What Is Lottery Smasher? One of the Best Lottery Systems That Work?



What is Lottery Smasher? One of the best lottery systems that work or not? The guy who runs it claims to have won 7 major lotto prizes in recent years, but is that the truth, or just a sales pitch to get us to buy in?

Let’s take a closer look at Lottery Smasher….


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What Is Lottery SmasherCompany Name: Lottery Smasher

Owner: Richard Lustig

Price To Join: $127

My Rating: 5/10



~ The Lottery Smasher Review ~



On my website I look for opportunities where people can make money. When I find something half decent, I’ll write about it. Likewise, because there are so many make money scams out there, I’ll also review those as well so you know what to avoid.

Let’s see how Lottery Smasher measures up.


What Is Lottery Smasher


What Is Lottery Smasher?

Some people shorten the name to “Lotto Smasher”, but its official title is “Lottery Smasher”. So if you see Lotto Smasher anywhere, it’s the exact same program.

So what is it then?

It’s actually a software program that’s designed to help lower the odds of winning lotto. Not just a particular lotto, but any of the major lotto games around the world. The idea is to help put the odds in your favour so you stand a better chance of winning a prize.

On the main sales page there is your typical sales video that really hypes it up, plus loads of testimonials from “winners” who have used the system. Below the video is a link to another sales page which is all text based and contains a lot more information.

What Lottery Smasher is really based on is the success of its creator – Richard Lustig. You see, Richard has won 7 major lottery prizes over the years and swears he can help members of Lottery Smasher do the same. He’s willing to share his secrets with those who join the program, but of course, you have to pay for that privilege.

One question that does come to mind is this: If you’ve worked out a way to win big prizes, why do you want to share it with others?

Well, Richard claims it’s because he wants to give something back, pay it forward. If that’s the truth, then it’s a very fair gesture, but like I said, he’s not giving his system away. He’s selling it.

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Richard Lustig


Who Is Richard Lustig Anyway?

Richard Lustig kind of looks like your typical dude you see on the many sales pages out there, claiming to have developed some sort of system to make money online. Only in this case, it’s how to make money winning lotto. He appears like a salesman just looking to sell you something, and just pretending to be a big lottery winner.

When you do some research on Richard though, you soon discover that he is a real guy who has actually won 7 major lottery prizes, and has even been featured in Ripley’s Believe It Or Not. He’s actually famous for his “good luck” in winning so many major prizes.

Although he’s speaking the truth, there’s one thing I’m not sure about though. All his major wins came between the years of 1993 through to 2010, but I can’t find any information on him winning a major prize since then.

Then again, maybe these days he focuses all his attention on selling his winning lotto platform?

No matter how skeptical you may be about this, the very fact that Richard has managed to win 7 major lotto prizes speaks volumes. The guy must know something about lowering the odds. Otherwise, how did he manage to pull off this feat?

Before creating the lotto software, Richard Lustig first wrote a book about his formula called “Learn How To Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery”.


Lottery Smasher Details


How Lottery Smasher Works

As I mentioned earlier, the software can be used to help reduce your odds and determine winning number combinations in many major lotteries around the world. When you look at the testimonials on the website at least (not sure how real they are), you’ll see people from all over the globe singing Lottery Smasher’s praises.

The aim is to help lotto players vastly reduce the odds and predict winning sequences of numbers, all with the help of the software that uses special mathematical algorithms. Number history is logged by the software, based on the game(s) you wish to play. Then, using the law of probability, the software determines which numbers are most likely to appear.

The general consensus is that lotto draws are all totally random, and in a sense they are. However, if you were to survey a bunch of first division lotto winners, you’ll find the majority of them played the exact same set of numbers over and over again, week after week. With the law of probability, this tactic actually increases the odds of winning.

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Richard Lustig Mega Money Lottery


What Is the Law of Probability?

With regards to the lotto, it’s based on the fact that each number has an equal chance of appearing in a given draw. Therefore, if a number hasn’t appeared for some time, it’s overdue to come up. The law of probability states that everything eventually evens out.

If you don’t believe in the law of probability or don’t fully understand how it works, let’s use a very simple example.

Take a coin and flip it 100 times, recording the results for each flip as you go. By the end of 100 coin tosses you’ll see the results between heads and tails are fairly even. Why? Because both heads and tails have an equal opportunity to appear. You might be tossing away and see a string of heads for a while, but soon after tails will do the same, bringing things back on an even keel.

It’s the same principle with lotto numbers, except there are far more of them and the odds of winning a major prize are far greater than predicting heads or tails. But the principle works the same. If certain numbers haven’t been drawn in a particular lotto game in a while, then they are due to come up and they will soon. It’s a mathematical certainty.

I don’t think Lottery Smasher is going to easily and regularly predict all winning numbers for a major lotto jackpot, but I could see it helping players win smaller prizes on a more consistent basis, and therefore more likely to make a profit from playing lotto.

If the software can achieve this over time – and I think you really need to use something like this for a while and not just expect results instantly – then getting Lottery Smasher could prove to be well worth it.


Auto Lotto Processor Good Morning America


Will Lottery Smasher Really Work?

That’s the million dollar question, I guess.

Look, based on the law of probability and the fact that Richard has indeed won 7 major prizes, you would have to say that the software will help you win smaller prizes more often. Whether it can help you pull off a first division win? Probably not. And if you did, you would still need a huge serving of lady luck.

The software could help reduce the odds quite a lot, I believe, but for smaller division prizes, which could still add up to a tidy sum.

When I say smaller prizes, some of the lesser divisions still pay in the hundreds of dollars or even thousands.


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Target Audience

The obvious target market here is lotto players, and I guess anyone who wants to increase their chances of striking it rich.


The Auto Lotto Processor VS Lotto Guy Lottery System


What I Like

  • You don’t need to log the number history yourself as the software does it for you
  • You don’t need to be an analyst or a mathematician, as the software does this for you as well
  • Richard has indeed won 7 major prizes
  • Anyone is capable of using the software
  • The website shows payment proof for Richard’s wins, and the wins of others who have used his system
  • If you do some research on Richard Lustig, you’ll see he’s a real dude and has achieved everything he says
  • The software could certainly help you win smaller prizes more often


What I Don’t Like

  • There is a bit too much hype in the sales video and plastered all over the website. I’m not a fan of that
  • I don’t know if Richard has won anything major since 2010
  • No software is going to reduce the odds enough to help you win a first division lotto prize, although it’s not totally impossible


How Much Does Lottery Smasher Cost?

Lottery Smasher costs $127 to become a member and gain access to the software. If it can help you win a lot of smaller prizes, where you are making a decent profit, then that $127 will be money well spent. If, by some chance, you managed to pull off a huge jackpot with Lottery Smasher’s help, then it’ll be far and away the best money you’ve ever spent in your life!

Anything’s possible.


Lottery Smasher Testimonial


Is Lottery Smasher a Scam?

I wouldn’t rate Lottery Smasher as a scam. I mean, Richard’s not promising miracles here. He’s not saying you’ll win big by using his software, just that it can help you to win prizes more regularly.

We all know winning a first division lotto prize is a very hard thing to do. That’s why the prize money is so high. Richard isn’t saying you’ll win the big one either. If he made that claim, then I’d say he’s speaking total BS.

The processes behind Lottery Smasher make some logical sense, at least they do to me. The law of probability is very real (put it to the test with coin tossing), and with the help of Richard’s program, you should, theoretically, be able to reduce your odds enough to regularly pull of smaller prize division wins. Maybe…


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