What Is “Lightning Commissions”? A Scam?



What is “Lightning Commissions”? A scam like so many other systems out there that proclaim massive traffic and dollars to match? Or is it a genuine opportunity to drive traffic to your site and make money in the process?

Let’s find out…



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what-is-lightning-commissions-a-scamCompany Name: Lightning Commissions

Owners: Alan Magliocca

Price To Join: $17

My Rating: 6.5/10



~ The Lightning Commissions Review ~


What Is “Lightning Commissions”?

Lightning Commissions is another training platform/system that promises to share with you the secret to getting fantastic amounts of traffic to your website or landing page in quick time. This is designed to convert into paying customers so you cash in fast.

It is comprised of a video course and the owner, Alan, has done a good job in putting this series together. It’s actually quite good quality training and the videos are polished.

The target income figure of Lightning Commissions is around $180 a day, or approximately $5000 a month. Basically what many would consider a liveable monthly income.

What Lightning Commissions teaches is to set up a landing page (you know, those long one page websites that sell people stuff), then use solo ads to send traffic to that landing page. If you don’t know what a solo ad is, you can read a post I wrote explaining solo ads here. An alternative method would be to implement paid advertising – either PPC through Google or Bing, or Facebook ads – to send traffic; but Google, Bing and Facebook often don’t allow advertising to send people to a one page website. You may get away with it for a while, or you could have your account banned. That’s probably why Alan has opted for the solo ads method.




Who Is The Target Audience?

Anyone looking to make money online, but I wouldn’t say this is targeted at people who are complete beginners when it comes to online marketing. Plus, these methods Alan teaches cost money, so you really need to have a budget in the $100s of dollars to give his training methods a genuine shot at success.


The Pros

  • The course is cheap and it’s a one off payment.
  • The videos are quality and what Alan teaches isn’t bogus. It actually can work.


The Cons

  • You need advertising money and money to pay for the solo ads.
  • You also need money to set up and host a landing page, as well as an email marketing service to be able to collect email addresses and send out a series of emails via an autoresponder.
  • It’s not really suited to beginners.
  • Alan makes money every time someone joins his course, then goes on to pay for a ClickFunnels membership to set up the needed landing page. He gets paid an affiliate commission for this (not that there is anything wrong with getting commissions).
  • The sales page is full of over-hyped income figures which is so typical of these one page websites promoting a "make money online" product"




Tools and Training

As mentioned the course is delivered via a series of good quality videos. The idea is to set up a landing page, collect email addresses after sending traffic to the landing page via solo ads, then emailing your list with two affiliate offers. This is where you make your money. The offers are:

  1. Aspire – An online marketing training platform.
  2. CoolHandle – A website hosting service.

When you entice the people on your list to sign up for these offers, you get a commission. So what you are essentially doing is promoting a marketing training platform, as well as somewhere people can buy a domain name and host their marketing website. It is a $15 a month commission for Aspire and a $100 one off payment for anyone who decides to host with CoolHandle.

The real trick to this system – which is email marketing – is to be able to get enough traffic to your landing page so you can grow your list quickly. This isn’t a new method by any means. What’s slightly more novel about it is the use of solo ads, although that’s done regularly too by marketers to drive traffic to their squeeze page to collect email addresses. There certainly is no secret traffic system here. That’s just marketing hype that so many marketers use these days to sell their systems.

The training is easy to follow and runs you through the entire process of what you have to do to:

  • Get an account with ClickFunnels
  • Create a landing page to collect emails
  • Set up a series of autoresponder emails to send your list and market your offerings
  • A solo ad specialist who you can pay to send out your solo ads (these people charge per click on your link within your emails)
  • Join these 2 affiliate programs and make money from your affiliate promotions.

This can work, but you need money you can risk to give it all a try.


How Much Does “Lightning Commissions” Cost?

The course costs a one off payment of USD $17. But…yes there is a but…you will then need to get an account with ClickFunnels. It’s free for 14 days, then costs $97 a month (for which Alan gets commissions). You also need t be able to pay for a number of solo ads to continually grow your list (one solo ad won’t do much). It’ll be an ongoing expense. And, if you decide to go the PPC or Facebook ads route, you will need at least a budget of several hundred dollars to have any hope of driving enough traffic to your squeeze page to get a reasonable number of subscribers to make your affiliate offerings profitable.


Is “Lightning Commissions” A Scam?

It’s not a scam. All of the methods taught by Alan are legitimate ways online marketers do things. I’ve done all of those things myself from time to time. The problem is, it’s not beginner-friendly, and you will need a budget of at least $500 or more to really give it a fair shot to see if it works. If you’ve got money you can risk and you’re not a complete novice when it comes to internet marketing, then maybe you might like to give it a try. One thing I really don't like is the way the sales page is full of over-hyped income figures, which is very typical of these one page websites promoting a "make money online" product. See Exhibit A below.



Make Money Online Another Way

If you are interested in getting started in affiliate marketing, then Alan’s method is just one way of doing things. I can introduce you to another method that is free to get started (with a no-obligation paid upgrade option). In fact you even get to create and host 2 websites for free along with free introduction to the training. The place is called Wealthy Affiliate and you can read my full review by clicking the banner below.

Make Money Online Like I Do

At Wealthy Affiliate you can actually “earn while you learn”. The training is super easy to follow and the community of members there is super helpful.


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2 thoughts on “What Is “Lightning Commissions”? A Scam?

  1. Thanks for this

    Judging by your review it looks like there’s a few to many cons for me to take the risk. Also the budget is a lot and you have to be quite advanced to see good results and I’m always sceptical of over-hyped figures.

    WA is much safer and realistic I must agree, I’ve been a member for a few months and it hasn’t felt like a risk at all.

    • Wealthy Affiliate is a cheaper and safer option for sure, but also slower to see results. Email marketing the way explained in Lightning Commissions is a good method, but you need to have some experience and some money to spend. There are never guarantees anyone will make money back on their investment.

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