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In this Market Health review we look into whether affiliates can make decent money by promoting the health products this company represents. There is money to be made in the health niche as an affiliate, but does being a member of Market Health give you any real advantages? What are the products like? Can you earn decent commissions?

Let's take a look and see what it's all about…


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222222-3-1199305050-mh300x250Company Name: Market Health


Price To Join: Free

Affiliate Niche: Health & Beauty

My Rating: 9/10



~ The Market Health Review ~


Overview of the Market Health Affiliate Program

I recently did a review of a similar company whom I’m an affiliate for – Sell Health. Market health offers products along the same lines, but more targeted at general health and beauty for men and women. Sell Health focuses a little more on the sexual health side of things.

That’s a very good market and I’m glad they have those options. However, Market Health has a lot more products to promote than in the Sell Health stable. They particularly seem to like body building supplements.

Market health is actually a conglomeration of vendors. The vendors tend to offer their products individually. Meaning, you don’t go to the vendor’s page on Market Health and there is their array of product offerings displayed. Instead, the products are grouped in categories; such as Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Skin Care, Sports Nutrition etc.. They even have health products for your pet, which is great!

The Market Health company has been in operation since 1998 when the internet world was still in its infancy. Now they are one of the leaders in supplying products for the health, beauty and fitness industries.


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The Benefits

One of the things I like most about the Market Health model is the way they have product offerings for specific regions. Meaning, you can offer products to specific countries (mostly European countries) in their own native language. This is a big thing if you want to target specific areas.

There are also loads of English offers as well, as you would expect, and these are organised by availability in different parts of the world. Many of the offers in the English language are available for purchase worldwide, while some are restricted to certain localities; such as the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

The commissions on Market Health listed products are quite generous, and that's a big drawcard in my book. Payouts vary from product to product, and what you receive will depend on upsells taken advantage of and trial offers. Most of the commissions are around the 50% range. So, an awesome affiliate cut.

Commission payout is twice a month, which is also very handy. It means you don’t have to wait months to get paid? Which is the case with programs like Amazon Associates (90 days).

The reporting system offers quite in-depth statistics, and there are a number of ways you can set up specialised tracking for your links and campaigns. The reporting system offers stats on anywhere from a day up to all time stats.

Just as with Sell health, Market Health also offer an affiliate referral program. Refer a new affiliate and Market Health will pay you (the referring affiliate) 5% of all sales the referred affiliate makes. This 5% does not come out of the new affiliate’s commission. It is a cost worn by the company and never the affiliate.

There are all sorts of banners, links and promotional items affiliates can use to help promote their Market Health campaigns.



The Cons

One thing I don’t like about the setup at Market Health is having to wait to be approved by a vendor for a product I’d like to promote right now. That's the thing I really like about Sell Health. You are approved once on joining, and then you are free to promote every single product on the site.

It's vastly different with Market Health. Many of the products don’t seem to require you to pass through any sort of approval process, but some do. These vendors can take an eternity to get back to you with a yes or no answer. I’m still waiting to hear from some I’ve applied to, and it’s been weeks or months.

Another thing I’m not overly keen on is the way they present their banners. They’re all just URL links to GIF images. If you want to use one in a text widget you have to add some code to make the image appear. It’s just extra unnecessary steps that create more work for the affiliate.


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Payment Terms

Market Health pay twice monthly on the 1st and 16th of every month. There are 2 earning periods per month, one finishing on the 15th of the month and the second finishing on the last day of the month. The minimum payout threshold is US$20.

Payment can be received the following ways:

  1. Check
  2. Bank Transfer
  3. Payoneer
  4. PayPal



I like Market Health overall. They have a lot of very popular products for health, beauty, fitness, weight loss, pets and a whole load of other stuff. Much of the stuff is quite an easy sell and the commissions are great.

They payout promptly and on time and the product landing pages are informative and often quite impressive. If you are an affiliate selling anywhere within this niche, then Market Health is a must for you to hook up to and do business with.

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If you have some thoughts to share about Market Health, or have any questions, feel free to add them in the comments below.

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14 thoughts on “Market Health: Health Affiliate Program

  1. Nice website. You talk about some useful topics here. I agree about the cons it seems like some people take forever to get back to you. I am still waiting for people to get back to me and its been over a month. I wonder what they are waiting for. Smh, keep up the good work and good luck on your venture.

    • The time it takes for approval seems to be rife on most affiliate program directories. I’m still awaiting answer on Commission Junction for merchants I tried to sign up with way back in May, 6 months ago. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. All the best to you.

  2. Hey Darren!

    Great post on Market Health! I was looking for a health niche to promote and i came across your site, great! I didn’t know there was such a program out there that pays you 50% in commission, that’s a lot! And the 5% of all sales when you refer a affiliate, that’s just awesome man ! I gonna signup for the program right now! Thanks a lot ! 🙂


    • There are 2 that have quite a few products in this niche; Market Health and another called Sell Health. Both have pretty similar commissions and both have affiliate referral programs.

  3. Hey Darren,

    I was looking at this affiliate program a couple of days ago and wasn’t too sure if i should sign up. Since asking around a lot of other affiliates in the health and fitness niche have said like yourself, some vendors take ages to reply back to you.

    To be honest i still wanted see for myself so I’ve signed up. Let’s see what happens!

  4. Hello. Such a great review. I have one question. How do I set up my payment information. I was in my dashboard but couldn’t find the way to link my payoneer account.

  5. Hello. Nice article about Markethealth. Can you tell me of the Markethealth sales notification. Recently did you get sales notification from Markethealth ?
    I didn’t receive sales notifications from 2014.

    Please tell me about it.

    • Hi Steve. Thanks for reading. I’m not really sure what you’re asking me here. 2014 is a long time ago. You might need to get in touch with customer service over at Market health about your payment notification issues. I promote their products from time to time, but I don’t work for the company.

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