21 Days To Riches Review – 21 Days To Wealth or Bankruptcy?



In this 21 Days To Riches review we’ll be determining whether this program can truly make you rich in 21 days, or whether that’s nothing more than a sales pitch to get your money.

Let’s take a closer look at 21 Days To Riches…



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21 Days To Riches ReviewCompany Name: 21 Days To Riches

Owners: Nick Park

Price To Join: $250 Initial Investment

My Rating: 0/10



~ 21 Days To Riches Review ~


What Is 21 Days To Riches and How Does It Work?

21 Days To Riches ReviewThe very first thing to be noted here is that the creator’s name “Nick Park” is likely just an alias, and that the photo he uses to represent himself is a stock photo purchased from Shutterstock.

You will be greeted with a video that runs for about 20 minutes. Now while it’s mildly entertaining, it’s really just the usual hype you get from these fake make money systems. The guy never really tells you how it’s possible, he just goes on to say how he turned his life around in 21 days with his magic system.

We know it’s about trading binary options, that much is clear, but Nick Park doesn’t really tell us how our trading is going to make us rich, just that we will be rich if we buy into his scheme.

After Nick is finished we are greeted with a video testimonial, created by a very popular video producer on the freelancer site – Fiverr. This guy has been given a script to talk up how wonderful 21 Days To Riches is and that we should get in now. It will only take around 20 minutes a day to achieve true wealth in those 21 days.

By the way, according to this video, every other single way of making money online won’t work. Nick Park has tried them all. The ONLY system that can make money online is his 21 Days To Riches program.

Well, I have news for you, Nick. I’ve been making money online in one form or another since 2004, and I’ve never done the 21 Days To Riches deal. So it’s definitely not the only way, dude.

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Nick Park Is fakeNick Park Shutterstock


The Software

This is yet another automated bot that trades on your behalf. All these dudes claim their software is more than 90% accurate, which is impossible. No software program can predict winning trades  that consistently. If it were true, then we’d all be rich and the Wall Street boys would be out of business.

People who have spent years homing their trading skills cannot predict the markets that accurately, so there’s no way in hell software can.


The Broker

You will be trading with a broker called Titan Trade, who have supposedly been verified as legit by the third party website TradeVerify.net, which isn’t a verified site in itself and has no jurisdiction in the trading world.

When you join this program you will be asked to invest a minimum of $250 with this broker and basically hope he doesn’t screw you over.

Titan Trade


Scarcity Tactics

Also on the website is a countdown timer, stating there are only a few more positions left. This is BS. It’s only used to get you to act fast before thinking. If you refresh the page, the countdown resets and starts all over again.


Fake News

Many online scams will use the fake “featured on the news” line to give their platform credibility. Nick has done the same, plastering the logos of CNN and the like all over his website. I guarantee you 21 Days To Riches has never been featured on any of these news channels. Not unless they are reporting on his scam.

Fake News Banner


The Affiliate Program

21 Days To Riches has an affiliate program, so you will find numerous positive reviews for this online because affiliates want to earn a commission. For every person they entice to join and hand money over to the recommended broker, the affiliate will get a cut of the action. Apparently the affiliates get a $250 commission. If everyone who joins Nick’s system starts with a $250 investment, and all that goes to the affiliate, then they must be planning on having traders lose all their money and then asking for a much bigger investment second time around.


Target Audience

This is targeted at people looking for a quick and easy approach to making money on the internet. Usually the people who bite are those who have no trading experience, nor any make money online experience. That’s the target market of most online scams – Newcomers who may not know any better.


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What I Like

  • I like the title of the platform, but that’s where it ends


What I Don’t Like

  • Nick Park is an alias and uses a stock photo to represent himself
  • The testimonials were created by freelancers
  • There are many positive reviews out there written by affiliates seeking to earn commissions
  • The software can’t live up to the claims of accuracy and likely won’t win you many trades
  • You are handing your money over to an unregulated broker – very risky
  • The news endorsements are all fake
  • The scarcity tactics are nothing but a ploy to make you act in a hurry after hearing about all the money you will be making in the sales video


21 Days To Riches Fake Testimonials


How Much Does 21 Days To Riches Really Cost?

It’s a minimum investment of $250 to start trading at the mere push of a button with your totally automated and extremely accurate software platform. No doubt you won’t need to invest any more cash because the bot is so accurate, you’ll be raking in the money from that point on. Sarcasm intentional.


Is 21 Days To Riches a Scam?

Binary options trading is a legit way to trade, but unfortunately it’s been infiltrated with a series of scammers pushing these fake trading platforms, just to lure in those seeking to get rich quickly. 21 Days To Riches is yet another one of these scams. Don’t give them one cent of your money. If you want to trade binary options, do your research and find a reputable, regulated broker and a real trading platform that doesn’t make ridiculous false promises.

Schemes like this one are a lot like gambling, so you might have better luck with this lotto system.


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