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Is CB Pirate a scam? Is it really your ClickBank treasure map to success online. I saw a lot of people raving about this one, so I decided to look into it.

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Company Name: Clickbank Pirate

Website: www.cbpirate.com

Owners: David Blaze

Price To Join: $67 to get started

Skill Level: Beginner – Intermediate

My Rating: 4/10


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It seems like the internet is full of systems and programs designed to take shortcuts in making loads of money online. Today we’re going to take a look at yet another one of these systems that proclaim to make big dollars in a short space of time for very little effort on the marketer’s behalf.

Many of these systems and programs are aimed at making money using the Clickbank affiliate platform. In this review we’ll be taking a look at CB Pirate, which is proclaimed to be your Clickbank treasure map.

I’m always extremely wary of anyone sharing some secret money making system (for a price of course) that they state makes so much money.

Why would they share it for a few dollars?

If you were onto some secret money making formula, the last thing you would be doing is thinking of telling anyone else about it.

While it's possible you could make some money with this, it's pretty limited in scope. I prefer making easy money with affiliate marketing. Just follow the simple Wealthy Affiliate training to learn how. You can start for FREE!


Overview of the Clickbank Pirate System

Clickbank Pirate Membership CardFirst off, just like with another program that purports to take full advantage of Google rankings – Google Sniper – I really like the name of this one. “Clickbank Pirate” – something about that really appeals to me.

Maybe it’s the imagery of pirate treasure piled up on a tropical beach that resonates with my imagination. But while the name attracts my interest, can this program truly make me money?

They state you can make $10,000 per month (seems to be a popular monthly figure with these systems) without a website or a product. Well, you don’t need your own product, as the product you are selling is Clickbank Pirate itself.

The entire business is a continuation of selling the business. You do, however, need a one page website, which is provided for you, prefilled with the glowing sales pitch, images and hosting.

It’s a turnkey plug-and-play system where most of the setup work is already done for you. You just need to fork out your cash to the maker of Clickbank Pirate, get supplied with your website and away you go.

Sounds easy enough, but nothing ever is as easy as these scheme makers would have you believe. Without traffic know one even knows you have anything to sell them, and I really can’t see anyone getting enough traffic to their one page website to make $10k per month in commissions selling Clickbank Pirate.

Basically you get given a collection of 10 squeeze pages promoting Clickbank Pirate as well as the hosting. Selling the system is up to you.

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Target Audience

Anyone who wants to make extra money, and make money online. Serious affiliate marketers wouldn’t waste their time on something like this. It’s more aimed at beginners, or possibly the intermediate marketer looking for a way to make some extra cash without having to put in loads of time and effort. But I doubt whether many intermediate marketers would be too interested in this offering either.



  • It does teach some useful things, although all geared towards selling Clickbank Pirate.
  • There is definitely some value in the one page website/squeeze page. It certainly saves a lot of work as compared to creating content-rich authority sites.
  • Much of the material you need to get started has already been created for you, further saving time and effort on your part.
  • You get tools to build an email list of subscribers.



  • It’s quite expensive for what it is.
  • It’s all based on the mythical ‘get rich quick’ hype type of system.
  • Some of the training and techniques for getting traffic and making money are outdated and don’t work today.
  • I really can’t see how the dollars are going to roll in with a system that uses duplicate content. Your one page site is never going to achieve great rankings in the search engines. The only way you could really promote this thing in a big way is with PPC advertising. Whether you could make more in commissions than your ad spend, though, is another question entirely.
  • Clickbank Pirate preloads the links on your sites. Most of the links just provide free traffic to Clickbank Pirate from your site (the owner is a pirate alright), while only one link serves as an affiliate link that you’ll earn your commission from.


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Tools, Training and Support

You are supplied with everything you need to set up a website and start promoting Clickbank Pirate. Their training, however, is weak at best. And when it comes to support with this system, there virtually is none to speak of.


How Much Does It Cost?

Clickbank Pirate BoxThe price varies, but here are the options:

You can make a one time payment for everything in the initial system for $197.

Or you can start off with a $67 upfront payment for half the system, then receive the final 5 parts over a period of 5 months at a charge of $37 per month.

Obviously it works out cheaper to pay the one time payment of $197 for the complete package all at once.

There is a 60 day money back guarantee.


So, Is Clickbank Pirate A Scam?

This is just another one of those shiny objects to be very wary of. It’s not a total 100% scam, but you are not really building a viable and sustainable business with this system. There may be some cash to be made in the short term – and that’s a big maybe – but you first have to make back the money spent on Clickbank Pirate and then try and make a profit.

Plus, you’re basing your whole business and income plugging one product. If something happens to that product, and Clickbank Pirate is the only thing you’re selling, then guess what? You’re out of business.

This is not a system I would be interested in using, but if you’re curious and would like to check it out for yourself you can do so by clicking here.


A Better Way To Make Money Online

Wealthy AffiliateI’m an active member of Wealthy Affiliate and have been for quite some time now. I won’t be leaving any time soon. Why? They offer training that works and full support!

Sure, I won’t lie to you. The results are genuinely slower than what are touted in these get rich quick systems that supposedly unveil secrets that have never before been unveiled to anyone in the history of the internet, but the way Wealthy Affiliate trains you and teaches you leads to a long-term, profitable and sustainable business.

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2 thoughts on “CB Pirate – Your ClickBank Treasure Map!

  1. l like and enjoyed reading your Clickbank pirate review, I must say at a price tag of $ 197 one time or the 3 times you mentioned, l`d expect more.
    Agree with you, the name Clickbank pirate is really catchy, even anyone who may not have given the product a second thought will click on it just for the name.
    Can also see they do not have very many positive reviews, so no matter how catchy the name is, I’m sure l will pass.
    Thanks for your review, that`s one more product canceled out of my “should l try this much talked about?”

    • The name and the picture of the pirate and treasure got me interested in CD Pirate. While it’s true that it’s not really worth bothering to get involved with from a business sense, I quite enjoyed doing a review of it. Thanks for reading.

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