The makers promise you will learn how to make money – “on demand”!

Don’t be at the mercy of the search engines for organic rankings alone. Get the traffic you want, when you want it.

The videos are recordings of originals traffic generation webinars, dissected and pieced together to comprise the course material. There is loads of useful information on offer here, delivered in a fashion that is easy to follow and comprehend, with real world examples.

It was early in 2011 when course creator, Chad Hamzeh, first released the Traffic Black Book course. Since then it has been updated a number of times to keep the content and strategies current and leading edge, with campaigns targeted to put you ahead of your competition, get the clicks and earn the revenue.

The Chad Hamzeh traffic system is reported to have generated 57 million prospects, buyers and visitors in the last 2 years alone. Teamed up with a group of expert marketers, Chad delivers a system that will give you an edge over your competitors, teaching you how to actually profit from your advertising rather than wasting money, and how to scale your advertising as you scale your business and see those all-important profits increase exponentially.

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Who Is Chad Hamzeh?

ChadChad lives in Canada and was once a professional Mixed Martial Artist. He has studied affiliate marketing excessively and, in particular, PPC advertising. Way back in 1999 when he was just 19 years old, Chad started his first business; a small web design studio.

For the past number of years Chad has really focused all his attention on affiliate marketing and driving paid traffic to his offers that convert, as well as marketing his own products.

He has been interviewed in TechCrunch, Rise to the Top and Mixergy.



Often the missing link between business failure and great success is the ability to be able to market effectively and not only reach your target audience, but to send them a message that resonates so highly that they feel compelled to take action.

Traffic Black Book is designed to teach you how to do this.

Not only that, the Traffic Black Book system will show you just how to spend your money, where to spend it, and where not to, enabling you to maximise your profits and minimise your potential losses.

Advertising can be a bit of a lottery at times, that’s why it’s so important to learn how to get it nailed, right from the very start. With the proper training you will be equipped with the knowledge of how to instigate profitable campaigns and keep scaling them up until the money is flowing into your bank accounts with the speed of a flooded river.


Traffic Black Book 1


Traffic on demand is what businesses really need to succeed. Paid traffic is something you have control over, whereas visitors from organic search is something you have very little control over.

You could set up an advertising campaign tonight and have loads of visitors to your site tomorrow. With free traffic, a consistent visitor stream like that could take months to perpetuate, or even years. Why wait when you can have all the traffic you want right now?

But you need to learn from experts, those who have been there and done it before…successfully! This is where a course such as this one is so invaluable.

Learn to advertise like an expert by learning from experts.


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Well, the course costs money for one. Secondly, there are never any absolute guarantees in life with anything, and the same goes for paying for traffic.

Also, you can possibly learn much of this information for free, but it’ll take a lot of research and a lot of digging around the internet to find it. Why not learn it all in the one place from experts who know what they are on about?


The Traffic Black Book Course

Money TreeThe course is delivered in 7 modules:

  • Module 1 – Paid Traffic Pioneer
  • Module 2 – The Sales Vacuum
  • Module 3 – Strategic Planning and Digging For Gold
  • Module 4 – Killer Ad Creatives and Lucrative Landing Pages
  • Module 5 – Testing, Tracking and Optimization Master Class
  • Module 6 – Driving Massive Traffic – Bringing Out the Big Guns
  • Module 7 – ROI – The “R” Stands For Retargeting


How Much Does It Cost?

The price for the course is $197. It’s actually good value for what’s on offer. After all, when you pay for advertising and traffic you are going to be using real money – your money. You want to get this right.

The cost of this course is a small price to pay to learn how to spend your advertising dollars effectively. On top of that it’s a tax deduction.

They also offer a 60 day, 100% money back guarantee if not completely satisfied with the course.



Seriously, if you ask any big time marketer they’ll all tell you the only way to make the big bucks is to advertise and pay for traffic in one form or another, otherwise you leave your business and profits at the mercy of the elements, so to speak. Learning all there is to know about PPC and other forms of advertising for traffic is well worth the expense of a course in my opinion.

Paid advertising is not something you want to get wrong, or you could burn through a hell of a lot more than $197, and all for nothing.


Traffic Black Book 2


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4 thoughts on “Get Targeted Website Traffic With “Traffic Black Book”

  1. Hi Darren,

    You’ve actually provided me with the material I was thinking of beginning to research in the nearest future. Right now I’m at the stage of trying to understand how to maximize free traffic that is coming to my site and the more I dig into it, the more I understand that at some point getting paid traffic will be inevitable – to be able to compete with others in my niche. Thank you for the post – this is the first product I’ll have in mind when I’m ready!

    • Glad you found my post helpful, Dmitriy. Traffic Black Book is one of the genuine systems out there and delivers on what it promises. There is quite a bit of training to get into when you sign up, but it’s easy to follow and worth the cash in my opinion. On this site I look at quite a few money making systems and training programs. A lot of them don’t come up to scratch, but this one does.

  2. Hi Darren
    I just paid for my first pack of solo ads. I know WA promotes free traffic via seo but most successful marketers use paid traffic. What has been your experience with paid traffic?


    • Hi Deb, Paid traffic works well if it’s highly targeted and relevant. If the targeting is too general in nature, you will most likely just burn through money. I’ve had more success with solo ads than I have through PPC.

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