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1369148_80189927In this day and age, whether you are a marketer, running a small or large business, or an entrepreneur of any kind, building an email list of contacts is both imperative and invaluable. Without it you are leaving money on the table and have no way of following up on customers or people interested in what you may have to offer.

The details of email marketing, what it’s about and how to set it up will be covered in a different post. This post will be introducing a few of the more popular email autoresponder companies, their prices, and which ones might be best suited to your business and email marketing campaigns.



Website: Aweber

Aweber LogoThe Aweber service is rated by many as the best email autoresponder service out there. Affiliate marketers particularly love Aweber for building their email lists and marketing their email campaigns. Why? Because Aweber loves affiliate marketers. So much so that they even have their own affiliate program. Some autoresponder companies flat out refuse to let affiliate marketers use their service, but Aweber is the opposite. “Affiliate friendly” is an apt term.

Of all the services they are one of the most expensive to use if you’ve built up a decent-sized list of contacts, but the company offsets this cost by providing the best reporting and analytics out of all the autoresponder services. With super detailed statistics, an easy to use intuitive interface, loads of email templates and themes for squeeze pages and opt-in forms, Aweber has the lot. You can schedule exactly when you want to send out an email blast, as well as when to send follow up emails, and even retarget people who actually opened your last email as opposed to those who didn’t. There is a lot on offer here, and anyone who is serious about growing their business through their email campaigns should consider using Aweber to handle their email. The customer service is also rated as first class support.

What I don’t like about Aweber is their 2 tier pricing structure, where you pay either a monthly, quarterly or annual fee to use the service, plus a monthly fee that is allocated depending on how big your subscriber base is.

Right now they are offering the first month FREE!

Aweber Pricing


Get Response

Website: GetResponse

Get Response LogoAlso another email autoresponder company that is highly popular amongst marketers, Get Response is priced just a little bit cheaper than Aweber and all plans include unlimited emailing. With 350,000 customers worldwide in 182 countries, Get Response proclaim themselves to be the ‘world’s easiest emailing marketing’ platform. And they do make it easy with their drag and drop system of arranging your autoresponders.

Get Response have set up a system where you can split test your email campaigns, which is important to gauge what works best and make changes if necessary, or ditch the email that’s not performing. There is also a list building training program that is free for all Get Response customers. The program guides you through the process of building a list of 10,000 subscribers over either a 90 day or 180 day period, depending on how hectic your schedule is.

Just like with Aweber there are plenty of templates to create beautiful emails and converting landing pages. There are over 500 email templates and over 1000 free images from iStock which can be used in your campaigns. Get Response also have an affiliate program.

The first month’s membership is offered FREE!

Get Response Prices


Traffic Wave

Website: www.trafficwave.net

Traffic Wave LogoOnce again there is an affiliate program with this autoresponder company as well. However, with Traffic Wave you must first sign up for one of their email packages before you can promote them as an affiliate, whereas with Get Response and Aweber being a member and being an affiliate are two separate entities.

Something about their website looks a little bit old school to me, compared to the two companies mentioned above. Once again they have quite a bit of tracking and reporting, as well as the ability to send HTML emails, and create opt-in pages with templates and forms.

One of the real positives about Traffic Wave is their pricing structure. They just charge a flat monthly fee which doesn’t go up when you increase the size of your subscriber list. Below is a chart illustrating the comparison rate between Traffic Wave and some other autoresponder companies; including Aweber and Get Response.

The first 30 days for new users is on the house.

Traffic Wave Prices


Mad Mimi

Website: www.madmimi.com

Mad Mimi LogoThis service starts off quite cheap when you have a tiny subscriber base, but the prices skyrocket once you start collecting a serious amount of email addresses. There is a free plan that lets you store up to 100 contacts and send unlimited emails. Any more than 100 and you need to start spending money to use the service. So yeah, cheap to get going with. There is also an affiliate program that pays 25% of what new referrals spend. You have to sign up for an email account to be an affiliate, though.

Mad Mimi employs a simple to use wizard to design the layout of your emails. The designs are modern and uncluttered, and you can save your customised themes to use again at a later date. The platform has some decent tracking capabilities, though quite limited when compared to a company like Aweber. And if you’ve got a serious database of subscribers, Aweber’s prices are actually cheaper than Mad Mimi’s. So, something to think about there for sure.

Mad Mimi Prices


Mail Chimp

Website: www.mailchimp.com

mailchimp-logoMail Chimp allows you to send automated emails to customers using the parameters of preferences and behaviour. There are 100s of templates for email to choose from, with the ability to add images and customise the template design to suit your tastes. There is easy social media sharing incorporated for both you and for your subscribers, so sharing your latest newsletter or offering is as simple as a click.

Although you can use Mail Chimp for affiliate marketing purposes, they aren’t too keen on affiliate marketers in general and there is the risk that your emails will get blocked if the Mail Chimp email scanners detect a link that is on their blacklist. They also list a whole array of industries that you are prohibited to promote in your emails when using their autoresponder service, which can prove pretty restrictive to online marketers. Some examples are: get rich quick schemes, making money online, gambling, MLM, mortgages and loans, credit, health supplements, dating services,  and the list goes on. So, pretty restrictive list whether you are an affiliate marketer, or anyone else trying to promote your own products.

Users can start with a free account and upgrade for as little as $10 a month. It all sounds a little restrictive to me, and not at all useful for the serious business person or marketer.




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4 thoughts on “What Is the Best Email Service Autoresponder?

  1. Hi Darren,

    Having an email autoresponder service is so important as it helps you retaining your visitors and acquire new potential visitors. People do forget over time if they don’t get reminded to visit your website again. If you build up a list and send them some news, interesting stories or whatever it will actively help you getting more traffic 🙂

    I have already added it to my favorites and will definitely come back 🙂


    • Hi Do. Building an email list was something I neglected to do for quite some time, which was a mistake in hindsight. I didn’t know how to use an autoresponder service and, at the time, didn’t feel like trying to learn how. Eventually I just made myself do it and I’m so glad I did. I think it’s such a vital cog in online marketing, having that list or lists. No matter what happens down the track, you will always have your list to interact with and market to on occasion. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Hello Darren , I was looking for such a service as I am about to begin with email marketing and I have read many reviews.

    As I can see there are many suggesting Aweber while there is a huge percentage that go with MailChimp or Get Response.

    Traffic Wave , Mad mimi are among the resources I did not know so I am going to check them out as well.

    I can’t believe that Aweber offers the first month for free.This is a great advantage but as you say they follow a strict pricing plan based on number of subscribers.I have to proceed with caution.

    Thanks for this article , your personal point of view is useful.

    Which one is your favourite?…Cheers

    • Hi and thanks for stopping by to leave a comment.

      After much research I decided to go with Get Response. I don’t know that it’s better than Aweber, but it was just a little cheaper all round. They have everything you need, from building forms (great selection of templates) to writing newsletters and autoresponder email, and they even have a section where you can create custom squeeze pages. It does everything I need it to do and they even have a free course that teaches you how to get 1000 subscribers in 90 days.

      Hope this helps.


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