Castaway Commissions Is a Scam or Not? Read This First!



Castaway Commissions is a scam or not? Can Ben Martin’s social media marketing training really make you a fulltime income and more?

Let’s take a closer look and find out…



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Castaway Commissions Is a ScamCompany Name: Castaway Commissions

Owners: Ben Martin

Price To Join: $14.95

My Rating: 6.5/10



~ Castaway Commissions Review ~


What Is Castaway Commissions?

Castaway Commissions LifestyleTo begin with, I like the name. It’s catchy.

When you first visit the official website, you are greeted with a typical hyped up sales video from Ben Martin. Further down the page you will get to read a bit of his back story. How he was living in squalor, came across a way to make money online and the rest is history.

Ben currently hails from the Caribbean and he claims he can show us how to make around $720 per day 365 days a year. Sounds great to me, but is it true? Are his figures realistic for what he’s offering?

There is a lot of hype on this page, a lot of talk about how he discovered a fool-proof system to make money when he was down and out and broke. He also claims it all works on autopilot, which always raises red flags for me, because I know better.

The page is full of the usual snippets of big money earned, so-called “proof of income”, which can so easily be faked. He rambles on and on about how good his system is, how much money we can all make, has testimonials all over the page in a bid to back up his claims, but guess what?

He never actually says one single thing about what you’ll be doing to earn that money.


How It Works

After digging a little deeper I discovered his system is all about social media marketing, targeting Instagram and Facebook mostly. You work at building relationships with people on these 2 social media giants, then get those people into a sales funnel and start marketing to them. This can work, but I doubt whether anyone is going to be making money within mere days of starting like Ben claims on his website.

In fairness to Ben Martin he has had a couple of successful products in the past, including:

  1. Mailing for Money
  2. Virtual profit


Castaway Commissions Slogan


Tools and Training

The training in Castaway Commissions is essentially broken down into 2 key elements, which are:

  1. Facebook Money Map Training
  2. Instagram Money Map Training

You gain access to 25 videos and a bunch of PDFs that take you through the processes of making money from these social media channels.

While there is certainly some very handy tips for posting on both these channels and getting engagement, there are a couple of shady practices preached. Ben encourages us to basically steal other people’s photos and videos and upload them to FB and Instagram as if they were our own. Not exactly an ethical bit of advice.

Apart from that, much of what’s in the training does make logical sense and has a chance of getting some good results.

At the end of the day the gist of this system is to engage on both Instagram and Facebook, entice people to join your email list and then promote either affiliate products or your own products to them.

There are also a couple of bonus offers, one of which is really good. You get access to 18 videos that show you how to create your very own product and launch it on the Warrior Plus platform.


Target Audience

Newcomers to making money in the online space and those already with some experience might be attracted to what Ben has to offer.


Discover How To Fast Track Your Financial Success


The Pros

  • It’s cheap to join, so lots of value
  • The upsells are cheap too
  • There is a lot of good content in the training
  • Ben seems likeable enough
  • He’s had a few successful products in the past
  • The training is pretty simple to follow and makes logical sense
  • Both Instagram and Facebook are worth learning more about when it comes to marketing


The Cons

  • Way too much hype on the sales page
  • Not enough information regarding what’s involved on the sales page
  • It’s highly unlikely anyone will be making money from this system within mere days of starting
  • Ben suggests some very questionable practices of stealing other peoples’ videos and photos and passing them off as your own
  • His methods might not be effective for every niche


How Much Does Castaway Commissions Cost?

Apparently the price fluctuates a bit, depending on whether Ben is running a special promo or not. At the moment you pay a mere $14.95 to become a member and get access to quite a lot of training. There are a few upsells, but they don’t cost much. You will need to spend some extra cash though, to fully implement this system. Ben recommends ClickFunnels for the email marketing, which you’ll have to pay a monthly fee. Same goes for if you choose a different email marketing company.


Castaway Commissions Training


Is Castaway Commissions a Scam?

I don’t see any scam here at all. Castaway Commissions looks pretty legit and does have some really good training. I didn’t like the suggestions of stealing content from others, and there is a lot of hype on the sales page, but apart from that, pretty good. You’re not risking much anyway at only $14.95.


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2 thoughts on “Castaway Commissions Is a Scam or Not? Read This First!

  1. I always get skeptical when I see a super low price tag on a program packed with content. Hearing someone trustworthy like you review it and say that it’s mostly good content makes me a bit more confident in the program.

    The fact that this person is recommending others steal content immediately puts me against buying the program. As a writer who publishes a lot online, I have been on the other side far too many times when someone decides to take my content and make it their own. I feel for those getting their images stolen, especially from Facebook and Instagram where a lot of photos are personal.

    • Castaway Commissions is “not bad”. It’s not a scam or anything, although some of the guy’s practices are questionable. I like the name of this one at least.

      Yeah i wasn’t real keen on the taking of videos and photos and passing them off as your own either. Credit where credit is due for starters, and people shouldn’t be using other’s intellectual property for commercial gain without their permission.

      Thanks for stopping by.

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