Why Money Is Good


Why Money Is Good

The world is filled with negative connotations about money, that money is evil or the root of all evil. Nothing could be further from the truth. In this post I’m going to highlight some of the positives of money and why money is good and not a bad thing. The only thing that makes money a bad thing is a person’s attitude towards it, such as that of a thief or someone who is willing to kill for money. But that’s not the fault of money itself, but rather the character of the person pursuing the money. Their character is flawed.

If you can change your perception of money and your relationship to it, you will naturally begin to attract more and more money into your life.


Money Is Merely A Tool

That’s right, it’s just a tool. You exchange money for goods or services, nothing more and nothing less. It’s no different to trading one favour for another, or swapping a dozen eggs in exchange for a loaf of bread.

Centuries ago people used to barter for goods and services by swapping goods and services for the ones they needed. These days money has replaced the bartering system, but the principle is exactly the same.


Money Is Important

Yes, we all need money to survive and enjoy life, but that doesn’t make it a bad thing, just a necessity like needing fresh drinking water. Perhaps the world as a whole has become too dependent on money, but that’s just the way it is.


Money Itself Is Not Evil

People can be evil, not money. People will cheat, steal and murder for all manner of reasons and self-gain and money is just one of many reasons people will do these things. Money has done nothing wrong any more than that car that was stolen by a thief. People are the root of evil and not money or gold or jewels. Money is just an object or a figure in a bank account.


Having Loads Of Money Is A Good Thing

And why should it be viewed any other way?

Having a lot of money gives your peace of mind, lifestyle freedom and you can buy and do anything you want. The only time this paradigm changes is when people’s perception of what money is and means to them changes.

Keep your relationship with money a positive one and you will realise just how joyous and wonderful money truly is. Never fear it or revere it. Keep in mind that money is merely a tool to be used and you will attract more of it into your life without even really trying.


Learn How to Attract Money Today

To attract money you first need to change your thoughts on money and your relationship to it. To find out how to do this, read the following book and put into practice – every day – the words you read on its pages.

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2 thoughts on “Why Money Is Good

  1. I like your thoughts on why money is a good thing. It brought back memories of a discussion I had with friends over whether having lots of money can bring you happiness.
    It is a very interesting debate. I for one think that you can be happy regardless of how much money you have. But maybe it is the level of happiness that changes as your income increases. When used appropriately, money is always a good thing and helps us achieve the lifestyle we dream of.

    • Thanks for your comments Andrew. It’s true that money isn’t everything and it is merely a tool. Unfortunately we all need at least some in the modern world and it can be pretty hard to be happy without any money. It’s just the way the world is set up. But money is a good thing. It’s only an issue when people have a bad attitude about money or worship money.

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