What Is “Six Figure Mentors”? Can You Really Earn the Big Bucks?



What is Six Figure Mentors? A scam or not? Some say it's an awesome platform to learn how to make money online while others label it a scam. So which is it?

Let's take a closer look and uncover the truth…



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Company Name: Six Figure Mentors

Website: www.TheSixFigureMentors.com

Owners: Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek

Price To Join: Free to get started

Skill Level: Beginner to Advanced

My Rating: 7/10



~ The Six Figure Mentors Review ~


Company Overview

Six Figure Mentors (SFM) is a comprehensive affiliate marketing training platform with a lot on offer and a lot going on. First look at the website – which is basically just one long page – and it all seems straightforward enough, but once you sign up for an account, the amount of options can get very confusing. By the way, it’s free to sign up and take a look around. The only thing is you can’t access much without paying for a membership. Most links you click on will bring you to an upgrade screen to access the information.

The company was launched in 2010 by Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek and has experienced steady growth, helping hundreds of people achieve their goals of setting up an online business and reaching various levels of financial success.


The Founders

Stuart Ross – He has been a successful internet entrepreneur since 2007 and has made a lot of money in various ventures – including affiliate marketing – during that time. He started the highly-successful Internet Laptop Lifestyle system.

Jay Kubassek – Jay is a professional speaker, successful author and internet entrepreneur. He started his online marketing career in the early 2000s and was a self-made millionaire by 2007. Since then he has helped thousands achieve the same kind of success through his training programs.


Who Is The Target Audience?

This depends. SFM is definitely targeted at beginning marketers for the most part, but there are membership levels that would probably only appeal to online marketers who already have a fair amount of experience, but want to learn how to take their business to the next level and beyond.


Six Figure Mentors 1


Tools and Training

There are a lot of tools and training on offer at SFM. Much of it is devoted to teaching you how to set up and run your online business successfully, but the company also has an affiliate program which teaches its members how to recruit new members into their program. Most affiliate marketing training platforms will have an affiliate program. It only makes sense. Probably about fifty percent of SFM’s tools and training is devoted to teaching affiliates how to sell SFM. You don’t have to be a paying member of SFM to be an affiliate for them, but as a free member you only get paid on certain levels of sign up, and the commissions are smaller than those of paid members.

Step-By-Step Training – Utilising easy to follow and understand training modules, both new and existing business owners will be guided every step of the way. All steps of the process are clearly explained and designed to be hands on and engaging.

Digital Skills Platform – This is a training add-on that comes at an extra price. The advantage of being a part of the Digital Skills Platform is it’s constantly being updated with fresh content and short training videos for fast knowledge. This is known as micro-learning.

Your Personal System Consultant – To prevent you becoming overwhelmed with all the knowledge, this system gives you one-on-one professional guidance. It’s like having your own personal trainer and mentor on SFM.

Digital Business Lounge – This is where you will find all the tools and information to create websites, web hosting and campaign tracking. Much of this facet of SFM is devoted to giving members the tools to effectively promote SFM itself;  with sales funnels, landing pages, autoresponders and the like.

Weekly Training Webinars – These weekly trainings are conducted by highly successful marketers, where they pass on vital tips and information to members on how to grow their businesses, get traffic, make money as quickly as possible and how to recruit new members. The webinars are high-energy events designed to motivate you to action.

Dedicated System Support Team – As it suggests, this is support of a technical nature, so if you are having any issues with your site or something on the SFM platform, technical support will deal with it, leaving you free to focus on your business.

Exclusive Private Community Membership – This is where members get to chat to each other live, offering support, helping with problems and questions, and learning from each other. Many of the members who frequent the 24/7 membership community are experts on affiliate marketing, so it’s a valuable resource.

Live Events – SFM describe these events as high-octane. People come from all over the world to attend, where they can share tips and tricks of the trade and learn from experts. It’s all about knowledge and motivation.

Simple Lead Capture – Software that easily allows you to design high-converting landing pages to capture email addresses into your funnel.

Graphix Creator – Software that enables you to create amazing book covers, or covers for other digital products that you create.

There is even way more training and tools than those I’ve listed, but there is just too much to cover it all in one review without it looking like a novel. You can always go over to their website, start a free account and have a look around so you can see first-hand what it’s all about.


The Positives

  • Loads of training for affiliate marketers on a platform set up by two guys who have learnt to walk the walk in this industry.
  • Plenty of training add-ons to further your entrepreneurial education.
  • Lead capture pages and autoresponders all set up and ready to go for members to start building their vital email lists.
  • An active and helpful community of members.
  • Website builder software, training and hosting.
  • One-on-one mentorship.
  • Easy to follow step-by-step training.
  • Weekly training webinars and regular live events.
  • Affiliate program with lucrative commissions.
  • 2 Tier affiliate referral program, so you make a small commission on affiliates you refer to SFM when they make sales. Note: Commissions here only apply if you are a paid member. Free affiliates don’t make a commission on referral sales.


The Negatives

  • Loads of upsells.
  • Lack of access to most areas of the site without paying money first.
  • Some extremely expensive membership levels.
  • Confusing list of memberships and add-ons.



This is where it can get a little confusing, as there seems to be a lot of options, with some looking like they overlap other membership levels and training modules. At the moment I’m just a free member, which means much of my site access is limited, but I’ll list what I can here.

On the official SFM website – the one the general public see, not the one the members see – it lists 4 levels of membership, which are:

Affiliate Access – For affiliates to be able to promote SFM without partaking of the training.

Student Access – Basic affiliate marketing training plus access to the affiliate tools to promote SFM.

Basic Membership – Designed for beginning and experienced marketers, this membership gives you access to most of the training available, as well as what’s listed in the two options above.

Elite Membership – Everything listed above, plus access to advanced training modules. This level of membership is designed for experienced marketers who want to take their online venture to the next level.

Digital Experts Academy (DEA) – Open only to those who have an Elite Membership, the Digital Experts Academy is where training is really taken to a higher stratosphere. There are 4 different levels of membership in DEA: Silver, Gold, Platinum and Black, and membership to this exclusive club comes at a high price.

Now, when you sign up as a member and access the Commission portal for affiliates, there they list a whole bunch of other add-ons that can be sold. Monthly subscriptions to things like Simple Lead Capture, Graphix Creator, Digital Business Lounge, Simple Trakk and Elite Mastermind.

To be honest it’s a little unclear to me whether these are tools and modules that people can just purchase without official membership, whether they are included in different levels of membership, or whether they are paid add-ons for those with a membership. The SFM site doesn’t really explain this and won’t let me access more information without paying for a membership.


Six Figure Mentors Memberships


Do They Offer Support?

Support comes in the form of 24/7/365 technical support, as well as personal mentorship and loads of support from the helpful and active community. Most affiliate marketing training platforms will generally have a large community of members willing to lend a helping hand.


SFM Affiliates

Unless you are going to pay a monthly fee and get involved in the SFM training, it is not really worth being an affiliate of Six Figure Mentors. Most of the commissions for memberships and upsells only apply to paying members. I signed up as a free affiliate, only to learn this after the fact. It sounded like it might be a lucrative company to get involved with, but I already do affiliate marketing training and am a paying member of Wealthy Affiliate, so I don’t really want to pay to join SFM just to have a chance to make affiliate commissions.


How Much Does It Cost?

Good question.

I’ll lay it out for you as best I can, but it is unclear to me exactly what you really do get with each level of membership, as there are so many add-ons that seem to be sold individually, as I mentioned earlier.

  • SFM Application Fee: $29.95
  • Student Access: $25.00 per month
  • Basic Membership Enrollment Fee: $297.00
  • Basic Membership: $97.00 per month
  • Elite Membership: $2500 per year extra
  • Simple Lead Capture Tool: $29.95 per month
  • Digital Business Lounge: $37-$67 per month
  • Graphix Creator Tool: $99.00 per year
  • Simple Trakk Tool: $9.95 per month
  • Digital Experts Academy (DEA): $3000-$20,000 depending on membership level


Final Verdict On Six Figure Mentors

Six Figure Mentors is a legitimate business and training platform. It’s in no way a scam, but membership comes at a high price; particularly if you go up a few levels. As I mentioned earlier it’s free to sign up and take a look around, so it may be worth your while if you think SFM is a good fit for you and you have the money to spend. I do believe this company really knows what it’s doing, but there are much cheaper options around to learn the business of affiliate marketing.


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2 thoughts on “What Is “Six Figure Mentors”? Can You Really Earn the Big Bucks?

  1. Hey Darren,

    thank you so much for the in depth review! To be honest, as a complete beginner I really can’t tell what is good and what is bad even though you almost always get a free membership of some sort. It’s just still so confusing!

    But your review showed me that I sholdn’t go to SixFIgureMentors as I don’t like their upsell methods where they suck you in and as soon as you invested some you are more or less bound to invest more if you want to make money. Feels like I am getting bullied for my lunch money all over again ;-P Just kidding.

    They probably do have good information but it also didn’t sound like your favorite either.
    May I ask what your favorite is and why?!

    Best wishes,


    • Hi Philip.

      Thanks for your comment.

      SFM seems pretty good, but there does seem to be a lot going on, many different modules and upsells and the prices get really expensive. It’s a legitimate deal, and maybe it’s awesome training, but one has to be able to afford it and justify the money spent.

      My number one recommendation for affiliate marketing training Is Wealthy Affiliate, without a doubt. The training is logical and easy to follow, there isn’t constant upsells to be able to learn more and the price of membership is way cheaper than SFM. There is some training that’s lacking on WA. I believe there could be more training devoted to building email lists and how to create converting landing pages to capture email addresses. That sort of thing.

      Thanks for reading.


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