Is MOBE a Scam? Or Gateway To Riches?



Is MOBE a scam or a genuine and legitimate way to learn how to make money by setting up an online business empire? Can you make money by selling their expensive products?

Let’s take a closer look and uncover the truth…



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Is The MOBE A ScamCompany Name: MOBE

Owners: Matt Lloyd

Price To Join: $19.95/Month (as a MOBE Consultant)

My Rating: 3.5/10


~ The “MOBE” Review ~


Who Is Matt Lloyd?

Matt Lloyd is an Australian online entrepreneur who really started his online endeavours back in 2008. He discovered a gap in the market where genuine training programs for making money online were few and far between. He set about changing that scenario and MOBE was born.



What Is The “MOBE”?

MOBE or M.O.B.E.  used to represent “My Online Business Empire”, but more recently that has been changed to “My Own Business Education”. The original version of the company was launched in 2011 and MOBE has really continued to grow in popularity ever since.

What is MOBE about then?

It’s two fold:

  1. Training
  2. Selling as an affiliate

There are various training packages you can purchase from MOBE, teaching you various fundamentals about making money online. As an affiliate, you get to refer others to the MOBE training modules, and if a sale results from your affiliate efforts, you receive a commission.


How It Works

When you first visit the MOBE website you are confronted with quite a lot of information and options. When you click on just about any of the other pages, you are met with endless information promoting that particular product or training package. It really is rather overwhelming and takes a while to get your head around. It’s also rather confusing as to what costs what, and what you really need to spend money on and sign up for.

There can be big money to be made in MOBE as an affiliate – if you can successfully sell their high ticket items. On the flipside, in order to have access to selling these products and the high commissions attached, you yourself also have to spend an awful lot of money.

Let me make this clear: Every single product and service available on MOBE to help you start and grow your business costs you money. Even the banners you want to use on your website will cost you money. Every other affiliate program I’ve ever been a part of provides you with the basic tools like banner ads free of charge. MOBE charges you top dollar for things like this.


Why It Likely Won’t Work For Most People

Anything is possible, that’s true. There are people making great money from the MOBE system. Also true.

But here’s the main reason why it won’t work for most people. Actually, there are two main reasons.

Firstly, it takes a lot of work, time and effort to get started in an online business and you likely won’t see any monetary gain for at least a few months or more. For some reason the majority of people are under the illusion that making money online is quick and easy compared to anything else. It’s not. Therefore, the majority of people quit long before their online business has had a chance to really get going and become profitable.

The second reason is the massive costs involved. As I said, MOBE charge you high ticket prices for everything you need and do in their system, and just about everyone isn’t going to be able to afford to take the risk in spending this kind of cash.


Is The MOBE A Scam


Who Is The Target Audience?

Those who want a change of lifestyle, quit their jobs or offline business and enjoy lifestyle freedom of both time and money. I don’t know if MOBE would appeal to experienced online marketers, but definitely beginners.


The Pros

  • There is a distinct positive vibe about MOBE when you visit their site and watch some videos
  • The products are actually pretty good
  • Matt Lloyd seems like a likeable guy
  • Loads of products, services and information available on their website
  • High commissions to be earned


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The Cons

  • You pay every step of the way
  • All products and services are charged at very high prices
  • You have to pass through (and pay) at a number of steps to be eligible for the big commissions on each product
  • There is a lot of hype about the money you can make (and not much about how much you are required to actually spend)
  • MOBE has the most upsells I’ve ever seen in an online business training platform, and the most expensive
  • If you do your research there are actually a lot of complaints about MOBE; particularly regarding their support, customer service, and alleged money back guarantee
  • While it’s great to have enough information, the amount available on the MOBE website is both confusing and very overwhelming
  • Way too many upsells


Mobe Done For You Webinar


Tools and Training

Well, this is where things can really get confusing and overwhelming. There seem to be training options and services everywhere.

Here’s a quick list of the products I found:

  • Online Sales Machine
  • Silver Masterclass
  • Gold Masterclass
  • Titanium Mastermind
  • Platinum Mastermind
  • Diamond Mastermind
  • MOBE Survivor
  • 10,000 Leads in 100 Days
  • 10K in 10 Days
  • Achieving Life Balance
  • Instant Online Business Resale License Rights
  • 6 Figure Business Machine
  • My Top Tier Business (21 Steps System)

Now for the MOBE suite of services:

  • Done For You Banner Ads
  • MOBE Cashflow Kickstarter
  • Fast Start for MOBE
  • We Sell Clicks
  • We Sell Good Traffic
  • Done for You Webinar
  • Done for You eBook
  • Three Days at the MOBE Studio
  • Full Day at the MOBE Studio
  • Half Day at the MOBE Studio
  • Done for You Videos
  • Done for You Articles
  • Done for You Emails

Now keep in mind: In order to take advantage of any of the products or services above, you have to individually pay for each one. You also need to purchase each one that you want to be an affiliate of and enable you to earn the high resale commissions.

There are also loads of videos and articles on the MOBE site for you to view and read for more information.


Mobe Core Training Programs


How Much Does The “MOBE” Really Cost?

Again, the cost of everything involved and available is confusing – and can get extremely expensive.

Your $19.95 per month fee just gets you in on the base level. Everything you want to do from that point on is an upsell, and some are required purchases for you to be an affiliate of MOBE in any way, shape or form.

I’ll copy the lists from above and attach the price at the end.

  • Online Sales Machine – $9.95
  • Silver Masterclass – $2497.00
  • Gold Masterclass – $4997.00
  • Titanium Mastermind – $??? (no information)
  • Platinum Mastermind – $17,164.00
  • Diamond Mastermind – $29,997.00
  • MOBE Survivor – $197.00
  • 10,000 Leads in 100 Days – $1997.00
  • 10K in 10 Days – $1997.00
  • Achieving Life Balance – $47.00
  • Instant Online Business Resale License Rights – $1997.00
  • 6 Figure Business Machine – $1497.00
  • My Top Tier Business (21 Steps System) – $49.00


Mobe Products

  • Done For You Banner Ads – $199.00
  • MOBE Cashflow Kickstarter – $1997.00
  • Fast Start for MOBE – $997.00
  • We Sell Clicks – $520.00 to $9000.00
  • We Sell Good Traffic – $??? (no information)
  • Done for You Webinar – $10,000.00
  • Done for You eBook – $10,000.00
  • Three Days at the MOBE Studio – $19,997.00
  • Full Day at the MOBE Studio – $9997.00
  • Half Day at the MOBE Studio – $4997.00
  • Done for You Videos – $97.00 per Month
  • Done for You Articles – $9997.00
  • Done for You Emails – $97.00 per Month

I haven’t added the figures up as a total, and you don’t need to buy into everything, but if you did it amounts to a very expensive training platform. The most expensive one I’ve ever seen by far.


Mobe Services

The MOBE Affiliate Program

This is also a bit confusing due to all the different products and various price points. My understanding is this:

You first have to join MOBE at the base fee of $19.95 per month. You can start selling as an affiliate at this level, but your commissions are lower. You also have to personally purchase the product you want to promote.

In order to qualify for the higher commissions rates, you need to purchase and go through the My Top Tier Business (21 Steps System) for $49.00.

The absolute huge money comes into play when you purchase the Instant Online Business Resale License Rights for $1997.00. Then you can start branding products as your very own, just like people do with PLR (Private Label Rights) products. Of course, you are still required to pay top dollar for everything you want to on sell as your own product. The money funnel doesn’t stop at purchasing the Instant Online Business Resale License Rights package.

Overall, as a MOBE affiliate, your commissions can range anywhere from $4.95 right through to as much as $10,000 per sale.

It can be lucrative, but you have to spend a lot to get there; and selling high ticket prices to newbies in the MMO space can be a very hard sell.


Mobe Affiliates


Is The “MOBE” A Scam?

I don’t consider MOBE a scam at all, and I would have rated it more highly if you didn’t have to pay out money for every single thing in their system, and if the prices were a lot more reasonable and affordable.

Basically, with the prices they charge and the amount they charge for each step of their training and services, MOBE really are fleecing people for every single dollar they can squeeze out of budding online entrepreneurs.

Overall there is just too much going on with no clear course of direction for beginners, and most people would just become overwhelmed with what to do, what to buy into and what to promote as an affiliate. I believe the prices are well beyond what most people would either be willing to pay, or are able to pay.

I really can’t recommend getting involved unless you’ve got time on your hands and money to burn while you are getting yourself set up.


A Far Cheaper and Profitable Alternative

There are many training platforms around that are designed to teach people how to make money online.

I make money online and it’s growing by the day. If you want to do what I do – at a mere fraction of the cost of the MOBE system – then click on the banner below and have a read about what’s on offer.


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4 thoughts on “Is MOBE a Scam? Or Gateway To Riches?

  1. Thank you, Darren, for your honest assessment of MOBE. It’s true that when you listen to Matt Lloyd he seems very likable. But, sure enough, almost every step of the way it get more and more expensive. He makes a compelling argument and has valid points, but it just costs too much for most people. The training platform you recommend is a much better and safer alternative.

    • Hi Nathan. MOBE has some great stuff on the website, but it’s all crazily expensive when you add it all up. You would already need to be rich to buy into a lot of what’s on offer on MOBE, and I think trying to sell their products and servcies as an affiliate would be really, really difficult.

  2. Very interesting article – and much appreciated.

    I definitely agree that too many people assume that making money online is quick and easy. From my experience, when it comes to making money, nothing is quick and easy!

    I also agree that MOBE sounds pretty pricey. Thanks to your review, it is something I’ll be steering well clear of.

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