What Is “At Home Income Package”? A Scam?



What is At Home Income Package? A scam? I kept hearing about this online as a way to make some money, so I did some research and wrote a review.

Read on to learn the truth about this one…


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At Home Income Package Logo

Company Name: At Home Income Package

Website: www.apply.athomeincomepackage.com/qualified/

Owner: Ethan Anderson

Price To Join: $97 to get started

Skill Level: Beginner Marketer

My Rating: 1/10



~ At Home Income Package Review ~


On this website I strive to search out real and genuine ways of making money online, as well as exposing scams and schemes that really are not worth your time and money.

In this post we’ll be taking a quick look at a program called “At Home Income Package”, to see if it’s a worthwhile opportunity, or something to steer clear of.

I'm really glad to see you here reading my review of At Home Income Package, as it means you do some research and likely won't ever get scammed.


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At Home Income Package – Overview

A guy named Ethan Anderson started the At Home Income Package as a way for people to be able to earn a good income from the comfort of their own homes.

Their official website doesn’t really tell you what it is. You first have to cough up the $97 to get started to even find out what it’s all about. However, after some digging on my part, I discovered that the idea is to teach you how to make money affiliate marketing.

Why not just state this on the website in the first place?

A few things raise red flags for me immediately upon seeing their site. Essentially it’s a website with only one page of any real information (the main page), and even that page doesn’t really tell you anything; except that you can make $379 per day with their program. Why the exact sum of $379, I don’t know.

The Home page is also plastered with logos of the big news networks and social media, as if all these companies are advocates of the At Home Income Package. Further red flag material. They only do this to make their site and offer look credible. It's all bogus.

Furthermore, they go to great lengths to tell you what they are NOT, rather than freely informing the consumer exactly what they ARE trying to sign you up to.

What they're really peddling is a false form of affiliate marketing. I actually do affiliate marketing, but the right way. It brings in $1000s of passive income consistently every single month. The best way to do it is to first learn how to do it. I trained over at Wealthy Affiliate. You can even get started for FREE!


At Home Income Package Are Not


What Is The Target Audience?

This system is really targeted at newbie marketers, or the average Joe hoping to find a quick and easy method to make cash via the internet. It’s certainly not aimed at anyone in the know, or someone who is a seasoned internet entrepreneur or marketer.

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  • Not much that I can think of, other than perhaps learning a small amount about affiliate marketing.
  • 60 day money back guarantee (but getting money refunded is not always an easy task).


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  • The only ones really making money with this program are the creators of the program.
  • Too many red flags on their website.
  • They say there are limited places to join the program, so get in quick. Total sales BS to the max!
  • No real information on what you get for your $97, other than making $379 per day with their system. In other words: Pay first and find out later.
  • I can’t find anyone with anything positive to say about this program.
  • Scam sites often use screenshots of people’s earnings in bogus testimonials to create hype and excitement. This company does the same.
  • Legitimate companies will offer some sort of free trial so you can at least take a look at what you’ll be paying for before committing yourself.
  • The program deals with affiliate marketing and claims you can start making money today. Affiliate marketing doesn’t work that way. It takes time to set up websites with quality content, join affiliate programs, get traffic and get buyers. There’s no way it can happen overnight. Plus there’s the time spent learning how to do it all.


At Home Income Package Earnings Snapshot


Tools, Training and Support

You are promised an automated money making website as part of the package. There’s no such thing that I’m aware of. If it’s just a website full of duplicate content, then it’ll never get ranked in search engines.

  • 1 on 1 training.
  • Video tutorials and training guides.

Not sure about the support side of things.


How Much Does It Cost?

$97 upfront, one-off fee. No free trial, just hope to get your money refunded if it’s not what you’re looking for. There is talk that no refunds are available.


Is At Home Income Package A Scam?

Pretty much, yes. I’m not the world’s biggest guru on everything internet related, but I do have a fair bit of online experience when it comes to legitimate ways to make money. There’s no way I’d touch this program.

This thing just has the word ‘BOGUS’ written all over it. There is no real or tangible value for the $97 spend to buy the program. Just another self-titled guru making money off people searching for easy cash.


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4 thoughts on “What Is “At Home Income Package”? A Scam?

  1. Hi Darren, looking over your site, I must say I have reviewed a couple since I have been a member on WA and yours certainly ranks up there with all the good looking sites, great font you have used and copy/text looks nicely spaced and easy to read, very informative and plenty of content for the visitor. Great selection of images used as well. Hope these comments help and all the best with your on line journey.


    • Thanks so much for your kind comments, Michael. I’ve been working hard to make it a good resource for anyone wanting to know about running a business online, what opportunities are out there and how to avoid scams. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Hello there

    l have never heard of at home income package but that`s maybe because im new online and have not studied many programmes because l was lucky to find an honest programme first-time l started online, Wealthy Affiliate.
    Another reason l might not have heard of At home income package is because l do look for programmes that offer trial period or that are free to join.
    Thanks for a very informative review,l believe for their price tag, l will not be checking them out,not to mention that there are more cons than prros.
    Cheers Roamy

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