The Auto Lotto Processor VS Lotto Guy Lottery System



Many people dream of winning the lottery and play all sorts of systems to try and increase their chances. Even winning smaller prizes on a more regular basis can still be very profitable.

In this mini review we are going to be looking at the Auto Lotto Processor VS Lotto Guy Lottery System, two different software programs that can allegedly increase your chances of winning the BIG ONE!


The Auto Lotto Processor VS Lotto Guy Lottery System


The Websites

Lotto Guy

If you visit the website for Lotto Guy Lottery System, it looks like it was created back in the days when the internet was first invented and hasn’t been updated since. The colours are garish, the layout is very basic, and it’s just the one page with very little information.


Lotto Guy Lottery System Review


Auto Lotto Processor

When you arrive on the homepage for Auto Lotto Processor, there is basically nothing but a video with a sales pitch. However, when you click on the “Prefer To Read” button down the bottom, then you are greeted with loads more information, images, testimonials and so on.


Is Auto Lotto Processor a Scam


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Who Is Behind the Scenes?

Lotto Guy

In all honesty I can’t find out any information on who runs the Lotto Guy system, or whether this person has any track record of winning decent prizes with their software. As I said, there really isn’t much information at all on the website, no video, no details of prizes won. Nothing.


Auto Lotto Processor

Richard Lustig is the man behind Auto Lotto Processor and he certainly never tries to hide his identity. And why would he? It’s his identity and notoriety that helps him promote and sell his lotto system.

Richard is famous for having won 7 fairly major lottery prizes in the US using his formula, with his biggest win being $842,152.91 in the Florida Mega Money lottery back in January of 2002.

You can actually research Richard Lustig and dig up quite a bit of information on him.


Richard Lustig


System Overview

Lotto Guy

Again, there just isn’t much information about how the Lotto Guy Lottery System actually works. What I do know is that it logs data from lotteries in a number of countries and locations, offering up historical data for the past 5 years for lotteries in the US, UK, Canada and Australia.

The system targets lotteries that draw out 5, 6 or 7 numbers. After running an analysis, the software will offer up 3 categories of numbers that it deems are most likely to win, depending on what lotto draw you want to enter and in which location. It’s said the software can help users win a lot more minor prizes, increasing your chances by 30%, with the possibility of pulling off a jackpot.

From what I can glean from the information on the Lotto Guy website, much of the data might be years out of date.


Auto Lotto Processor

Richard’s software gathers data from all across the globe constantly. It allows you to collect data and predict possible winning lottery combinations in any lottery in any country you choose to play. Based on the laws of probability, the software’s algorithm determines which numbers are overdue to be drawn in any given lottery and offers up a selection of the most likely results.

Although drawing numbers is random like flipping a coin, the law of probably is proven. If you flip a coin enough times, you’ll see that the results between heads and tails works out fairly even. It’s the same with lotto numbers, just a lot more variables and possible combinations, obviously.

While it’s never going to be easy (or even likely) to accurately predict all the winning numbers for a first division windfall, Auto Lotto Processor has been proven to predict number combinations for many smaller prizes, which if won on a consistent basis, can still add up to a tidy profit.

Richard’s software also comes with some training to teach you how to use it effectively.

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Auto Lotto Processor Proof


What I Like

Lotto Guy

  • I actually don’t have anything positive to say really, about Lotto Guy, as there just isn’t enough information to go on other than a rather lame sales pitch on the website


Auto Lotto Processor

  • The website has stacks of information about what it is and how it works
  • Richard Lustig is the real deal, and he even includes links where you can go to read about his lotto wins and subsequent TV appearances
  • Many people claim his software has helped them win regular smaller lottery prizes
  • The software logs most the of the information for you and offers up possibilities based on historical data
  • The software could work


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What I Don’t Like

Lotto Guy

  • The website looks terribly amateurish for a start, and contains little in the way of information to back up its claims
  • It’s claimed the system is proven, but there’s nothing to show that anyone has won anything with it
  • No screenshots or testimonials, and no photos or images of anything


Auto Lotto processor

  • I haven’t found any big wins for Richard since 2010


The Price

Lotto Guy

Lotto Guy Lottery System is definitely far cheaper, coming in at just $19.95. However, there is such a lack of information about it that you don’t even know if the software even exists, so that could very well be $19.95 too much.


Auto Lotto Processor

Richard Lustig’s Auto Lotto Processor software sells for  a one time price of $97, but he actually offers proof of winnings and a hell of a lot more information about what he’s offering than what Lotto Guy does.


Richard Lustig Mega Money Lottery



Lotto Guy

To be honest I wouldn’t have a clue whether this software would help you, or whether it’s even real. There’s no mention of who own Lotto Guy Lottery System, and even the point of contact is just a generic Gmail email address.

There’s no proof whatsoever that anyone has won a prize using it, and the information contained on the website suggests the historical data might not even be current, which would render it useless at predicting winning numbers based on the laws of probability. I don’t recommend it.

Read my full review here.


Auto Lotto Processor

Richard has won 7 fairly major lotto prizes over the years. You can research the guy and his lotto software and see that it’s all real and legit. There is a lot of information on his website, and you can dig up a lot of information on Richard through searching the internet.

Auto Lotto Processor won’t guarantee you will win the big one, but it could definitely reduce the odds, as well as making it far more likely to regularly win smaller prizes. This would make the software a profitable purchase if that’s truly the case.

Read my full review here.


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