SEO and Keyword Tips That Get You Ranked


SEO And Keyword Tips That Get You Ranked

What are some SEO and keyword tips that get you ranked high in search engines?

To really get a good flow of organic search engine traffic to your website, you really need to get your website posts ranked on the first page; ideally in the top 3 results. The top 3 get something like 80-90% of the click throughs. The rest share what’s left. Now while it’s true that some people will dig deep into search results, the majority of us are rather lazy and won’t look past the first page. What we also (sometimes erroneously) assume is that the top results are naturally the best and most trusted results. Often this isn’t the case, but it’s human nature to think this.

So, having established the fact that you really need to get on page one of Google and other search engines to even have a chance of getting noticed, how do you go about achieving this? With effective keyword research.


Use A Good Keyword Research Tool

For starters you need to research good keywords that are relevant to what you want to write about or promote. Once you have said keywords they should be interwoven in a post full of quality and original content. Google likes originality. Never simply copy and paste anything. You will get penalised for duplicate content and your site will either drop in rankings or get banned altogether.

If your website post doesn’t need to target a certain location, then one of the surest methods of getting that page of content ranked high is to find a keyword phrase that gets some searches each month, but doesn’t have a great deal of competing websites using that exact keyword phrase.

I used a keyword phrase for the title of this post, and that’s where you should aim to place your chosen keyword string: Both in the title (it will also become part of the page URL) and also in the first paragraph of your content.

See the below screenshot of the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool that I always use for keyword research and analysis.

Jaaxy SEO And Keyword Tips 1

You can see the results of the chosen keyword phrase at the top. Now while 56 searches per month on average isn’t huge, the keyword has very few competing websites for that phrase. Only 15 in total. The score of 99 on the far right is out of 100, so it’s a great keyword to use. Now, if I can manage to get this post ranked at the #1 position in Google when someone searches for “SEO and keyword tips”, theoretically my post should receive around 56 clicks per month. Often the figure works out more than this if you can snare that number one spot.

I recommend using the Jaaxy keyword tool for all your keyword research. No, it’s not a free tool, but it’s worth its weight in precious metals when it comes to choosing great keywords. I have many, many posts ranked #1 on Google thanks to Jaaxy.


Geo Targeting Keywords

If you have a business or some other reason that ties you and your website to a specific location, then the above method for SEO traffic is a little too broad, as it targets people all over the globe. In this instance you will want to do some geo targeting; meaning you will search for keywords relevant to your business and combine them with your location name and/or zip code or post code.

Many good SEO companies across the globe use this method to help local businesses achieve first page rankings for specific types of business in a particular location.

If your area of business is Los Angeles, for example, then you will definitely want to target Los Angeles at least several times within your content; and maybe get even more specific than that, including your suburb and/or zip code. This geo targeting should also be combined with keywords that are both relevant and key to your area of industry.


Keywords In Image Alt TagsKeywords and Images

Most posts will include at least an image or two, and they should. After all, human beings are visual creatures. So, don’t forget about including your chosen keywords in your images as well. Use the keywords in both the title of the image and the Alt Tags. This will help the images you use to rank in Google Images, which can also lead to increased website traffic.


To Wrap Up

SEO to increase organic search engine traffic sounds complicated on the surface, but much of it is very logical and basic. There is more to SEO than what I’ve covered in this post, but the above tips will definitely help you get your content ranked well.

And that should be one of the main aims of every post you write and publish on the internet.

Get ranked and get seen!




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  1. Great content. Thanks for breaking it down for me. You have a lot of helpful content. It’s a great place to go in reference to the courses i’m completing as i get to that topic. its laid out nice and organized, and easy to find what i’m looking for. My site hasn’t ranked yet and i’m hoping i can find the answer here as i add more content.

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