Clicks Dealer Reviews – Can You Make Money Ad Flipping?



Is Click Dealer a scam or not? I keep hearing about this platform as a great way to make money online, and there seems to be a lot of hype around about it at the moment, but does it really live up to its claims, or is all that just a bunch of hot air?

Let’s take a closer look and find out the truth…



Clicks Dealer Reviews

Company Name: Clicks Dealer

Owner: Clicks Revenue Ltd

Price To Join: $250 Minimum Investment

My Rating: 0/10


~ Clicks Dealer Reviews ~



I heard about Clicks Dealer while browsing social media, and maybe that’s where you came across it as well. It’s good that you’re here on my site reading my review of the platform, as it means you do your due diligence and are far less likely to ever fall victim to a scam. And there are plenty of make money scams floating around the internet.

I always like to let people know about the good stuff I come across, whether it be a make money opportunity, or some training that teaches people ways to make money, as that’s what my website’s about. I also write reviews on scams I come across, and anything else that’s really not worthwhile.

Let’s see how Clicks Dealer measures up in the good or bad stakes.


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What Is Clicks Dealer?

This company is registered in and run out of the country of Cyprus and is operated by Clicks Revenue Ltd. The whole basis of joining their website is so members can make money “flipping ads”.

What the hell is ad flipping anyway? What’s that even mean?

They way they explain it, people buy and sell advertising banners on their platform. Clicks Dealer supply the software that enables members to flip ads and make money in the process. Once you’re up and running all you really have to do is kick back and collect the cash, apparently.

So is this all really true? Is there awesome money to be make on Clicks Dealer by ad flipping?

Something about this platform is really ringing my alarm bells and I’ll tell you why as we go through the rest of this review.

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How Really Works

This is exactly the same thing as another program I recently reviewed called BannerBit, which is also an ad flipping company run out of Cyprus.

The idea is that you purchase ads on Clicks Dealer and you get paid when people click on your ads. Not only can you have ads running on their platform, but on other websites as well. The more exposure your ads have, the more money you stand to make.

That all sounds great and all, but that’s not what’s really going on with Clicks Dealer. It’s nothing but a front for something else entirely, just like with BannerBit. When you funnel money into this so-called ad flipping program, that money is used for something  completely different and has nothing to do with buying banner ads and making money through advertising.


Clicks Dealer Cyprus


What Clicks Dealer Are Really Promoting

The minimum investment amount required to join Clicks Dealer  is $250. This is supposed to be for buying into advertising and making money with those ads by ad flipping or some BS. However, that $250 is a significant figure, because it’s an extremely common entry level figure for another kind of investing, most notably Forex trading. When you hand Clicks Dealer (or BannerBit) your $250, it’s going straight into the Forex market so they can trade with your money and without your knowledge.

Whoever is running Clicks Dealer is an affiliate promoting for a number of Forex brokers. These brokers pay up to 50% commissions on every investment dollar that an affiliate brings their way. These mostly totally unregulated brokers (hence why this is based somewhere like Cyprus), offer affiliate programs just to suck in investment dollars. Instead of the member trading with their own money (and being fully aware of it), the brokers take their money under the guise of something else that sounds more tangible. It’s big business for them, and a very sneaky way of doing things.

You’ll find that the trading is generally in the simplified form of binary options rather than regular Forex trading, which is essentially a 50/50 way of placing trades, and with results that are much faster.


Is BannerBit a Scam


What’s Really Wrong With This Picture?


This mob use totally deceptive tactics in order to get unsuspecting people to invest in something they fail to advertise. They start with the ruse of being able to make a heap of money by something really easy like flipping ads or buying advertising space. All that’s really happening is your investment dollars are being funnelled  off to a bunch of dodgy brokers, who then use it to trade options in the Forex market.

The website is just full of blatant lies about what’s on offer. I mean, trading binary options isn’t dodgy or a crime, but what is totally dodgy is using peoples’ money for this without their knowledge. Sure, be a broker’s affiliate, but be upfront about what you’re really trying to lure people into. Tell them a broker is going to be trading money on your behalf, not some fantasy BS about some make believe thing called ad flipping.

There is nothing real or genuine about Clicks Dealer. It’s all just a front for binary options brokers.

In order to get started with Clicks Dealer you’ll be asked to pay a minimum of $250, plus submit a bunch if ID. This is exactly the process (and general minimum investment amount) for joining Forex brokers and options brokers.

I’ve been trading Forex for 6 years, so I know how it works and how the brokers operate.


Clicks Dealer Paid Actor

Clicks Dealer paid Actor 2


They Use Paid Actors

The woman who presents the sales video is a paid actor on freelancer website – Fiverr. I’ve personally seen her in heaps of sales videos for make money online products over the past few years.

There’s nothing wrong with using a paid professional to do your videos, so long as people are transparent about it, and about what they’re actually really selling.


Target Audience

They are targeting this at people looking for a simple way to make some money on the internet, with absolutely zero mention of what they are really going to do with the money people invest in their “advertising”.


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What I Like

  • There is nothing to like about this totally untruthful scam


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • Until very recently I’d never heard of ad flipping, and only know the term due to these dodgy sites
  • This is just a feeder site that funnels people unknowingly into Forex investment
  • The binary options trading market, although legit, is prone to lots of scams
  • Whoever is running Clicks Dealer likely makes around a 50% commission for every dollar funnelled through this affiliate website
  • The broker will make trades behind the scenes on your behalf, with the money you’ve invested in “advertising”
  • These brokers are usually unregulated by any real authority, hence why they operate out of places like Cyprus
  • The woman who presents the sales pitch is a hired actor from Fiverr
  • This site has one purpose only – to get your money
  • If you go over their very small website, and even read their legal disclaimers, it doesn’t actually really tell you anything
  • Many people have tried to withdraw “earnings”, but never receive their money
  • You are surrendering all your ID and personal details to these people, including your credit card


How Much Does Clicks Dealer Cost?

Although it doesn’t state it on their website, I’ve seen from other sources that it’s a minimum investment of $250, and your account manager will strenuously advise you to invest way more than that, with the promise of much bigger returns.

Your money isn’t going towards advertising though. It’ll be going directly to the broker that calls you and wants your personal details to open your account.


Clicks Dealer Complaints


Is Clicks Dealer a Scam?

I rate it a scam. Even if they were upfront about the options trading thing, there are many scam brokers in the industry, particularly those that don’t seek regulation in Western countries like the US or Australia. Some operate from the UK, where the laws are more relaxed, but generally you’ll find the majority of these less than reputable brokers are located in Cyprus, or run their businesses from a registered Cyprus address, such as Clicks Dealer.

This website merely exists to earn commissions from the brokers. It’s just a funnel site that’s loaded up with lies and deception. Read through the site and it really doesn’t tell you much of anything. They don’t want to give away much information. It’s when you decide to join you’ll start receiving phone calls to hustle you into investing big bucks, plus to hand over your credit card details and other personal identifying information.

Stay well away from this one!


A Far More Legitimate Way To Make Money Online

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