The Traffic Monsoon Review – Revenue Sharing Goldmine?



The Traffic Monsoon review – The internet is fully loaded with all manner of systems and schemes to make money. Some promise lightning fast payouts while others are more of a build up. Traffic Monsoon is yet another system that promises you will make money. But can you really make money with the Traffic Monsoon system?

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The Traffic Monsoon ReviewCompany Name: Traffic Monsoon


Owners: Charles Scoville

Price To Join: Depends

My Rating: 2/10



~ The Traffic Monsoon Review ~


What Is “Traffic Monsoon”?

Launched in October of 2014 by creator, Charles Scoville, Traffic Monsoon is yet another ad clicking, revenue sharing, buying ad packs kind of system very similar to “My Advertising Pays”. These ad/revenue sharing schemes are nothing new and have been flooding the internet marketplace for years.

So, how does Traffic Monsoon work? What’s the gist of this system?

There are several ways to earn money with Traffic Monsoon. If you would like to remain a free member (i.e. not purchase ad packs), then you can earn a little change clicking on ads and watching videos for a few seconds each ad. This will earn you a cent or two. Certainly not megabucks by any means and surely a very slow and time consuming way to make any serious cash. You can also earn visitor credits. You will earn one credit for every two ads you visit. With these credits you can get other people to view an ad you create to promote your own business, whatever that may be.

Those who are willing to spend some money can purchase $50 ad packs. With these you get 1000 visitor credits as well as earning up to $5 profit per ad pack purchased. The $5 profit is the maximum profit you can earn per $50 ad pack. To ensure you make that profit you also have to click a minimum 10 ads per day, every day.

You can also receive 10% referral commissions from other people you refer to the site who become active participants.

Traffic Monsoon Ad Plans


Who Is The Target Audience?

Anyone looking for ways to make a profit online. Those who like the idea of revenue sharing. People who hope to be able to make money without putting in loads of effort to establish a genuine online business.


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The Pros

  • No steep learning curve to learn how to do it.
  • Small amounts of money can be generated fairly quickly.


The Cons

  • Charles Scoville

    Charles Scoville

    PayPal have since banned Traffic Monsoon from using their payment portal.

  • The payouts are miniscule and you have to keep reinvesting $50 blocks, be active on the site every day, and only make a profit of $5 each time.
  • If everyone wanted to withdraw all the money they’ve invested in ad packs, the scheme would instantly collapse.
  • It’s a Ponzi Scheme (see the “Is Traffic Monsoon A Scam” section for the explanation why).
  • Charles Scoville will get rich from Traffic Monsoon, but you won’t….ever.


Tools, Training and Support

There is some, but there’s not really much to learn here. You just buy ad packs, click on ads, create a banner ad if you have the qualifying points and away you go.


How Much Does “Traffic Monsoon” Cost?

You can get started for free, but if you really want to get fully involved, then you will need to start purchasing $50 ad packs.


Is “Traffic Monsoon” A Scam?

Red FlagNot a scam, totally, but not really a great way to make a profit.

There are several fundamental flaws with Traffic Monsoon and all the other ad revenue sharing programs out there.

The first one is, there really isn’t any money being generated other than the money put in by its members. Everyone is allegedly getting profit from their ad packs, clicking on ads, and referral commissions. Also, Charles Scoville, the creator, is taking his share of the cream. As a whole this system doesn’t generate any external revenue, so how can everyone possibly make a profit if there is more money being paid out (or technically owed to its members) than what is coming in?

Think about it this way. If everyone is putting $50 into the system and wanting to draw out $55, how is that mathematically possible?

It isn’t. That’s why Traffic Monsoon is a classic Ponzi Scheme.

The only thing that keeps this system going is the fact that people can’t draw out all of their money. Once you’ve invested $1000 into the Traffic Monsoon system, chances are you will never see most of that $1000 ever again, and even though you can withdraw some small profits, you are always encouraged to invest even more money into Traffic Monsoon.

The other thing is the traffic generated to your own website/business by using your advertising credits. How much serious traffic do you really think you are going to get from people clicking on your ads to earn a few coins, or to make sure they remain in the profit system for the next 24 hours? I mean, is this really going to be genuine, convertible traffic? Not likely.

All you will do is manage to increase your website’s bounce rate astronomically so your ranking in the search engines plummet into oblivion.

Do I recommend Traffic Monsoon?

No, I don’t, but don’t let my opinion stop you from joining if you want to give it a try.

Schemes like this one are a lot like gambling, so you might have better luck with this lotto system.


Why I Prefer Affiliate Marketing

Me, I prefer affiliate marketing as one of the ways I make money online. Overall I believe in having many income streams.

With affiliate marketing you are actually setting up a genuine business that generates real profit. It doesn’t rely on other people putting money in for you to get a tiny profit, and you are totally in control of your business’s destiny.

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2 thoughts on “The Traffic Monsoon Review – Revenue Sharing Goldmine?

  1. Hi,
    Very interesting review about Traffic Monsoon. I was really considering joining them to have a look at what they can offer but I totally agree when you say its not real traffic. I have clicked my share of ads and I honestly do not read them anymore. I did not understand one comment you made, you mentioned you website ranking will drop, why is that,
    Great review, learnt a lot!

    • Hi,

      If your bounce rate increases because your site is receiving a whole bunch of useless traffic that only remains on your site for a few seconds, then Google will start to see your website as not offering anything of value because people don’t stay on your site. Therefore you will drop in the rankings because Google sees you as not offering anything of value.

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