Is IDLife a Scam? Yet Another Health & Wellness MLM



Is IDLife a scam? Being yet another MLM in the health and wellness niche, can the business opportunity make you money? Is it different to any other MLM deal?

Let’s take a closer look and find out…


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Is IDLife a ScamCompany Name: IDLife

Founders: Logan Stout

Price To Join: $399 to join business opportunity

My Rating: 6.5/10



~ The IDLife Review ~


What Is IDLife (Individually Designed Life)?

Logan Stout started this MLM company a few years back in 2014. He was already well known for being CEO of the Dallas Patriots baseball team. Due to his penchant for health and fitness, he established a company that sells products in the niche. Much of the product line is targeted at weight loss, as well as general health and wellbeing. Like so many businesses in this niche, Logan set the business structure up on a MLM system.

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IDLife Products In Brief

IDLife products are only available in the US, so you can’t buy them in other countries, nor participate in the business opportunity unless you reside in the USA.

The difference with this line of products is they are customised to the individual to achieve far better results. A 3 step nutritional system is adopted, which leads to healthy weight loss, increased energy levels and overall vitality.

What happens is when you join up to get started on a wellness program, you will be put through the IDAssessment to determine exactly what your weight loss and/or nutritional needs really are. This is how a customized program is tailored to the individual. If you visit their website you can read about it in detail, but that’s a brief description of how IDLife operate.

Some examples of what’s in the product line include:

  • IDLife Products 1Health and weight loss shakes
  • Hydration shakes
  • Energy shakes and supplements
  • Sleep strips
  • Workout shakes and supplements
  • Protein bars
  • Weight management products
  • Shakes, bars and supplements designed specifically for kids
  • Even a skincare range

I couldn’t find any way to access the pricing for the products on their website without first joining up as a member, but I did find an example of an average recommended health package being around $80. Products in this niche, whether sold through MLM or regular retail, are notoriously expensive. IDLife seems very comparative to everything else going around.

The general consensus is that the products are well received and seem to be fairly effective; especially when tailored to the individual.

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How To Earn With the IDLife Compensation Plan

IDLife’s compensation plan pays out in 15 different ways, and most of the emphasis is on forming teams that perform well consistently. That’s how you will make the most money.

Starter kits are only offered at a 10% discount, so hardly enough margin to use these for business building. Personal use, yeah, but it would be hard to make a profit merely selling the kits. If you are serious about treating IDLife as a business, you really need to hand over $399 for an Associate Experience Enrolment Kit. This kit contains all your business requirements, as well as deeming you eligible for 30% discounts on product. Now we’re talking.

As with just about all MLM companies your earnings are proportionate to what rank you hold. See the graphic below.


IDLife Compensation


The various ways you can earn include:

  • Retail Commissions
  • Grand Slam Bonus
  • Residual Commissions
  • Matching Bonuses
  • Extended Matching Bonuses
  • Global Pool Bonus
  • Various Other Bonuses

Watch the video below for Logan Stout’s overview of the IDLife compensation plan.



Target Audience

There is a demographic of people who love network marketing and MLM. Others are just looking to get into some sort of business without the need to start everything from scratch. IDLife’s business opportunity is targeted at these groups.


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The Pros

  • I didn’t see any joining fee to be a distributor
  • People seem to like the products
  • They tailor the nutrition plan to individuals


The Cons

  • You need to have products auto-shipped to you every month to remain commission and bonus-eligible
  • There is just so much competition in this niche
  • It can be a real grind to make any decent money from MLM
  • Available to US residents only


Tools and Training

Your sponsor will help train you up on the business side of things. Also, check out the compensation plan video above and other videos on their site for more information. If you can attend some seminars, then you will find these really helpful as well as motivating.


IDLife Products 2


How Much Does the IDLife Business Opportunity Cost?

To really consider doing this as a business you will need to shell out $400 for the business kit I mentioned earlier. You also need to have product auto-shipped every month to remain eligible for commissions, or make a certain amount in sales each month. This amount varies depending on your rank.


Is IDLife a Scam?

IDLife is not a scam. In fact, the products and methodology seem pretty decent. If you can really make a go of the compensation plan, then perhaps you might make some good money. IDLife is relatively new to the market, so there’s still a chance you could do quite well out of it. Remember, it’s only available in the US. And also remember, there are health and wellness products all over the place, so competition in this niche is extremely fierce.


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