What Is Jeunesse – A Scam MLM or Not?



What is Jeunesse? A scam? Is this marketing and lifestyle network for real? Will it make you money, keep you looking young and give you the lifestyle freedom you’ve always desired? Can being a member of Jeunesse Global achieve all this?

Read on to discover the truth about Jeunesse…


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What Is Jeunesse - A ScamCompany Name: Jeunesse Global

Co-Founders: Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis

Price To Join: $49.95 + Many Upsells

My Rating: 3/10



~ The “Jeunesse Global” Review ~


What Is Jeunesse and How Does It Work?

The Jeunesse business is based on the premise of buying and selling anti-aging products in the form of creams, gels and supplements to keep members looking youthful and vibrant. Whether the products achieve this goal or not is debatable, but nothing wrong with a few products to help keep us younger.

At the same time, those involved have the added benefit of becoming sellers and distributors of Jeunesse Global, making some extra cash on the side or turning it into a fulltime business. This is all done on the MLM/Network Marketing business format. If you’ve ever been involved in any sort of Network Marketing or MLM system before, then you’ll fully understand how it all works. Jeunesse is no different to a myriad of other MLM schemes out there, just the product line is different.

Having been founded in 2009, Jeunesse can now be found in some 215 countries or so. Like many MLM systems it has proven to be quite popular. Before Jeunesse, the founders were involved in running another MLM scheme called “Forever Freedom International”. Jeunesse is basically that old program reinvented with a new name.

As with all MLM systems there is a minimum monthly spend each month. With Jeunesse it’s not mandatory to buy and sell products every month, but if you don’t maintain the minimum, then you’re not eligible for any individual or team commissions, nor any of the other rewards. Members are also encouraged to introduce new members to Jeunesse, thus forming a down line from which the recruiter earns commissions.To really help with sales and recruiting, you need your own website. Creating one is far easier than you think if you follow the awesome training at Wealthy Affiliate.



The Jeunesse Products

  • Instantly Ageless – This is a cream designed for use on the face. It claims to reduce wrinkles, prevent wrinkles, aids in the reduction of fine lines and crow’s feet around the eyes.
  • Luminesce – This is a range of skincare products, mostly creams and gels. Once again the Luminesce range is designed to reduce the visible signs of aging, as well as hydrating and producing even skin tone.
  • AM/PM Essentials – These are 2 different vitamin supplements; one for taking in the morning and the other in the evening.
  • Reserve – This is a super fruit supplement designed to increase energy levels and overall wellbeing.


Why the Jeunesse Business Likely Won’t Work For You

Maybe I’m biased, but I’m really not a fan of the multi level marketing business structure. I don’t care what anyone says, they are all based on the pyramid structure; where those at the very peak get filthy rich and the majority at the bottom do all the work and maybe pick up a few crumbs.

They work like the government. The politicians and their big business buddies make all the money, call all the shots, while the majority of the population slaves away day after day barely getting by. It’s those at the bottom or near it that do nearly all the work.

Unless you either start your own MLM, or get in very early, it’s next to impossible to make a thriving business out of Jeunesse or any other MLM that has been in existence for a while.

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Who Is The Target Audience?

Like all MLM and Network Marketing schemes, the main focus is on selling the dream to people – money and lifestyle freedom. Jeunesse, like Amway, Mary Kay and others, appeals to people looking to escape the daily work grind, giving them an opportunity to start their own business by being a Jeunesse distributor. Anyone already involved in business or making money online may or may not be interested. Generally MLM schemes target new entrepreneurs, or those that just love getting involved in the hype that surrounds most MLM opportunities.


Jeunesse Products


The Pros

  • Provides a number of ways for participants to make money
  • Has some pretty cool rewards for reaching achievement levels
  • Hasn’t yet developed a really bad name like some other MLM systems


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The Cons

  • The products are super expensive
  • Way over-hyped
  • It’s a very hard grind to make money
  • Jeunesse is another pyramid scheme
  • 95% of distributors fail
  • You have to hassle the hell out of everyone you meet and know, trying to get them to join or buy products


Tools and Training

You receive your very own personal website, business tools, marketing materials, training and 24/7 support for your business. Keep in mind that all these training materials and marketing tools cost you money on top of your joining fee and minimum monthly product spend.


How Much Does “Jeunesse Global” Cost and What’s the Compensation Plan?

It costs $49.95 just to join, then there are a series of rather expensive upsells if you really want to get fully involved. The compensation plan allows distributors to reach 6 different levels of achievement. At each level you get rewarded with various trips to exotic locations around the world.

There are 6 ways to earn income from Jeunesse:

  • Jeunesse UniversityRetail Profit
  • New Customer Acquisition Bonus
  • Team Commissions
  • Leadership Matching Bonus
  • Customer Acquisition Incentive
  • Leadership Bonus Pool

Product prices can range anywhere from $50 right up to several hundred, including $75 for 60 pills of either the AM or PM supplements. There are also a dozen or so different sign up packages you can purchase (or sell), ranging in price from $199.95 up to $1049.95.


Is “Jeunesse” A Scam?

It’s borderline. In my opinion most MLM schemes are. They all work on the illegal pyramid system, by find ways to legally get around being labelled as such. The thing I really dislike about Jeunesse and others is the exorbitant prices charged for the products. Now the heavy price tag isn’t just designed to rip people off, although it technically is.

MLMs have to charge ridiculous prices for products because of the way their business systems are devised. Essentially MLMs have a bunch of middlemen all the way from the top right down to the bottom. Everyone right through the down line gets a cut of each sale, so the only way this can remotely be feasible from a financial sense is to charge massive prices for products you can purchase way cheaper elsewhere.

I don’t recommend this system. You are better off buying health supplements and anti-aging creams from your local pharmacy, saving bucket loads of cash in the process and searching out a different way to make money.


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