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By now we have all heard about the law of attraction, which really gained prominence with the release of the hit movie “The Secret”, in 2006. But even if you haven’t seen the movie or read the book, the law of attraction and everything associated with this phenomena has been talked about everywhere for some years now.

Icon Bob Proctor has long been associated with the law of attraction and life coaching. Together with Sandy Gallagher, Mary Morrissey and the Proctor Gallagher Institute, Bob has created a life changing program called: Magic In Your Mind. But what is the “Magic In Your Mind” and can your involvement in this program really change your life for the better?


What Is The Magic In Your Mind - Proctor Gallagher Institute


So What Is It Exactly?

Bob ProctorMagic In Your Mind is a 6 week course in which Bob, Sandy and Mary help you to learn to tap into the power of your own mind, rather than merely looking for external fixes to every problem or situation you face in life. The lessons are step-by-step and very easy to follow.

We all know Bob Proctor is a great speaker. He’s passionate and always enjoyable to listen to. Sandy and Mary are also great speakers and teachers, and combined, the three of them bring us the creative lessons that make up the Magic In Your Mind course.

Lasting change comes first from within. It starts with how we think. To improve our lives we have to improve our minds, unclutter our brains and retrain our subconscious mind with positive thoughts and imagery. Once we have managed to achieve all this – consistently – then we will see vast improvement happen in our lives. It’s like our minds will be opened to a brand new world, seeing everything in a different light and actually being able to recognise and seize those opportunities that will better our existence.


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What The Program Involves

Each week you will receive one of six lessons. It will be an audio recording either from Bob or Mary, and the six weekly lessons are as follows:

Week 1: Imagination – Learn to visualise and use your imagination to bring your goals and dreams into your life, into reality.

Week 2: Intuition – This is that inner voice that gives you that “gut feeling”. Learn how to recognise when your intuition is speaking to you and follow it.

Week 3: The Will – You will learn the correct and most effective way of using your willpower. The will is a powerful tool, but most of us use it to our own detriment much of the time, rather than to our benefit. Put your willpower in your favour.

Week 4: Memory – Rather than just using your memory for reliving events in the past, you will learn how to put your memory to good use in the present and for your future. Interesting concept for sure.

Week 5: Reason – We become what we think about most. Discover how to use the power of reason to think your way into a better life, rather than allowing your reasoning faculties to poison your mind with negativity.

Week 6: Perception – A person’s perception isn’t just a point of view. It can reach far deeper than that. In this lesson you will learn how to use your powers of perception in a way you have never used them before.

That’s not all. Each and every day throughout your six week coaching program, Sandy will be sending you a video that offers tips, insights and teaches techniques to help you apply what you’ve learned from each audio recording. That’s a total of seven video lessons each week.

The course is delivered online and lasts for 42 days.


Magic In Your Mind Accomplish Any Goal


It’s Not All “Pie In The Sky”

This coaching program isn’t just about hope and wishful thinking. And it’s not just theory, either. How we think and use our minds on a day to day basis has a massive impact on our lives and the results we see.

If we want to improve our lives we have to first start with improving our minds.

By the time you’ve finished this short six week journey you will realise just how powerful your mind can be and how you can accomplish so much more if you use your mental faculties in all the right ways.

Your perception of YOU shapes your reality. First change your perception of yourself and everything else you want in life will start falling into place.


Start Today

If you would like to join the Magic In Your Mind course, or would just like more information about it, click the link below and you will be taken through to the course Home Page. There is no obligation to sign up. You can simply read more on what it’s all about.


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2 thoughts on “What is The “Magic In Your Mind”? – Proctor Gallagher Institute

  1. I had the good fortune to meet Bob Proctor about twenty years ago. He has a phenomenal way of knowing what keeps you stuck and how to get you past it.

    I have no doubt the Magic in Your Mind course will be a game changer for many people.

    We are bombarded with negative and destructive messages throughout the day. The most damaging influences that shape our life impacted us between the time we were born until we were seven years old. But, the damage did not stop there. It continues to this day.

    We must rally all of our mental powers to grow beyond the negative influences that control us. Bob Proctor can show you how.

    • I’m yet to have the pleasure of meeting Bob Proctor in person, but I’ve been reading his books and watching his videos for years. He truly is an inspiration and the Magic In Yoyr Mind will be of great benefit to anyone who gives it a go. We all have so much to learn about ourselves.

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