Is Freelance Marketing Secrets a Scam or Not? MUST READ!



Is Freelance Marketing Secrets a scam or something worth looking into? This is an eBook brought to us by the guy who started the AWOL Academy platform, but does it reveal any actual secrets, or is that just a marketing ploy to sell other products?

Let’s take a closer look and find out more about it…



Is Freelance Marketing Secrets a ScamCompany Name: Freelance Marketing Secrets

Owners: Keala Kanae

Price To Join: Free

My Rating: 6/10




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No doubt you’ve heard about Freelance Marketing Secrets and were wondering what it was all about. It’s good that you’re here reading my review, as it means you at least do your homework on things. And that’s wise, with so many make money scams and dodgy deals out there.

On my website I do my best to highlight good opportunities and training I come across, but in the process I’ll also let my readers know about stuff to avoid. There is a lot of both online, so it’s a matter of sifting through it all to find the gems.

Let’s see how Freelance Marketing Secrets rates.


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Is Freelance Marketing Secrets a ScamWhat Is Freelance Marketing Secrets?

This is actually a free eBook written by Keala Kanae. Keala started the very successful AWOL Academy, which teaches people how to make money on the internet. Keala is an online entrepreneur and he’s been living what many would consider the dream laptop lifestyle for many years now.

After finding monetary success on other platforms over the years, the guy decided to invent his own online marketing scheme, which became the AWOL Academy, also known as Project AWOL.

He went from earning a minimum wage working in a local coffee shop, to being a hugely successful internet entrepreneur and millionaire.


What the Book’s About

As I said, Freelance Marketing Secrets is a downloadable PDF that’s totally free. It basically serves as an introduction to how Keala makes all his money online, with the definitive flavour throughout that everyone reading his book can too.

Just like the many sales videos out there that promote make money schemes, the book is also full of income and lifestyle hype. Nothing wrong with that. Most of us want to live a dream lifestyle and need to find something that allows that to happen. So long as it’s all backed up by actionable steps and a genuine money making plan.

The book is full of pictures of Keala’s lifestyle, as well as photos of big checks and the like. This is all designed to get people excited about joining his AWOL Academy.

The man claims there are basically 3 steps to achieving success online, and they are:

  1. You need to find an audience
  2. Find a decent product to promote
  3. Create a sales funnel to sell that product

This is all pretty true, as I’ve been heavily involved in online marketing myself for a number of years now and it’s one of my main income earners.

Without a ready audience there’s not much chance of promoting and selling anything. So, in order to get started, you need to define a target market that exists and is hungry for products, information, or solutions to problems.

Once you have settled on your audience, then you find products that audience needs or is looking for.

After that, it’s a matter of getting the word out to your audience about your promotions and start making some money. That’s where the sales funnel comes in, which could be things like having a website, building an email list, paid advertising and so on.

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Is AWOL Academy a Scam


The REAL Purpose of the Book

As I mentioned earlier, the idea behind Keala giving away this eBook is to act as a precursor to paying up and joining his AWOL Academy.

You can read my review of AWOL Academy here.

I actually rate the platform fairly highly, although it’s one of those high ticket (expensive) deals like MOBE and others.

AWOL offers a number of different training packages that teach people how to make money with affiliate marketing. The downside is many of the packages are mega expensive, and you have to spend quite a bit of money to qualify as an AWOL affiliate if you want to earn commissions promoting the platform and its products to others.

One of the key reasons Keala is giving away his book is to collect email addresses. His book serves two purposes. He can get people excited about AWOL Academy, and he can also email his growing list about the products he is promoting.

The book heavily promotes a pre-recorded webinar called “Master Class”, which is also designed to lure people into spending money to join AWOL.

The whole concept behind Freelance Marketing Secrets is to get people into the AWOL Academy.

Joining AWOL starts off with a $99 fee plus $39.95 per month. If you were to buy everything at AWOL you’d be spending around $16k, so pretty expensive stuff. They do have some great training though. There's no doubt about that. It's a little pricey, though.

I did training for a fraction of the price that showed me how to set up a successful online business that makes me more than a fulltime income.


Keaela Kanae


Target Audience

I would say Keala is targeting his eBook at beginners to the world of online marketing; people seeking a lucrative opportunity that he can sell them on. It’s really not for anyone just starting out who is desperate to make money, because you’ll need a bankroll to join AWOL Academy, and it will also take some time before you start to see a return on investment.


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What I Like

  • The eBook is free and contains “some” useful information
  • AWOL Academy, although expensive, does offer some really good training
  • It’s not hyped up as much as other make money platforms
  • There are big commissions to be earned as an affiliate of AWOL


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • Expect to receive many AWOL promotions after surrendering your email address in exchange for the Freelance Marketing Secrets PDF
  • AWOL Academy costs a small fortune if you buy everything
  • AWOL is not designed for those starting out with no money


How Much Does Freelance Marketing Secrets Cost?

The eBook is completely free. All it costs you for the download is to give up your email address and join Keala’s sales funnel.

On the other hand, if you decide to join AWOL Academy and want to sell the products as an affiliate, you must pay a joining fee of $99, then $39,95 a month, plus pay $997 for the Traffic Academy training package. So basically a tick over $1000 at the outset to qualify as an AWOL affiliate.


AWOL Academy Training


Is Freelance Marketing Secrets a Scam?

Freelance Marketing Secrets isn’t any sort of scam at all. It’s really designed as an introduction to online marketing and to get people interested in joining the AWOL Academy. The book is free, so nothing at all to risk there, and you can always unsubscribe from Keala’s email list if you decide you don’t want to continue receiving his emails.

AWOL Academy is no scam either. It’s expensive, but it does offer some really good make money online training if you can afford it. If you become an affiliate and use their training to learn how to promote AWOL Academy, then there are some decent commissions to be made.

It’s really up to you. The eBook is okay, but more of a sales pitch for AWOL than anything else. AWOL is pretty good, but because of the price tag it’s not my number one recommendation for learning how to make money online.


How I Make Money Online

Lifestyle Freedom is Time and MoneyAs I said at the very start of this review, there is both good stuff and dodgy stuff online and it’s a matter of filtering out the scams so you can focus on worthwhile opportunities. That’s the whole purpose of my website.

I’ve been doing a number of things online since 2004, such as selling on eBay, writing and selling eBooks, music licensing, and affiliate marketing. These days it’s my affiliate marketing business that generates the most money on a consistent monthly basis. Affiliate marketing is so simple in concept that anyone can make money from it if you are shown how to go about it.

Some advantages are that you don’t need capital to get started, you can run your online business on a really low budget, there is no limit on how much you can earn, you get to work from home and enjoy lifestyle freedom, and much of your income becomes residual and comes in passively.

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