Cash With Oz Is a Scam and Here’s Why!



Cash With Oz is a scam, and in this review I’ll explain why? This is nothing more than a funnel into another, even more expensive program, yet the site owner fails to tell people this.

Let’s take a closer look at Cash With Oz…



Cash With Oz Is a ScamCompany Name: Cash With Oz

Owners: Jason Scott – a MOBE affiliate

Price To Join: $97

My Rating: 0/10



~ Cash With Oz Review ~



My site was created with a desire to help people avoid the growing list of online make money scams out there. I also like to highlight programs I come across that are worth your time and money. The very fact that you are reading this review means you've made the wise choice to do your research first before getting into something.


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What Is Cash With Oz and How Does It Work?

I’ve written reviews about very similar programs before. The only thing that seems to vary is the price to join.

Essentially all Cash With Oz represents is a sales funnel into another training platform called MOBE (My Online Business Education). You may or may not have heard of it. MOBE is not bad. It was started by an Australian entrepreneur named Matt Lloyd. The issue I have with MOBE is you have to pay for all the trainings separately, and some cost as much as $30k. MOBE have an affiliate program, but in order to be eligible for commissions, you must first have purchased that particular training program for yourself. In other words, to be eligible to earn commissions on everything available in MOBE, you would be looking at spending around $100k.

They don’t teach this at MOBE as far as I know, but for some reason MOBE affiliates are creating these empty feeder sites such as Cash With Oz, with no other purpose in mind than to funnel people into MOBE so the site owner/affiliate can make commissions.

It’s very deceptive in my opinion. Certainly not honest and transparent at all. And another thing: Why are they charging a $97 membership into a site that is nothing more than a MOBE feeder site?

MOBE is a real platform. Cash With Oz exists for no other reason than to push people into MOBE through the back door. The $97 covers your basic entry into MOBE.


Cash With Oz Lie


Will You Really Get $500 For Watching the Video?

This guy Jason Scott even says he will give you $500 just for watching his video. Good luck collecting that one. I’ve seen that ploy used so many times, and if you read the fine print, they say you will get a $500 refund if you haven't made any money within 30 days of competing the MOBE 21 Steps program. You canw atch this sales video all day long and you won't receive $500 at the end of it.


Was It Featured On the News?

Nope. Cash with Oz was never featured in a positive light on any of the advertised news channels. Any site owner could plaster those logos on their website and claim they've been featured on those channels.

It’s all fake to lend an air of legitimacy.


Fake News Banner


Limited Spots Available

Not likely.

Many businesses and scams alike will use this tactic as a way of getting potential buyers to…well, hurry up and buy.

Cash With Oz don't want you spending time researching and finding the platform is nothing more than a funnel into MOBE. They want you to act now and hand over your money. That's why they claim positions are limited.


Target Audience

People who are looking for training in starting a profitable online business. This really targets newcomers to the online money making space. It also targets those seeking a get rich quick scheme, because that’s what it’s advertised as.


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The Pros

  • I can’t think of anything


The Cons

  • Cash With Oz is deceptive marketing
  • This funnels people into MOBE
  • You will be hit with loads of expensive MOBE upsells
  • It’s nothing more than an empty feeder site
  • Cash With Oz offers no training or money making platform of its own
  • It’s run by a MOBE affiliate
  • Jason Scott probably isn’t even his real name


Tools and Training

You won’t get any training or tools in the actual Cash With Oz platform. Join MOBE and there will be plenty, but it will cost you some big bucks.


Mobe Paychecks


How Much Does Cash With Oz Cost?

The price jumps around a bit depending on when you look at the site, but at the moment the cost is $97. For that you get nothing but an introduction into the MOBE suite of expensive trainings.


Is Cash With Oz a Scam?

MOBE is expensive, but pretty good training and a very lucrative affiliate program (if you can afford to buy all the products first). But Cash With Oz is a scam because it actually offers nothing itself. It’s just a feeder site. If you want to join MOBE, then just go over to the MOBE site and sign up. I'm not an affiliate of MOBE, so if you click that link and join I don't make any commissions.

There’s nothing at all wrong with being a MOBE affiliate and trying to get people to join up through your link and earn commissions, but the way the owner of this site is doing that is just wrong. It’s not transparent in any way, shape or form.


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2 thoughts on “Cash With Oz Is a Scam and Here’s Why!

  1. Hi Darren,
    Thanks for sharing and sounds like there’s no grey area here on it being a scam. I liked the way that you broke down this complex funneling structure into simple steps. With this bogus affiliate program, is this something that can be reported to MOBE directly as surely they don’t want this site tarnishing their name?

    • Hi James,

      There are actually so many MOBE affiliates out there using ploys like these to suck people in, that I’m beginning to wonder if perhaps this dubious marketing method is actually taught at MOBE. There are so many MOBE affiliates doing that maybe they teach them to do it. I don’t know for sure.

      MOBE is okay, but super expensive. However, all these scam sites are just base don lies and deceit, pretending to be something they’re not.

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