Is Turbo Wealth Solution a Scam or Not? Read This To Find Out



Is Turbo Wealth Solution a scam or not? They claim you can quickly be making $40,000 a day from this scheme, but can Turbo Wealth Solution deliver on its promises?

Let’s take a closer look and uncover the truth….


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Is Turbo Wealth Solution a ScamCompany Name: Turbo Wealth Solution

Owners: Gary Romano

Price To Join: $1000 to start

My Rating: 2/10



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What Is Turbo Wealth Solution and How Does It Work?

The name certainly sounds good in theory. We’d all love some turbo wealth. However, the name implies big money in quick time and for very little effort, so already the program sounds suspicious.

Then comes the really scary part – This platform could cost you anywhere from $1000 right up to $20,000 to participate!

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Sounds more like a way to SPEND in turbo mode to me.

So what is Turbo Wealth Solution exactly?

It’s essentially a pyramid scheme, nothing but a money matrix with some token “products” available to make it appear like a legit platform and not a money making scam. The money matrix works on the MLM formula.

You buy in at a certain level, recruit others into the matrix, make a profit and buy into the next level.

You actually do get a software program that is designed to help you generate leads, so this could prove handy, as all your success will hinge on massive recruitment into the Turbo Wealth Solution pyramid. Your leads will be sent to a sales video to try and entice them to join under you. Without recruits, you make nothing and the entire system dies out.

This is how Gary Romano says the system works:

  1. Watch the video and join up
  2. Use the software to generate leads
  3. Make money from your leads at the push of a button
  4. Copy, rinse and repeat the process


Is Turbo Wealth Solution a Scam


The Compensation Plan

This one works on the cash gifting principle, meaning you get paid directly by your recruits and not have to wait for a payout from Turbo Wealth Solution. This does have its advantages and reduces the risk factor a little.

Let’s first have a look at the various levels of the matrix you can buy into:

  • Bronze = $1000
  • Silver = $2000
  • Gold = $3500
  • Platinum = $6500
  • Diamond = $12,000
  • Elite = $20,000

Each time you enter a level you also have to pay an administration fee of $247. This ensures that the creator of the platform makes money besides their own investment in the matrix. If this is popular, you can only imagine how much money Gary Romano is making from this.

When you buy in you are good to start recruiting. Your very first recruit’s buy in payment will be bumped up to the person who recruited you. From then on all your direct recruits will pay you directly, and their very first recruit commission will be bumped up to you. In order to receive commissions on each level of the matrix, you must first buy into that level yourself.

What I find really interesting with this particular system is HOW you get paid. It’s common for these money matrix schemes to use cash gifting, but this one is literal. No paying people through PayPal. You are instructed to actually send your recruiter cash in the mail!

I assume this is to avoid encountering any issues with the payment processor, as once they figure out it’s a pyramid scheme, they will freeze payments and any money in peoples’ accounts. You can get a money order or a cheque in the mail, it doesn’t have to be actual cash. However, it’s all done by mail only. Not sure how this works out for people participating from all different countries.

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Turbo Wealth Solution Compensation


Target Audience

There are loads of people who just love jumping on board these types of schemes, with the promise of big and easy money. However, it takes mass recruiting to get it profitable, so it’s far from easy cash by any means.


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What I Like

  • I actually kind of like the “get paid in the mail” idea and the fact that recruits pay each other directly


What I Don’t Like

  • It’s an illegal Ponzi scheme, a pyramid system
  • These schemes are always doomed to failure because they can’t financially sustain themselves
  • It’s very expensive and extremely risky to get involved in this particular matrix
  • When money is sent in the mail, how does anyone really know if people have actually paid their recruiter? Mail takes time and payment isn’t traceable like with PayPal and other online payment processors
  • Gary Romano will be getting rich no matter what, but most investors will likely lose more money than they actually make
  • Recruitment at these sorts of joining prices will be super difficult. It’s not like it’s only $5 to give it a try, but $1000 minimum


How Much Does Turbo Wealth Solution Really Cost?

$1000 is the starting point, plus the admin fee, so not cheap to try out by any means. At these prices, this matrix is high risk.


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Is Turbo Wealth Solution a Scam?

This would have to be considered a scam in the sense that it’s nothing more than a Ponzi scheme. Maybe it could be argued that it’s not an outright scam because you receive software and it is actually possible you could make some money, but it’s definitely borderline. Plus, the price is so high that most people would be very reluctant to try this out, making recruitment a nightmare. The only real thing I like about it is recruiters pay directly to their recruiter.

Pyramid schemes rely totally on recruitment, so new investors can pay profits to old investors. If recruitment slows or dries up, the entire scheme collapses and people can lose money big time. Especially when the buy in prices are so high.


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2 thoughts on “Is Turbo Wealth Solution a Scam or Not? Read This To Find Out

  1. Hi Darren,

    I am surprised that systems like this even still exist. Having to pay more than $1000 just to get started sounds very risky.

    Do I understand it correctly that all you get access to for this kind of money is to recruit others into the system and then get paid for that? Do you get any training about how to do this, or are you on your own?

    You would have to recruit a lot of people to make the $40,000 a day they say you can, and you would have to lure a lot of money out of people.

    Interesting payout method though – does not sound completely safe, and also makes it sound like they have something to hide.


    • Hi Mikael. Yes, $1000 is a high price to pay just to get started. That makes this scheme extremely risky right from the word go. And the sending of money through the mail is super risky. It’s just a cash gifting scheme. there is enough information for people to get involved, but not really much in the way of training. At the end of the day it’s just another form of Ponzi scheme. Not worth bothering with unless you love taking major risks with your money.

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