Dollarnize Is a Scam and Here’s Why I Say That!



Dollarnize is a scam in my honest opinion and in this review I’ll tell you exactly why I think that. If you come across people promoting this anywhere online, particularly on social media, don’t fall for it. They're just trying to make money out of you.

Let’s take a closer look at Dollarnize and see what it’s about…


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Dollarnize Is a ScamCompany Name: Dollarnize

Owners: Unknown

Price To Join: Free to join

My Rating: 0/10



~ The Dollarnize Review ~



I kept seeing Dollarnize all over social media, so I felt compelled to dig into it and see what it's all about. My website is all about helping people find legit ways to make money online, while avoiding the make money scams in the process. That's why I write so many product reviews, both positive and negative.

I'm really glad to see you here reading my review, as it means you first do some research before joining anything. That's always a wise idea.

Let's see what Dollarnize is all about and why I believe it's a scam.


What Is Dollarnize and How Does It Work?

Dollarnize is nothing more than yet another link posting scam, only this time the goal is to gather personal information and build a big email list of contacts.

This is what the team at Dollarnize claim:

For completing a series of tasks that take just 30 seconds each, you can make an easy $50 to $100 per day. They also claim the pay rate is a massive $10 for just 30 seconds of work. Sounds like you would be making a hell of a lot more than the projected 50-100 to me, but anyway.

So what is it Dollarnize have their members do?

Simple – Link posting.

Dollarnize give you a unique affiliate link when you join. It’s your job to post this link in various places on the internet. When someone clicks through your link and joins Dollarnize, you earn $10. You need to reach a total of $300 (which is quite high) before you are eligible to be paid out any commissions.  That’s what they say, but there is zero evidence to suggest anyone who has participated ever gets paid for their efforts.

This is a form of affiliate marketing (the way they present it), but not done the right way. Affiliate marketing can be really lucrative. Click here to learn how to do it the right way.


Dollarnize No One Gets Paid


In fact, there are complaints everywhere claiming Dollarnize never pay out. What this scam is really about is building an email list these people can then sell to others. It might be sold as a paid traffic type of list, or used for solo ads. Or the list of contacts will likely be sold to groups of spammers that try to lure you into their deals and hand over your money.

We receive this kind of spam in our email inboxes all the time. We don’t want more of it.

If what Dollarnize say they do was really true, then we could all get pretty wealthy by participating. It would be a real no brainer gig that required very little effort for extremely lucrative payoffs. Unfortunately it’s all a ruse. It’s completely bogus.

If it were true, then where does Dollarnize get all their revenue from to pay out all these easy commissions? They say they are paid by the advertisers on their site, but yet there are no advertisers. And even if there were, advertisers don’t pay out easy money on generic, untargeted clicks like these. They would rather invest their advertising dollars into a well thought out and targeted PPC campaign on Google AdWords or Facebook advertising.

This is just an empty scam and nothing more.

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Dollarnize Banner


Target Audience

People looking for an easy way to make quick cash online. Which means, they are really targeting unsuspecting newbies who think the internet is a miracle money making environment. Anything that makes it sound super quick and easy to make money online is either a scam, or just not being truthful.


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The Pros

  • No joining fee, but that’s about it


The Cons

  • The whole thing is a con job
  • No one gets paid
  • Their link posting gig is merely a ruse to collect data
  • They sell your information to third parties
  • We don’t know who runs this scam
  • Fake testimonials
  • The money making claims are totally ludicrous
  • The website is amateurish with terrible sales copy
  • You could risk identity theft


Tools and Training

You get an affiliate link to spam all over the place to drive traffic to the Dollarnize site. Other than that, there’s not much else to Dollarnize.


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How Much Does Dollarnize Cost?

It’s actually free to join, but then you wouldn’t want to be paying to join this empty scam anyway. No one gets paid.


Is Dollarnize a Scam?

It’s definitely a scam. There’s nothing to it. No advertiser will pay that kind of money for people to click through to a website and view ads. Your information will be sold to others. That's what it's all about.

There is also the possibility of identity theft here as well, so be very careful of joining bogus schemes like Dollarnize just to check them out. Just avoid them entirely to be safe.


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2 thoughts on “Dollarnize Is a Scam and Here’s Why I Say That!

  1. Thanks for sharing this information. It seems that it is in human nature to wish to get rich quickly and without much effort. This is probably a reason why so many people became victims of these conmen. Stil, even when we know about all these scams, we stop for a second. Thanks to your article about Dollarnize, I will not waste even one second when I see their add.

    • Hi Alex, Yes, I think we would all love to find a way to get rich quick if it were possible. Dollarnize is nothing more than a waste of time and a con job. The only good thing about it is they don’t charge a joining fee, and they wouldn’t want to either. Thanks for stopping by.

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