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What is the Digital Genius Lab scam? Is Digital Genius Lab a scam? These are probably questions you’ve been asking, and fair enough. The program claims you can make $1000 commissions, but is this for real, or just a bunch of sales talk?

Let’s take a closer look and find out the truth…



Digital Genius Lab ReviewsCompany Name: Digital Genius Lab

Owners: Sean Malone & Chris Baden

Price To Join: $99 a Month

My Rating: 3/10



~ Digital Genius Lab Reviews ~



No doubt you came across Digital Genius Lab online somewhere, or maybe even received an email about it. What I’m happy about is that you’re here reading my review. It shows you do your homework and don’t just join anything impulsively. I try to highlight scams and other make money online (MMO) programs that are not worth it, so the fact you’re here means you are far less likely to ever fall for a scam.

The internet is full of awesome opportunities to make money or get some training, and I highlight those as well, but there are also lots of scams. It’s my job on this website to let people know about the good stuff and the bad.

Let’s see how Digital Genius Lab stacks up.


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What Is Digital Genius Lab?

Digital Genius Lab ReviewsThe Digital Genius Lab is a digital marketing platform that is brought to us by online entrepreneurs, Sean Malone and Chris Baden. It’s a pretty new system and the claim is that if you join you can be making commissions as high as $1000 in a very short space of time.

One thing that immediately rang my alarm bells is when they said this is a “done for you” system. While some systems can obviously come with some of the actual work done for you, the way it’s usually promoted is that it’s all done for you and you don’t actually have to put any real effort in. In my experience that doesn’t exist. There will always be time, effort and patience required.

Just be wary when you see the words “done for you”, because it’s usually very misleading and just sales hype.

The creators also state that it’s quick and easy, which is also far from the truth in most cases.

If you really want to learn how to set up a legit online business the right way, one that will make you passive income for years to come, then go on over and check out Wealthy Affiliate.

Anyway, the main thrust behind the Digital Genius Lab system is to master Facebook advertising, which will drive targeted traffic to a system they give you which is “fully automated”.

There’s that “done for you” line again put another way.

They claim that they do all the work on the back end. Your job is simply to drive traffic into their sales funnel on the front end through those Facebook ads.


The Webinar

This webinar goes for like 2 hours and is hosted by Chris and Sean. The first thing they tell you in the webinar is that you can learn to live your dream lifestyle without being a tech expert or having any prior experience.

We are greeted early on with a long-winded rags to riches tale by Sean. This seems to be a very common concept in these sales videos as most people can relate to a rags to riches scenario. These stories should always be taken with a grain of salt though, as often they are simply telling people what they want to hear.

So basically what Sean is saying to us is that his life was turned around completely once he came across this awesome money making system.

Believe me, this is a REALLY COMMON sales pitch in these videos. I’ve watched hundreds of similar videos and read numerous sales pitches, and nearly all of them will claim the same thing: That they were down on their luck until they found this secret formula, magic system, loophole or whatever.

The webinar then goes on to introduce the concept of affiliate marketing (which is what I do for a living) and explains the basics of how you can earn money as an affiliate marketer. Chris and Sean claim you need 3 things to be successful:

  1. A good mentor
  2. High converting sales funnel
  3. High ticket (expensive) products to promote


Digital Genius Lab Sean Malone & Chris Baden


How It Really Works

So how do people actually make money with Digital Genius Lab?

Well, all you really need to do is introduce other people to Digital Genius Lab. So basically you buy into the program, then try and sell that same program to others and round and round it goes. For every person you convince to join, you earn a commission.

You send Digital Genius Lab the traffic and they convert the sales for you.

Sounds pretty simply, right? Well, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

You actually have to be able to convince people to part with around $1000 to join if they want to avoid paying monthly. You also have to be able to sell them on the concept of how it works.

And, if you’re relying on mastering Facebook ads to drive traffic, it’s going to cost you some bucks. In the beginning your campaigns likely won’t convert very well, so you’ll need to be spending money on them while you tweak and test them. You could find yourself out hundreds of dollars easily before you even have a sniff of your first sale.

I’m not really a fan of these systems that generally just teach you how to sell the same system you just bought into. They remind me of platforms like MOBE and Aspire, which do the same thing. In order to earn a commission on a particular product, you must first buy that product yourself, and at a high price.

You can make money with these schemes, but they are a bit empty in the way they’re set up. I mean, if you want to learn how to establish a profitable online business, you need to learn how to create income from multiple sources. That’s how true affiliate marketing works, and with affiliate marketing done the regular way, you aren’t forced to first buy the products you want to promote.

For instance, if you want to be an Amazon affiliate, you don’t have to buy every product available on Amazon to be eligible to earn a commission on it.

But schemes like Digital Genius Lab, MOBE and co force you to buy their products or you can’t make any money.

Why? Because the business functions solely on recruiting new members and nothing else is on offer. No one makes money unless you continually bring in new members who spend money so you can earn.

They’re like Ponzi schemes.


Is Enagic Kangen Water a Scam


What They’re Really Promoting

At the end of the day, Digital Genius Lab exists simply to funnel people into another platform entirely, which is a multi level marketing (MLM) company called “Enagic Kangen Water”. You join Digital Genius Lab, then get funnelled off to join this MLM scheme and try to sell people on water purification systems, as well as recruit new members into your downline.

The owners of this website have used bait and switch tactics to get you to join their downline in a MLM scheme.

You can read my full review of Enagic Kangen Water here.


Target Audience

I think the main thrust of this platform is targeted at newcomers to making money online, although some marketers looking for high ticket products may be interested as well.


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What I Like

  • You could potentially make some decent commissions with Digital Genius Lab
  • Both Sean and Chris have been around in the online marketing world for a long time
  • If you can master Facebook ads, they are very effective
  • There is some decent training on Facebook advertising


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • This scheme works like a Ponzi scheme
  • The price of entry is quite expensive
  • They make it sound really quick and easy when it’s far from it
  • Too much sales hype and not enough real information on how it works
  • This is really all designed to promote another program entirely
  • Bait and switch tactics used


How Much Does Digital Genius Lab Cost?

You have two options here. You can either pay $99 a month to join Digital Genius Lab. Or you can save a few bucks and buy a yearly membership for $997.

Now that’s just to enter the DGL sales funnel and earn the right to sell it to others for commissions. Because the ultimate goal is to funnel people through to Enagic, you will also be paying membership fees there, as well as buying their expensive products.


Enagic Kangen Water


Is Digital Genius Lab a Scam?

Well, I wouldn’t say that either system is a scam, as Digital Genius Lab are actually promoting two separate things here. First you can buy into their scheme of selling DGL to others, and then there’s the entry into the Enagic MLM system.

The way these guys are doing things is rather deceptive and a little confusing. I’d prefer they just did one or the other and be totally upfront about what it is they’re really selling people.

The bottom line is this: There is no easy and quick money making system here. Yes, you could potentially make money from DGL and Enagic, but it’ll cost some upfront bucks and take a lot of time and work to ever see a return on investment.

I don’t really recommend it.


A Better Way To Make Money Online – Here’s How I Do It!

Lifestyle Freedom is Time and MoneyWhile it’s not impossible to make some money with Digital Genius Lab and Enagic Kangen Water, it wouldn’t be easy and there are better ways that are far cheaper to try.

My favourite is my affiliate marketing business. I do a few things online, but affiliate marketing is my main bread winner. The concept of affiliate marketing is so simplistic that anyone can do it and be successful if they are given a blueprint to follow. It’s also super cheap to get started and there are very few overheads to run an affiliate marketing business online.

How much time you want to devote to your online business will depend on your goals. Do you just want to make a bit of extra cash? Replace your fulltime job? Create wealth?

It’s all possible. The choice is yours.

One major thing I really love about this business is it gives you total lifestyle freedom, and that’s actually worth more than the money you make along the way. Freedom is priceless.

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Inside the guide I explain the process of affiliate marketing and how you can make money with it. I also list some of the major benefits to having an online business, and introduce you to the awesome training I recommend at Wealthy Affiliate. It’s the same blueprint I followed and even kicks off with a FREE trial.

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